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Fit2B has played a huge role in helping me close my diastasis recti and strengthen my pelvic floor after prolapse. There were a few years when I didn’t think I’d ever be able to carry a backpack on a walk or a sleeping child into the house, or help my husband move furniture without serious concern, if at all. But that is no longer an issue for me!” 

– Kelley A.

“When I first became a member I started the Beginner Pathway after F5… then had an appendectomy 2 weeks in I restarted and didn’t regret it one bit! All of Beth’s videos are wonderful, and you pick up something new the second time through.”

– Ruth M.

I’ve tried 3 new workouts this week: Foam Core Fitness, Chunky 5×5 and Catching Connections – loved them all! Catching Connections improved my mood because I couldn’t stop laughing at Beth and myself as we kept having to chase down runaway balls!”

– Shona D.

“I wish I’d gotten a picture of this, but my 8yo came trotting out in her bathrobe and asked to exercise because she had the perfect one in mind. She went right to the blues and pulled up Beth’s bathrobe routine. I love that my kids comb through Fit2B all the time and find their own favorites.”
– K. Brooker
“Today I did Argentum Aerobics + Kelly’s Standing Abs. I am so sore from yesterday. I know that Turquoise Tabata sneaks up on me like that so I try to take a more gradual approach to it, but apparently it wasn’t gradual enough”
-Angie S.
“I tried Rebound Cardio II this morning—it was a blast! It was a just right challenge for me and felt so good. I could feel my pelvic floor getting tired towards the end, but I could also tell it wasn’t too tired and I wasn’t done yet; so I really focused in even more on my engagement and impact and timing and it just felt so good! Bouncing was absent from my life for years post childbearing. But I finally did pelvic floor PT this past year and started trying new workouts here in Fit2B and it has made such a difference; I’m so much stronger!”
– V. Winkley
“One thing I’ve learned is that when it comes to exercise, I never regret doing it, but I do regret NOT doing it. You have no idea how many times I’d start to get ready for bed and then realize that I hadn’t done my exercises so then I’d stop and do them. The good thing is that Fit2B is gentle enough that it won’t amp you up before bed if you end up doing it then.”
– Emily H.

One Arm Wonder really did have me thinking about my belly and core strength as I practiced the breath support cued during the workout. Never know exactly how to feel about my belly, it’s done so much for me and I’m blessed to not have DR or many of the issues I could have had after multiple abdominal surgeries. I think I’m just incredibly grateful for it and for Fit2B showing me safer ways to exercise to keep from developing issues

– Jacqueline R.