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Yoga is challenging for some and controversial for others. Find lots of workouts that don't involve yoga on

For various reasons, Yoga isn’t everyone’s dream workout. 

"Nothing happens until something moves." -EinsteinHere at Fit2B we want each of our members to find the routines that uplift and encourage them, and we recognize that Yoga isn’t doable for some and sometimes controversial to others.

Thus, this pathway has most of our routines that feature non yoga exercises + a few of our workouts which only have yoga stretches at the end, making them easy for you to skip if you wish. You can also use the “non yoga” category or tag in your dashboard to find more!

This page is progressive, meaning that beginners can start with the first routine, and then move on to the next as they master each one. More advanced exercisers can start toward the middle, and use the more basic ones for warmups or rest days. Keep checking back for new routines!

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Basic Breath Work *E/TS – 11:54 – When connecting to your core feels difficult while sitting or standing, that’s when this approach comes in beautifully to the rescue. Learn how making gravity and a stack of books your friend can help your abs and pelvic floor get back into business.

Bedtime Relaxation with Kelly *E/TS/R – 13:14 – Having trouble falling asleep? Need to get away from your day for a few minutes? This routine is your solution to stress. I’ve heard it said that laying on the floor is a primal way to reconnect to your body because that’s where we all start with movement as babies: on the floor, figuring out how to move. So take a little less than 15 minutes to reconnect to your core with Kelly Dean, licensed PT and founder of

Restorative Poses *E/TS/R – 14:35 – With the helps of some bolstering pillows, you can learn how to support your body in several relaxing stretches, holding them for as long as you feel comfortable. Slip into something comfy and let gravity do the work for you.

Core Wake Up *E/TS – 04:17 – Filmed as part of our office workout series, this is a simple 5 minute routine that will activate your core. Use it in the mornings to start your day or whenever you feel “slouchy.”

Neck Routine *E/TS/R – 14:25 – If the muscles in your neck are tight they cause headaches and pull the rest of you out of alignment. If you’re out of alignment, your neck will be tight. Where your neck holds your head, tells your brain where the rest of your body is, too! This routine will teach you some wonderfully relaxing movements to help your neck and upper back!

Pelvic Floor Connections *E/TS/R – 22:06 – Using straight anatomical terms and tender talk, Bethany will offer you several non-invasive methods and movements for the purpose of reconnecting your control over your most private and necessary parts.

Kelly Dean’s Totally Body Stretching *E/TS – 19:51 – Guest Instructor Kelly Dean, licensed physical therapist and owner of joins Fit2B Studio to share how it’s not always about flexing and “working” a muscle back into shape, but it’s also about lengthening the tight muscles that are pulling us out of shape. Learn how to stretch so many important areas that contribute to alignment and total body health in this yummy, relaxing session.

FoamUNrolling Routine *E/TS/R – 9:31 – If you own a foam roller, you can use it for more than just myofascial release and massage. It makes a wonderful tool and prop for lots of excellent stretches and movements. Enjoy exploring some new avenues with your foam roller in this short routine.

Vertical Core Workout *E/TS – 06:26 – You don’t need to be flat on your back on the floor to work your abs. In fact, it’s healthier for your core muscles and spine to exercise your middle from a standing position. Try this 7-minute routine that will reshape and refirm your midsection. This workout was filmed as part of our office workout series.

Totally Transverse *E/TS – 09:43 – Skip the crunches, and go deeper to the core muscle that forms your god-given girdle. If your “transverse abdominus” isn’t tight and toned, those love handles will get out of control! This quick workout is very mom-friendly, pregnant-friendly and great for those with disabilities because it can be done while standing or sitting. Try it for two weeks, and take before/after measurements just for fun 😉

Totally Transverse II *E/TS – 11:29 – For those who love to focus on their natural corset and are ready to get some variety while taking it a step further. Add in some more subtle moves that will fire up your insides while sculpting your outsides.

Chair Pilates *E/TS – 09:37 – Sit on the edge of your bed, an exercise ball or a chair while getting an arm and ab workout! This workout is tummy safe and perfect if you only feel like working your upper body with some basic Pilates moves, you can do that while sitting down.

Transitions *M/TS –  16:55 – If you’ve been rehabbing your abs, and you are feeling stronger and ready for more, this workout will keep you standing and moving the whole time while helping you safely transition your transverse, triceps & thighs to the next level. The last four minutes of this routine have some basic standing warrior poses.

Blissful Block Moves *E/TS – 31:13 – Learn how to safely use a foam yoga/fitness block to expand your repertoire of reshaping exercises! This peaceful routine uses TummySafe cueing to demonstrate many amazing ways to integrate the block into your workouts.

5 Minutes With Fit2B – 5:36 – Improve various areas by focusing on them for 5 minutes each in this fun series that includes five minutes of arms, five minutes of thighs, and more!

Big {little} Band Workout *M/TS – 10:56 – Spend a quick 10 minutes with some exercise tubing or a stretching band and get a great arm workout + a little lower body too!

Ultimate Upper Body *M/TS – 17:05 – Reshape your arms and upper body, addressing tight weak areas in this workout that safely tones biceps, tricpes, deltoids, pectorals, and upper back muscles. This routine has a non-yoga relaxation portion at the end that mentions God. The music chosen for this routine has an “Eastern Feel” but was simply selected for it’s relaxing tones. 

Foam Rolling Routine *E/TS – 15:28 – Foam rolling is an excellent way to stretch muscles from the middle, but this form of myofascial release is often demonstrated with crunch-like motions that can damage the connective tissue of the core… talk about irony! In this introductory routine, Bethany demonstrates a year of careful research and collaboration with other experts as she brings you some basic yet effective ways to utilize your foam roller in a TummySafe, diastasis-aware manner.

Hipster Chair Moves *M/TS – 18:13 – This fun routine will have you using a chair – not to sit on – but as a prop to stabilize, strengthen and stretch your hip area. It’s a great core and glute workout as well… No flannel needed ?

Plain Ol’ Pilates *M/TS – 26:06 – Straight up total body conditioning work that can be done on your mat or rug with the most simple Pilates exercises. Modifications and advancing options are provided, and every muscle gets some motion, especially the core!

Bag a Better Back *M/TS – 20:47 – Here at Fit2B we are all about using what you have on hand to facilitate a great workout. How about recycling some grocery bags and using water bottles as weights to create a fun and unique workout for your upper and lower back? All you need is two bags and some water bottles or canned goods.

Kelly’s Big Band Workout *M/TS – 14:34 – Get an amazing full-body workout, using BodyLastics exercise bands. Kelly is our special guest instructor physical therapist for this portable workout.

Wood Floor Workout *M/TS – 21:46 – Explore a new medium for body resistance training as you utilize smooth flooring and slippy socks for a fun new workout! This one really gets the legs!

Thigh Workout II *E/TS – 25:08 – This is the second one we filmed, but the quality and tummy-safe factor are way better! So even though this is #2 you should start with this one and then go to the first one… Because this one is safer for those with diastasis. Has two Yoga stretches at the end: Bug Pose and Happy Baby Pose

Great Glutes *M/TS – 35:07 – Did you know that the glutes play a very important role in core health and overall stabilization? They’re not just there to fill out your jeans, but if they’re not filling out your jeans, they should be! You’re going to be saying, “Goodness Gracious, Great Glutes of Fire” after this routine!

Basic Aerobics I & II *E/TS – 12:34 / 16:21 – Two workouts on one page: one outside, one inside! If you’ve never done basic aerobics before, have no fear. Bethany keeps the queues simple and non-fancy. This short routine is filled with gentle upper and lower body movements that flow together for a great beginner workout or an excellent warm-up as you prepare for harder exercises. In fact, this is the warm-up that Bethany usually uses when teaching brick-and-mortar step classes.

Basic Aerobics III *E/TS – 16:03 – Having taught group fitness and floor aerobics for 18 years, Bethany was excited to put together another great set of moves to get your blood pumping. Enjoy the fun beat as you mimic Beth’s simple movements and some light stretching at the end!

Basic Aerobics IV *M/TS – 20:57 – As the fourth and final installment of our floor aerobics series, this routine is the perfect 20 minute length with a little added weight for greater intensity!

Kelly’s Floor Core Routine *C/TS – 16:21 – What if you could have a core workout designed by a physical therapist? Especially one who is world-famous for her work in providing continuing education training for instructors, midwives, doulas, nurses, and many more who work with the true core? Well, here you go! Join guest instructor, Kelly Dean of The Tummy Team, for a floor-based tummy toner that will take your abs to the next level.

Kelly Dean’s Total Body Toning *E/TS – 27:04 – The second routine Kelly filmed with us, and this one is in her own beautiful home! Get a great cardio workout while incorporating your core into every movement!

Kelly’s Core Cardio *C/TS – 17:32 – This unique cardio session works the total body and core with great moves and fun visualizations. It’s not too long, but it gets intense with some moves we bet you’ve never tried!

Half-Round Foam Roll Workout *M/TS – 22:35 – Also called a “half-dome” by Beth, this fun prop is so much fun to mess around with, and you’ll have such a great time with this awesome set of moves that work the whole body with a little cardio, a little toning, a little stretching, a little relaxing.

Stair Interval Workout  *M/TS – 27:07 – Turn your stairway into a toning tool with this fun cardio workout that will raise your heart rate, strengthen your legs and work your core!

Insane Upper Body *TS/C – 15:42 – It’s not really insane, it’s just more difficult than our more “sane” workouts. There’s no screaming, no slobbering, just more challenges and more big arm motions with weights. You’ll feel it!

Tabata *M/TS – 30:18 – Each movement is done for 8 sets of 20 seconds each with a 10 second rest between each set. However, unlike mainstream tabata classes that perform the exercises as fast as possible, Bethany pays careful attention to form and core positioning and keeps things at a safe pace.

Tabata Ball Workout *C/TS – 27:55 – This challenging routine is full of intervals designed to increase your muscular and cardiovascular endurance while practicing good alignment and core safety. You will feel this one in a good way! Note: This is a refilmed version of the older non-TS one. We are proud to always be improving!

Body Sculpting *C/TS – 19:55 – Bethany packs a set of great moves into this short 20 minutes that will safely leave you sweaty and breathless. Get out those handweights and find a wall, because there’s not much downtime in this video!

Body Sculpting II *C/TS – 16:14 – You are “fit to be” heading outdoors for this second installment in our defining series meant to help you continue to carve out those muscles you’ve been building. While shorter than our first one, this routine is every bit as intense, yet levels are provided so you can always go your own pace.

KettleBell Workout I *M/TS – 15:11 – Kettlebell training is very popular right now, but most of the moves are demonstrated in such a fast and hyper-extended manner that general videos showing how to work with kettlebells are unsafe for the beginner exerciser or anyone with knee, hip, shoulder and core injuries such as diastasis recti abdominus (DRA). So Bethany set out to analyze everything out there, slow it all down, and select the most TummySafe moves for our members. The result: this foundational routine that is neither easy nor super hard that slowly and carefully teaches you some of the basic kettle bell moves.

KettleBell II *C/TS – 30:13 – In this second, slightly more advanced installment of Bethany’s “how to” kettle bell series, you’ll learn more moves in a safe manner that will protect your core and tune you into the proper form and breathing patterns, so that one day when you want to do a full KB class out “in the real world” you can do so with confidence!

Basic Step Aerobics 1 *M/TS – 18:04 – We’re going back to fitness craze of the 80’s except this time there are no thong swimsuits over spandex shorts! Introduce yourself to the basics of step aerobics and learn the foundational moves for future choreography: Basic, Travel, Corner to Corner, Repeaters, etc.

Basic Step Aerobics 2 *M/TS – 31:07 – Start learning some fun choreography as you step your way through two simple patterns set to great music. Perfect for the beginner stepper who’s ready to take it up a notch!

Kickboxing *C/TS – 23:17 – This fun workout will introduce you the basics of kickboxing in typical “Fit2B Style.” Get your attitude, intensity and heart rate all elevated as you jab, jack and kick your way through 23 minutes of simple, no-nonsense cardio that could double as self-defense.

Tabata Kick & Squat *M/TS – 44:22 – Our longest workout at 44 minutes in length, every muscle in your body will be singing for joy with this fun, elevating fitness routine that also teaches good alignment and core recruitment! Talk about a great standing ab workout!

Wall Workout with Bethany *C/TS – 11:28 – Challenge your whole body with the fun fitness prop that everyone has: A Wall! You’ll discover a few brand new moves we bet you’ve never tried before, and of course we offer modifications for all levels. How do you feel about being upside down? 😉

*E = Easy … M = Moderate … C = Challenging … TS = TummySafe

Fit2B Studio offers a wide variety of home exercise options to all body types, fitness levels, and life stages. Our goal is help each of our members find a movement style that brings joy and strength, not pain and stress. If you have been avoiding yoga because you just don’t know much about it, or the spiritual side of it makes you nervous, we warmly invite you to read THIS ARTICLE and THIS ARTICLE for some history, discussion, and personal insights. Thank you for your continued support of this family-owned business. We appreciate you!


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  1. Sarah Jacobsen says:

    thank you so much for making this non-yoga page. i like yoga, but have several friends who are opposed to it and so i have decided to avoid it at this time to help me have an encouraging testimony to them. i’m so glad you gather them all here so it’s easy for me to continue fit2b.

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