We add frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers to this section as we get them. Contact us with your questions today!

One of the most common questions we get is, “How do I watch your workouts?” We answer that question in this 40-second funny video with Bethany. Incidentally, once you join, all the links on our site open up to you, and you watch our workouts the same way you watch this video: by clicking the play button :


What if I can’t connect my PC or laptop to my TV?

Roku is your best option for viewing us on your big screen. AppleTV and ChromeCast also work well with our site. But we kept those without huge television screens in mind when we were designing Fit2B. If you are traveling or on the road, you won’t always be able to hook up to a big screen. Why should that stop you from exercising in your bedroom, hotel room, living room or at a friend’s house. Once you sign up and we grant you access to the site, you can use ANY computer. Just login, pick a workout, and get moving or meditating! If you’re willing to do yoga from an app, you can certainly do it on your computer!

How do I get Fit2B on my AppleTV?

The trick is to make sure your iphone or ipad or even laptop are all upgraded to the latest version AND that they are on the same wireless network as your appleTV… Once your sure of that, you start by playing the video on your device and a little TV will appear in the lower corner of the device. Tap that and select your appleTV. This video HERE on this link does a great job of showing a couple ways to get it done quickly and easily!

How do I get Fit2B through my ChromeCast?

You can’t cast from chrome on your phone or tablet. Happily, it’s more simple than that. It if you have a computer with chrome on it, just “cast” the tab with the video and then have it go full screen. The speed of your internet service does affect it. Basically the device grabs the video from the wifi connection. Sometimes pointing the device in different directions helps. Learn more from chromecast by clicking HERE.

How do I get Fit2B through my Roku?

Fit2B has a Roku Channel!  If you’re a member then you can access the channel for free!  Visit our Roku page for step by step set up instructions and to enter your access code.

If you have our Roku Channel set up and are experiencing streaming issues here are some things to try.

  1. Reset your Roku.  Unplug your Roku device for 10 seconds then allow it to reboot.
  2. Delete the Fit2b app and reinstall.
  3. Is your internet working properly?
  4. If it says “video unavailable” then check your internet filters.  We use anatomical terms which devices like Circle will halt even if we only use the Latin term for calf muscles.

How do I edit my profile or change my name and visibility on Fit2B?

Once logged in, hover the mouse over your profile in the top right corner of the site and click ‘Edit My Profile’ in the drop down menu. Under the ‘Name’ section of your profile page, you will find ‘Display name publicly as’. Click on the arrow for options of what you would like your display name on the site to be. Once you choose, scroll down to the bottom and click ‘Update Profile’.

What happens if Fit2B ever experiences a DOS attack and the site is down for a few days?

DOS stands for Denial Of Service, and basically what it means is that some mean person, (really really mean person) for one reason or another, decides to create millions sometimes billions of “requests” to your website. Basically the same thing as a billion people trying to all access Fit2B.com a the same exact time! Needless to say that if / when something like that happens, our servers get a little sluggish and sometimes don’t respond at all!  Now, we use one of the most impressive hosting facilities in the world, and they are really good about defending against things like this, but every so often something slips through 🙁 At the end of the day in our society, we all have become pretty dog gone used to the internet, we use it every day on all kinds of devices, (even new refrigerators are connected these days), but the internet is actually pretty new, and kind of still the wild west in a lot of ways, sometimes even the best companies have problems (like target and google)… Our promise to you is that we will always do our best to make sure our site offers fun, useful, professional, and reliable services! This means that we are going to work our butts off to make sure your service is always ready to go for you when you want and need it, but sometimes there will be a glitches here and there. When that happens, we ask for a little grace and patience as we get the little squirrels that power everything back on their little wheels… The longest we should ever be offline is 24-48 hours in extreme cases, and we will always do our best to reach out via email such a case. However, if we are down, chances are, many other internet services are likely down worldwide, so again we ask for your patience and grace.

What about my credit card info when the site is down? If Target can get hacked what about Fit2B!?! 

PII or Personally Identifiable Information is a very scary thing, and when massive multibillion dollar companies (of which we are NOT) have data problems, it really brings the “wild west” side of the internet out!  We understand how important your private information is! That’s why we have spent extra time to build our system in a why were NONE of your PII is actually stored on our severs! We are big on security, and have a lot of measures in place to ensure our systems are secure, but at the end of the day, if all our servers were somehow hacked, there is simply NO PII data on our servers for the thieves to steal. 100% of that PII data is stored on our strategic partners servers at Stripe. ALL they do is security and credit card processing, they are the best in the business, that’s one of the primary reasons we chose to go with them!  You can learn more about their security here if you like https://stripe.com/help/security

Are all the workouts just one style? Mostly Yoga? Mostly Pilates?

No, we offer weights, tabata, core-only, ball workouts, meditations, and we are starting to introduce some basic aerobics and other formats based on our member’s requests. That said, though, a lot of the routines are rooted in cherry-picked Pilates and yoga moves because they are so efficient for home exercisers. Our focus isn’t on Yoga or Pilates or weights. Our focus is on core health and total body strength, endurance, flexibility and toning. As an independent provider, not bound by any contract with any exercise brand, we are able to pick and choose the moves that we deem best for our protocol and particular style of TummySafe diastasis-aware workouts and routines. Our main goal in selecting any move is two-fold: functional safety and appropriateness for little ears.

Do these workouts offer sufficient strength training?

Yes. Body resistance training is more than sufficient for all fitness levels, but it’s especially beneficial for those who have previously been inactive or barely active, because our bodies are first frontier. Some big-market brand-name workouts are simply unsafe for the average sedentary exerciser. Our goal is to take our clients safely from 0 to 10 in a reasonable amount of time. Asking a beginner exerciser to do too much is asking them to fail. We believe in giving them small, baby steps and gradually increasing what they’re doing, build their confidence, and pretty soon they’ll be hungry for more! My site really isn’t for the elite athlete who already has a great workout plan, although the yoga and pilates is so affordable, that it would be a great supplement for anybody. My site is for the SAHM or WAHM or (dad) or persona with a debilitating disease like arthritis or neuropathy. That is my heart… Once people get to the challenging workouts, the amount of resistance and cardio offered in those is tremendous!

How many videos are currently on your site and how often do you add more?

We currently have over 200 workout videos of various lengths and ability levels. We do our best to film several new workouts on a monthly basis except for during Summertime. You can see how our videos are sorted in the following ways:

  • In our members area, by progressive pathways that utilize more and more challenging workouts.
  • In our Fit2B in Your Schedule section which categorizes them by times of 10 minuts or less, 15 minutes or less, 20 minutes or less, 25 minutes or less, and 30+ minute workouts.
  • By degree of difficulty which includes Totally Tummy Safe workouts for those healing from diastasis recti and hernia and surgery, beginner workouts, advancing workouts and challenging workouts that aren’t as diastasis-aware.

Do members get a workout plan or design to make sure they are changing things up and working different muscles?

Our pathways are basically like workout plans. Within each pathway plan, every workout wakes up every muscle. That said, Fit2B is not about regimented routines but rather about connecting and listening to your body, and being intentional with the time you do have. That said. Our clients use “fit to be” routines is various ways at various frequencies: Anywhere from 1-2 times per day, three times per week, just once a week, several videos a day… it depends on their life and schedule. The good news is that we provide workouts of varying lengths and levels, so that even if you only do a ten minute workout with us, all your muscles get a wake-up call. If you do a longer one (peaceful blend is 40 minutes!) then things get more intense.

Our Workout Paths offer a gradual increase in activity that is safe for men and women who are truly starting from scratch. Bethany put her degree in exercise and sport science to major use when she designed our workouts and funneled them into workout paths that are basically programs to ensure our clients progress in a well-rounded fashion. For example, within 4-6 weeks a member on the “Fit2B Beginning Path” will go from doing 10 minute workouts to 25 minute workouts that gradually increase in difficulty. For the 50% of Americans that are obese that is a big improvement! The next workout path progresses you even further!

What if my video is skipping a lot or not playing at all?

Skipping… We film all of our workouts in high def (HD) and only a few are in standard definition (SD). This means that if you don’t have a dedicated internet connection, or your service provider isn’t so great, then you might need to plan ahead and give your workouts time to load. Your computer is processing a LOT of information, so in the worst case scenario, you’ll need to click play and go do something else for a while. Just put it on mute and let it the buffer fill up. Mute your volume if you don’t want to listen to the skipping. Then try playing from the beginning. Even with a slow computer or internet service, you should only have to go through this loading process once per workout. Once your computer “gets to know” the data, it will recognize it and let it through faster. If you experience skipping after you have let a title play out completely, restart your computer, clear your history, or try a different browser, please contact us immediately!

Not playing at all… If you’ve tried to watch one of our workouts, and you get a message such as, “Sorry. There was an error encountered while loading this video” try two things:

  1. Upgrade your browser. Having an outdated version of your browser can really slow your system down, making it hard to stream our workouts. Upgrading is usually free, takes just a few minutes, and speeds your whole life up again!
  2. Change browsers. Choose from free options like Apply Safari, Yahoo Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer… just something different than what you currently use. Over half of our users are on Macs including us 😉 So be sure your browser has the most recent updates, and if that doesn’t help, try a different browser.
  3. Check your firewall, web protection, or pornography blocking settings. Although we do NOT film immodest material, sometimes our video hosting system (vimeo) is automatically blocked, because it functions like youtube. However, we have a professional version that won’t allow popups from other video providers, and all of our content is family-friendly. You’ll need to approve vimeo, or Fit2B Studio as an approved site, or you’ll have to temporarily disable your web protection while participating.

Will you give me something if I refer a friend?

We offer an affiliate system for those who want to promote us. Sign up HERE and get ads and graphics and a payoff each month!

Is it cost-efficient to join Fit2b.us when I could get more at a club?

Well, how cost efficient is it to go to a gym? How much time does it take to get there? How much gas? Babysitting and childcare? Do your kids get sick a lot from their childcare? How much time do you really have to devote to your fitness? We can give you a choice from many, many different workouts right at your computer. Just load and go. If you have 20 minutes, that’s all it takes. You’ll work every muscle, rejuvenating and relaxing without ever leaving home! And it only costs $14.99 per month! You can sit on your toosh all month and watch Netflix for the same price… or buy two coffees at Starbucks… or buy two gallons of gas… Oh, and we don’t limit how many times you watch or who you watch it with. Take it with you. Invite a friend. Just don’t give everyone your code, or you’ll miss out a free month when your friend joins!

How does joining this site compare to joining a ‘real’ studio?

If you join a yoga or Pilates studio, you will pay at least $10 per class, and it will be one or the other, pilates or yoga but NOT both blended together. And $10 is the low end of the pricing scale. It is hard to find blended classes, let alone studios that offer both Pilates and yoga. If you join a club or fitness center, you will pay anywhere from $19.95 a month (for a two year contract that you have to buy out if you quit early) to more than $100 per month. This will give you access to everything, that is true … But do you really use everything? If you only want yoga or pilates or both, why not pay less and do it at home?

Is there stuff for beginner and advanced students?

Definitely! Bethany has created content for the beginner – someone who has NEVER done pilates or yoga – and the advanced participant – someone who has been there, done that, and has the yoga pants to prove it. She can do this because she has 14 years of experience and training that allows her to teach to all fitness abilities. Even as she progresses you through various levels, Bethany never stops teaching. She has new insights, new angles, new methods that will keep you moving and coming back for more. Pilates and yoga are both lifelong journeys. You are jumping into an ocean of opportunity where every muscle in your body can always stretch or flex further and deeper than it ever has before! The more flexible you are, the bigger your range of motion. The bigger your range of motion, the more motion you can make. The more motion you can make, the more calories you can burn … And the more calories you burn, well, your current size will be history.

What is Pilates?

Pilates was named for its founder, Joseph Pilates, who was a professional ballet instructor. He devised his unique method so that his dancers could strengthen their muscles and core without bulking up. Bulky ballet dancers aren’t pretty. He studied weight lifting, yoga and several other exercise arts as he invented the “Pilates Reformer” which is a machine. Bethany teaches a mat-style Pilates that does not require any equipment, however the use of balls and bands, or even light hand-weights are used in her advanced routines.

What is Yoga?

Yoga emerged thousands of years ago as a method of self-defense and strength training in Eastern villages where survival was very spiritual. A typical Yoga class is made up of poses (asanas) that flow from one move to another. Traditional yoga is spoken in sanskrit, and each pose ends with “-asana.” However, all the pose names translate quite nicely into English, and that is how Bethany teaches: in English. Only a few routines on Fit2B are totally yoga or totally pilates. Mostly, each routine consists of exercises cherry-picked by Bethany for their ability to contribute to the theme of that routine. Only a few “actual” asana terms are utilized when their meanings explain a move better than modern English can. For example, the word “Kegel” is an often-misunderstood attempt to work the muscles of the pelvic floor. It concept is now outdated and research is showing that just squeezing your pubococcygeus (PC) muscle isn’t effective at truly solving the issues of a hypertonic (too tight) or prolapsed nether-regions. Yet there is no other phrase in english – shy of me saying “please concentrically activate your pubococcygeus and try to connect it to your umbilicus inside the cylinder of your torso, and then eccentrically release and relax your PC …” but yoga has a phrase called “Mula Bandha” which means “root lock.” And it sums up all of that, and takes us further than a kegel. So when there is a term from another language or school of movement that suits my needs better than “flex your hoo-hoo”… I’ll use it 😉 and “mula bandha” is so innocent to little ears, too! To read more of my stance on yoga and faith, click here

How do all these workout styles blend together?

Because of her incredible knowledge of the human body (baccaleureate courses in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, psychosocial dimensions of physical fitness, etc.) and due to her degree and group fitness experience PLUS personal training, Bethany has the ability to flow many styles together to create something that becomes truly beautiful, relaxing and meditative, while also being challenging and motivating!

Can I really get in shape doing slower methods of fitness like this?

Yes! Your body burns fat around working muscles, and this type of exercise wakes up every muscle in your body. Research shows that Yoga lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, improves bone density, and increases strength and cardio (heart) function. Pilates is perfect for building a long, lean look and it targets all the core muscles. If you want great abs, a strong upper body and strong legs without bulking up, this is the place to start and the place for you to advance.

What sets Fit2b.us apart from other online fitness sites?

You are not going to find anything else like Fit2b.us no matter where you look. The instructor, Bethany, is totally unique because she doesn’t just teach Pilates or Yoga. Bethany teaches both. Many other instructors out there were trained in only one or the other. Bethany is has taught over a thousand of hours of both, plus she has a degree in Exercise and Sport Science. Her national certifications and education give her the unique ability to dissect any movement, any pose, any type of exercise into biomechanically safe, healthy patterns that are perfect for nearly every special population. We believe that the mind and body are connected, that how you treat yourself and those around you is a direct reflection of your mental and spiritual health. We want this whole site to nurture every aspect of your wellness.

One woman asked if we help with Hernias… I’ve still got a two finger separation (started at 4-been doing Tupler stuff for about 2 months, but not as consistent as I should be) and a pretty large hernia (half a golf ball size) above my belly button. I don’t want to have hernia surgery until I’m done breastfeeding. I’m wondering if you have any experience helping anyone with diastasis and hernia and if the exercises will help reduce the hernia at all? It doesn’t hurt and I’m always careful with it.

Bethany answered: There is a chance that your hernia will still resolve itself with more time [working with a diastasis rehabilitation specialist]. I know that my exercises will NOT make it worse, but I can’t say they’ll make it better, because I’m not the rehab expert … But my exercises do align with Tupler, MuTu System and other diastasis physical therapists, and I have several members who claim their smaller diastasis have closed while using my site.