Experts on Diastasis Recti


Are you ready to learn about diastasis rectus abdominus from expert professionals around the world?

Earning credit for continuing education for this course is optional. To obtain full credit, you’ll need to email [email protected] to book a 1 hour consult (fee is $99 via paypal) and print the course objectives here  to attach to your certificate of completion which is issued AFTER you complete your 1-hour consult with Beth. Not everyone taking this course is a professional seeking CEC/CEU which is why the fee is additional/optional for those who are wanting the credits.

Let’s get started!

As Fit2B has grown, I’ve enjoyed the privilege of networking with and learning from other amazingly knowledgeable experts. It’s been such an honor to connect and collaborate with each of these professionals, and I’m excited to continue to build this course. We have several more lessons being submitted in the coming months!

Sadly, even as the truth about diastasis rectus abdominus (DRA) becomes known, there still aren’t enough professionals who are applying current research to their work with the deep core, resulting in abdominal and pelvic floor trauma lasting longer when it could be resolved sooner. That’s what makes this eCourse so special and unique! 

While this course will not make you an expert in DRA, you’ll be learning valuable information from experts in this field. Each voice from each lesson will show you a new angle on up-to-date interventions, treatments, and ramifications of diastasis recti. 

And more lessons are in the works!

My prayer is that this course will provide one more puzzle piece, improve one more tummy, and change one more life – especially yours. You’ll find a video, article, images, and further links within each lesson, and every single contributor is willing and waiting to connect with you if you have further questions.

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A Reminder For Professionals: If you’d like to earn CREDIT for completing this course, you must complete the quiz at the end of this course with a passing grade + book a 1-hour session with me, Beth – founder of Fit2B and creator of this course – to go over what you’ve learned. That consult is an additional purchase, and you must email [email protected] to set it up. I issue the professional certificate of completion after that consult is done.