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Fitness hacks are tips or tricks that help you accomplish a goal faster, more efficiently, usually with less waste and frustration. Fit2B Studio has expanded so much since launching in 2010 that it now has loads of free info all categorized to the nth degree. Of course, our fans and customers want the most important free resources at their fingertips so they can easily share us with their friends… and I can’t complain!

Fitness Hacks and Free Resources

So, having paid attention to the most commonly requested links and free resources, I came up with the following list of fitness hacks that will help everyone find all the best free resources currently available here on the Fit2B Studio website:

Free sample workouts in our A-Z section

YouTube Freebies & Tutorials

Diastasis Recti Self-Check Videos

Printables: Workout Charts, Letters to Teachers & Doctors, Etc.

Two Scar Massage Videos

All The Little Things About Squats - Free Tutorial

Crunch & Plank Alternatives Video

3 TummySafe Gym Routines

Favorite Fitness Equipment - Master List

Are you a blogger? Become an affiliate!

Refer A Friend Program - Give $10 Get $10

The Foundational Five For Newbies

Of course, there are many more resources on Fit2B that provide fitness hacks to help you get stronger, more aware of your core, more lean, more flexible, and all that jazz! You can find all of it by using the main navigation menu up there at the top of the website ^^^ (scroll up) ^^^

Am I missing anything? I mean, as the founder of Fit2B, I know her pretty well, but even I forget a few things sometimes. It’s like having another child, and sometimes I open her up in the mornings and think, “Wait, did you grow another inch overnight?”

The answer is YES – we are always growing! So don’t wander off and be sure you’ve marked us as a safe sender if you’ve given us your email so that you don’t miss any updates or promotions, okay?

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