If Your Abdominal Scar Bothers You, Watch This!

How to massage your abdominal scar -- Fit2b.com

When an incision is made in your belly for any type of surgery – cesarean, appendectomy, hernia mesh installment, hysterectomy, etc. – the nerves in that area are left somewhat exposed by the remaining scar, and the area can hurt for years to come. However, it’s never too late to do something about it!

In the video above that we filmed with guest expert, Dr. Shannon Anhorn DC, you’ll discover how starting with just a light touch you can gently massage¬†your scar and help those sensitive nerve endings adjust. Practicing self-massaging techniques, or asking a loved one or professional to do it for you, also serves to break up fascial adhesions that prevent the muscles from flexing the way they should.

I absolutely love Dr. Shannon who has contributed to our Experts on Diastasis ecourse. She also sees my whole family when we need chiropractic and massage care. She spends so much time with us, and always gets to the root of the problem – not just crack, pop!

The lovely model is none other than my bestie, Alice Behnke. She has some amazing scars on her belly because it’s been through a lot. She used to be embarrassed of her belly, but now she sees it as a strong place that can be used to help other women. Alice writes this gorgeous blog and happens to be married to my co-founder, Chris. She usually does my hair and makeup for Fit2B workout shoots, so it was neat to have her be on camera.

I’m so grateful that Alice and Dr. Shannon were able to connect in Bend, Oregon to film this uber helpful and insightful video!

How to massage your abdominal scar -- Fit2b.com

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