Here’s the inside scoop on Fit2B workouts and pathways

Long before the dashboard came to be, members were directed to this page when they logged in. Many of our founding members still prefer this section over the new dashboard, so we’ve continued to update it over the years.


First, what are those letters in the workout titles?

TS = TummySafe     E = Easy     M = Medium/Moderate     C = Challenging

K = Kids     P = Pregnancy     R = Relaxing

  Master List of Fitness Props

Now, this section is where you should begin.

Foundational Five - F5 Routines

These basic pathways build on that solid start.

Fit2B Beginning Pathway

  Intro 2 Yoga Pathway      The Pilates Path

When you’re ready to “Level Up” try one of these.

Fit2B Advancing Path

Challenging Workout Combos      The 6x6 Pathway

How about paths that strengthen specific areas?

  Tummysafe Path to Great Abs

  Pathway to Amazing Arms       Great Glutes & Lean Legs Pathway

Certain seasons of life call for these pathways.

Pregnancy & Postpartum Pathway

Relaxing Routines       Office Workout Path

Seated & Floor Workouts

The Spoonie Path

And we didn’t forget our youngest members!

Fit2B Kids Workouts

We also alphabetized every workout from A – Z

Fit2B from A - Z

How about organizing them by duration?

Fit2B in Your Schedule

These are quite popular…

Newest 12 Workout Releases       Cardio Workout Pathway

  Non-Yoga Workout Pathway

Remember, if you need anything, we are here for you! 

  Contact Us here

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