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Welcome to Fit2B’s Workout Paths! 

You may repeat any section or “pathway” as often as you like. We add new workouts to them all the time, and cycling back through them creates a natural pattern of resting and strengthening. Plus, you might hear a queue you missed before.  

These first 2 paths allow you to lay a firm foundation

  The First Five Foundational Routines 

  Fit2B Beginning Workout Path 

These two sections organize  our routines by time and alphabetical order.

    Fit2B from A – Z 

    Fit2B in Your Schedule 

Now scroll down to see all the FUN pathway arrangements! 

 NOTE: One of our biggest goals is to help you discover that honoring your body’s current strengths will ultimately increase your overall strength. Each of our workout paths are designed with our members’ SAFETY and SUCCESS in mind; We keep it simple, yet we offer lots of variety, so you can follow these paths or skip around and see results no matter what as long as you’re consistent!

  The Newest 12 Workout Releases

  Cardio Workouts 

    Non-Yoga Pathway 

    TummySafe Path to Great Abs 

  Fit2B Advancing Workout Path 

      Fit2B 6×6 Path

  Fit2B Combos

  Fit2B New Mamas 

    Fit2B Kids 

  Intro 2 Yoga 

  Intro 2 Pilates 

    Pathway to Great Glutes & Lean Legs 

  Pathway to Amazing Arms 

  A Week of Relaxation 

  Sit and Get Fit – Chair/Floor workouts 

    Fit2B at The Office 

Read this article {click} about The Principle of Progression.

Read this article {click} about the anatomy of your abs and why we don’t do crunches. 

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Find workouts arranged in "stepping stones" that you can use as pathways to strength on
Fit2B is a proud sponsor of Team Toe Jammin in Portland to Coast 2014. Design by Invitation Station.

 “Two reasons my husband loves it when I do fit2b workouts: One, it keeps me flexible (wink, wink). Two, all those floor exercises remind me to vacuum.” -Fit2B in Washington, Traci

“I love how even on days I think, ‘I possibly couldn’t exercise today’, I can start off doing something like Chair Blend and then I am easily inspired to do more!” – Fit2B in Australia, K.M.

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