Fit2B™ 6×6 Path

Choose a routine to suit your level of fitness -

Welcome to the 6×6 Path 

Goal: 6 videos in 6 days for 6 weeks

If you have worked your way through the Fit2B Beginning and Fit2B Advancing Pathways, then you should be ready for this section. This path mixes some of our more intense routines in a manner that slowly builds how much time you move each week. All of these routines are “tummysafe” but advanced. Therefore this is ideal for those who know how to properly exhale to engage their core and pelvic floor with fewer reminders. Your goal is to do one video a day for 6 days a week for 6 weeks. The routines get longer each week… Ready? Let’s go!

Week One – 6×6

Goal: 6 Fit2B routines in 6 days for just 10+ minutes

The Big {little} Band Workout

Wall Workout with Beth

Insane Upper Body

Ab Attack

Body Sculpting II

Bag A Better Booty

Week Two – 6×6

Goal: 6 Fit2B routines in 6 days for just 16+ minutes

Pilates & Yoga Loaded I

Kelly's Core Cardio

Hipster Chair Moves


Body Sculpting

Hold It!

Week Three – 6×6

Goal: 6 Fit2B routines in 6 days for just 20+ minutes

Bag A Better Back

Basic Aerobics IV

Jump Change

Insane II

Wood Floor Workout


Week Four – 6×6

Goal: 6 Fit2B routines in 6 days for just 25+ minutes

21 Tone Up

Thigh Workout II

TummySafe Kickboxing

Plain Ol' Pilates

Love Handles Lost

Tabata Ball Workout

Week Five – 6×6

Goal: 6 Fit2B routines in 6 days for just 30+ minutes

Gentle Blend

Defining Deltoids

Kettle Bell II


Basic Step Aerobics 2

Functional Workout I

Week Six – 6×6

Goal: 6 LONG Fit2B routines in 6 days! Note: These are some of our longest routines on Fit2B. If you feel like you don’t have time for them, double back and do some shorter ones from previous weeks. No worries! 

Rockin' Yoga & Pilates

Backside Burner II

Great Glutes

Peaceful Blend

Tabata Kick & Squat

Fusion Mix 1

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