Fit2B Girls

Welcome to the Fit2B Girls eCourse!

I’m beyond excited to have you here, and I can’t wait for you to begin!

Before you get started though, I’d like to tell you a few quick things:

Knowledge Is Power For Your Body!

Wait, are you wondering how reading and watching all this stuff in this course can make you stronger? Well, all the words and videos in the world won’t make you stronger and healthier, unless you really learn the facts and take them to heart. Girls, this course if full of powerful, life-changing science and factoids, and knowledge is power!

Talk, Talk And Talk Some More!

Typically, we girls need to talk to process what we learn. You’ll be encouraged to talk a lot in this course: to the person guiding you through it, to your friends, to your doctor or physical therapist. As you get older, I hope and pray you are blessed with a HUGE circle of nice people like family, friends, teachers, mentors, and doctors who care about you, so you’ll always have someone to talk to about all the exciting things going on in your life and body!

Do the printable worksheets

I despise homework unless it’s fun. I like worksheets if they are simple and fun with pictures and words that excite me and make me happy to learn. We did our very best to make the downloads in this course as interesting as possible. We really want you to learn AND walk away feeling satisfied and delighted that you’re YOU – an awesome, beautiful, strong girl who will do great things in this world!

P.S. All the lessons and printables are listed either to your right or down below each lesson, depending on which device your’e using or how your device is held: landscape/horizontal or vertical.

Okay! Are you ready to select your first lesson?

You don’t have to go in order. You and your guide get to cherry-pick your own process! So you could do lesson 1 then 5 then 3 then 10 then… Get it?

Ask whoever gave you this course to read the guide notes at the top of each lesson before you begin. They might want know what it’s about before you start. These lessons are designed to help you want to talk to someone you trust so you can get all your questions answered.

Don’t be afraid to stop a lesson and ask whoever is guiding you through it if you have questions, okay?

Now without further ado…

Let’s go, girl!