Introduction to Yoga Pathway

Intro To Yoga Pathway of Workout on

This pathway of workouts is for those wanting to learn Yoga in a TummySafe manner. 

Sail Away!" Workout for kids on

Please Read First: Do each of the following workouts in order so that when you reach the end of this section, you have built a solid, progressive foundation of basic to advanced motions. Look at this path like stepping stones where you only jump to the next one when you feel ready to take a small leap forward. If any routine is too much or not enough, slow down or speed up accordingly. You may choose to do 1-2 per week mixed in with other routines from Fit2B, or you may feel up to doing 1-2 per day. Upon completion of this section, you should feel confident to take a “maintream” Yoga class and modifiy or substitute based on what you’ve learned here.

Restorative Poses 1 - 14:35

Restorative Poses 2 - 6:48

Restorative Poses 3 - 20:36

Purple Pranayama - 11:27

Chair Yoga

Face & Neck Yoga - 8:43

Standing Chair Yoga I - 12:06

Standing Chair Yoga II - 10:07

Office Yoga Flow - 4:59

Red Reaching - 15:17

Classic Flow A - 13:39

Warrior Workout - 12:30

Yoga 4 Runners - 14:38

Blissful Block Moves - 31:13

Gentle Blend - 29:30

Peaceful Blend - 41:12

Bethany Learn, Founder of Fit to Be Studio
Vintage Fit2B photo circa 2010

…because kids are good teachers!

Wiggly Warriors

…and because things get harder now…

Classic Flow B - 13:26

Orange Openers - 14:52

Mellow Slow Flow - 19:15

Heart & Hamstrings Yoga Flow - 42:58

Hold It - 20:30

Purple Upside Down - 10:20

Rockin' Yoga & Pilates - 31:17

Pilates & Yoga Loaded - 25:29

Weighted Warriors

Balanced Inversions - 21:56

Insane 2 - 21:19

Fusion Mix 1 - 55:25

Want Prenatal Yoga from Fit2B?

Maternity Yoga - 32:15

Preview all our pregnancy workouts here!

Introduction to diastasis aware yoga - Pathway of Workout - - Fit2B knows that busy moms need some yoga relaxation even if they can’t get away to yoga retreats. Add our yoga sequence to your home exercise whether you are a yoga beginner or advanced. Our special cues will keep it tummy safe for those with core issues like diastasis recti, prolapse, or hernia. #fit2b #homeworkouts #homeexercise #homefitness #yoga #yogarelaxation #stretching #breathe #deepbreath #mom #momworkoutsathome #busymoms #busymomworkouts #yogaposes #yogabeginners #diastasisrecti