Introduction to Yoga Pathway

Pathway of Workouts introducing you to the basics of yoga with opportunities to advance toward mainstream classes and stay tummysafe with

This pathway of workouts is for those wanting learn Yoga in a TummySafe manner. 

Bethany Learn, Founder of Fit to Be Studio
Vintage Fit2B photo circa 2010

Please Read First: Do each of the following workouts in order so that when you reach the end of this section, you have built a solid, progressive foundation of basic to advanced motions. Look at this path like stepping stones where you only jump to the next one when you feel ready to take a small leap forward. If any routine is too much or not enough, slow down or speed up accordingly. You may choose to do 1-2 per week mixed in with other routines from Fit2B, or you may feel up to doing 1-2 per day. Upon completion of this section, you should feel confident to take a “maintream” Yoga class and modifiy or substitute based on what you’ve learned here.

  Restorative Poses 1 - 14:35

  Restorative Poses 2 - 6:48

  Restorative Poses 3 - 20:36

Chair Yoga

Face & Neck Yoga - 8:43

Standing Chair Yoga I - 12:06

Standing Chair Yoga II - 10:07

Office Yoga Flow - 4:59

Classic Flow A - 13:39

Warrior Workout - 12:30

Yoga 4 Runners - 14:38

Blissful Block Moves - 31:13

Gentle Blend - 29:30

Peaceful Blend - 41:12

…because kids are good teachers!

Wiggly Warriors

…and because things get harder now…

Classic Flow B - 13:26

Mellow Slow Flow - 19:15

Hold It - 20:30

Rockin' Yoga & Pilates - 31:17

Pilates & Yoga Loaded - 25:29

Weighted Warriors

Balanced Inversions - 21:56

Insane 2 - 21:19

Fusion Mix 1 - 55:25

Want Prenatal Yoga from Fit2B?

Maternity Yoga - 32:15

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