14-Day Neck Challenge

14-Day Neck Challenge

As your core starts healing, you may notice other sore spots that start yelling for your attention. You may even connect the dots as to how those sore spots played a role in your core’s dysfunction. Putting your core back together is just a starting point, the central place where the journey of putting your whole body back together began. This 14-Day Neck Challenge is another avenue of that journey.

How to do this ecourse:

1. Open a new lesson each day for 14 days. It’s okay if you miss a day here and there, but do you best to stick with it for the best outcome.

2. Do the alternating routines each day. We feature one of these in each lesson: The Neck Routine, Neck Routine 2, Face & Neck Exercises & Shoulder Stretches. Each lesson has these embedded so you don’t need to look for them.

3. Read the written content {should only take 3-5 minutes to peruse}

4. Do the daily focus move. In addition to the moves on the videos, you will be challenged to focus on just one thing throughout the rest of each day. Spending one day practicing one motion over and over is key to applying what you’re learning.

5. Watch any additional clips. Some lessons contain clips or images from other videos we’ve recorded. If you don’t have time for them, you can return to the lesson at any time to watch them later.

Some History

This neck challenge – as we first called it – was born in the private member forum on facebook as I passed on what I was learning through dealing with my own neck issues. These 14 mini challenges turned into “The Neck Routine” video which is included in this ecourse. My hope is that these lessons will continue to bless others in fighting headaches, shoulder pain, upper back tension and more!

The original FB post that began the original “Neck Challenge” in our private member forum was as follows:

One of my biggest fears in “leading” all of you is that I will somehow inadvertently transmit my issues to you. I want to set the best example possible, but I have my own alignment issues (gasp!) and one of them is my neck… And – of course – now that my core is better – it’s really telling me I need to pay attention to it. Well, I’ve finally found a chiro who does x-rays and scans on site, and he confirmed what I’ve been suspecting: I have zero neck curve. My pecs are way too tight and I have a “stickie outie” neck which just makes me want to cry because I really do work on it… ANYWAY… He gave me some exercises to do, and I’m going to be sharing them with you. If you have neck issues like I do, then I hope you’ll join me for a 14-day Neck Challenge…

… or what has now grown into this ecourse entitled “14 Days To A Better Neck” which is how all this began. That’s not where my own journey ended though.

Full Disclosure?

I had surgery to replace a herniated disc on November 3, 2017. I could have paid for my surgical consults if I had a dollar for every time someone saw me in a neck brace during my 6 week recovery and said, “What? I thought you were the fitness queen? I thought you do all those neck exercises!” 

According to my surgeon and physical therapist, it was these very exercises you are about to do that kept me out of the OR for many years and made it possible for me to have a state of the art moveable disc without screws.

Literally, as he reviewed my MRI with me, my surgeon shook his head and asked me how I was still walking. Cheekily, I asked him if he meant the relay race I’d just done. His eyes got HUGE and he exclaimed, “No! I mean how did you walk in here?”

Meanwhile my PT had given me many of the same moves that are in these videos, and when I told her they were familiar and why, she said to me, “Well, that’s why you have such good range of motion and can still move despite all this.”

Except I had begun to experience numbness, horrendous pain and loss of function in my left arm which was scary!

An MRI revealed that my herniation happened in childhood, and it we believe it was excellent chiropractic care and all these stretches that held off the pain and numbness for all these years. None of my doctors had ever seen someone with such a large herniation in such good shape. What I’m trying to say is…

This course is NO GUARANTEE you won’t need medical attention.

If you are experiencing severe pain, tingling or numbness down one side of your body, or if you’ve lost range of motion and struggle to lift things or raise your arms, if you have unexplained tremors and shakiness PLEASE you need to see a doctor and demand an MRI.

I believe this program can really help people.

I had no idea how much it was helping me. I was told that if I hadn’t done all this, I’d have been a surgical case 10-15 years ago, and it would have been to place a cage of screws into my spine that would have failed me by now. And Fit2B wouldn’t exist. Instead, I was divinely guided to a time when I could get a high-tech disc that will last me a lifetime.

Do these videos and do the lessons, but if anything – and I mean anything – gets worse or your pain is turning into numbness? Please know that modern technology is amazing, and my surgery took 1 hour – ONE HOUR – to give me a new disc. I was home the same day, and released to lift 15 lbs just 2 weeks post-op. You don’t have to live in massive pain.

Read about my recovery HERE in this blog I wrote.

So listen to you body. Don’t use this course as a bandaid if you suspect something deeper could be going on, because life is too short and you are worth fixing.

Now moving on…

This course is yours forever, and you can go back through it as many times as you want AND you can also take your time going through it. Some concepts will take practice to integrate into your life, while others will click right away for you. Enjoy each step of this phase of your journey, knowing that each move shifts your neck for the good.

Okay, are you ready? Click on Lesson One to get started!