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Testimonials from Fit2B Members

Fit2B Member, Loralynn S. says:“I’ve done fit2b for a couple years now and healed my large diastasis recti after three babies, which my OB had said there was nothing I could do to fix it after my first. I just barely had my fourth and splinted for the last month and immediately following birth for a few weeks and continued to do the tummy safe exercises the whole time. A couple days after giving birth my DR was three to four fingers wide and at my 6-week check up (which I did at 5 weeks) my midwife checked it and it was completely closed. It blew her mind, and she said it was the best belly she had seen in all her almost 30 years of delivering babies. It really has made a huge difference. 🙂  So THANK YOU!!!!”

Fit2B Member, Jennifer M. says:“I never exercised regularly till I found Fit2B  — I can do it, at my pace and feel good and make a difference.”


“I am a doula and childbirth educator and always include info on fit2b in my classes and pre/post birth meetings.” – Sarah H.


“I just love ‘Kids and Crack-ups!’ It just cracks me up!”  – Lucy, age 4

“This morning my husband and I decided to exercise together to get me back into things. We did Pilates in Pajamas and about half way through he declares “Oh, Beth, you’re torturing me! I’ve got Beth Death!!!” I just laughed and laughed, and had to share!! He said afterward that it was good torture and he realizes his core is just not “hardcore” enough. I was pretty proud of myself for being able to most of it and stick it out until the end.” – Fit2B in Australia, Sarah B.

Fit2B Member, Stephanie E. says: “Bethany Learn is a fabulous instructor! She knows what she’s doin’! She has sessions on Pilates, Yoga, Aerobics, Weight and Resistance Training, even Yoga for Kids! I hook my laptop up to the tv so the image is large and I do it right in my living room when I have time. I think you’ll love it!”

Fit2B Member, Rachel F. says: “I have always felt that it to be wrong to workout until it hurts and also find it very hard to get motivated to do that to myself.  I like the idea of having someone who realizes this and is making changes to create a good workout that is safe, so thank you!” 

“I signed up recently, and, seriously, your workouts are changing my life. I tell everyone about your site… I’ve never felt “the burn” in my stomach doing your tummy workouts, but including them in my exercise routine and avoiding crunch-like movements has made my middle look and feel it’s best since I had my first child 6 years ago. and it keeps getting better! thank you for swimming against the flow!!” – Fit2B in Ohio, Kelly

Fit2B Member, Blair H. says: “This is a great site! As a full-time student, part-time cocktail server and a full-time mom it is hard to find the time to work out. With Fit2B Studio I can workout at any time and my kiddos can join me! As a mom, I want to teach my kids that working out is important and Fit2B Studio has helped me achieve that goal. Bethany is also a hoot to workout with so … read the rest of the review at Thumbtack!

Fit2B Member, Becky J. says: “Did another Fit to Be Us workout! Had to get some in before the trip with the family… I wanted to let you know that I love the fact that the beginner’s workouts are not too long. They are just the perfect amount of time where I feel accomplished at working out, but not overwhelmed. Thanks!”


“Your site has made such a difference in the way I view my postpartum body. Totally Transverse I and II have really been helping me flatten my abs above the belly button.” – Fit2B in Virginia, Thu


Fit2B Member, Traci Tyne Hilton, Author of “Foreclosed” says: “I’d say the best part of is the instructor, Bethany Learn. She’s a true, qualified professional. And she’s also a real true mom with a home and pets and a life. She totally understands what it is like to do yoga while the dog is running circles around you and the gerbil is rolling in his ball under your plank pose. As nice as it is to find a real person instructing yoga and pilates, it is even better that Bethany really invests in her members. From the first warm welcome to her site to personally answering your fitness questions, she is dedicated to your fitness path.” Read the rest of Traci’s blog about Fit2B Studio by clicking here!

Fit2B Member, Stephanie B. says: “I had some tech issues when I first joined and received almost immediate feedback on how to correct the issues from the website admin. I’ve joined for the next year to help me achieve my goal of becoming stronger, more flexible and relaxed.”

Fit2B Member, Michelle B. says: “I love being able to workout at home at my own time and pace! I’m a stay home mom of 3 kids so it can be a little challenging finding the time to work out! All her workouts are for your fitness level and most are 30 minutes or less!! She breaks down each movement, and gives modifications for adding an extra challenge when you’re ready! She keeps things fresh so you don’t get bored either!!”


“I feel relieved to let go of the feeling that if I’m not miserable, I’m wasting my time. Thank you!” – Fit2B in Texas, Kirsten B.


Fit2B Member, AnnaMichelle W. says: “Having 3 children at home to tend to (one of them being a baby that I carry around 90% of the time), I need to be able to function and WALK without falling down, or be able to hold my baby without my arm buckling. So I can’t tell you how much I appreciate being able to do a REALLY GREAT exercise, and still being FULLY functional after! Actually, I take that back….I’m EVEN MORE functional after Fit2B workouts. And, I’m actually getting healthy! Not just burning myself out, time after time, just to see NO results! I love you, Beth!”

Fit2B Member, Melinda S. says: “I’m in love with your workouts! I’ve done the ‘no pain no gain’ workouts for 8 years now. I have had tons of pain and nearly no gains. lol I am so glad I can workout and go do something else with my day. I feel refreshed and revived. No more ‘oh my gosh I just need a nap now’ workouts.”

Fit2B Member Becky J. says: “I don’t want my kids hurting if they join me in a workout…if my kid starts not being able to walk, or breathe, or think straight, its straight to the hospital for them…why do people think its ok for them to do this to themselves? I am not talking sore from walking 3-5 miles that is not the norm…I get sore from that, just from un-used muscles…with Fit to Be Us, I don’t have to worry about my kiddos joining in. It adds to the fun, and THEY feel good, *I* feel good… and no one is crying because of being in pain.”

Fit2B Member Sara R.K. says: “I hated to exercise. I thought it was a necessity. I would often think…I wish I could find something I really like. Praise The Lord I found Fit2B! Who knew exercise can be fun AND not kill you!”


Additional Testimonials

And just for fun, here’s some feedback from Bethany’s co-workers and clients from before she launched Fit2B Studio…

Bethany is great at pulling people into her workouts and getting new folks to try different things. She has many years of experience teaching group exercise and training using different methods. Her Pi-Yo (Pilates and Yoga) class and CycleShape (Spinning and lifting) classes were always packed with enthusiastic participants.” – Monica Hunter, Manager Comprehensive Club Management, Intel

I always loved Bethany’s Pilates and Yoga classes. She had a calmness, spirituality, in her voice, words and movements that were so contagious. I always looked forward to that class. CycleShape was such a great workout and fun, too. Attention to proper technique and mechanics was exceptional.” – Fev Pratt, class participant, dragon boat coach

Bethany is inspirational. She relates to all people, regardless of their ability. She can help the best athlete soar to new heights or work with a newbie to make them feel really good about fitness. She has a great disposition and teaches people to love what they’re doing.” – Maya Abels, step class participant

Bethany has the ability to take you where you are without judgement, help you form realistic fitness goals and then motivate you to accomplish those goals.” – Peggy Andrews, Lactation Consultant Childbirth Educator Mom Support Class Counselor Adventist Medical Center

Bethany is – and I think will always be – an inspiration to me. I really enjoyed working with her at our fitness center. She adds so many different elements to the enjoyment of life: She is guided by a gift of wisdom, work ethic and constant spiritual harmony. Bethany is more than simply a wonderful work partner; she is a friend and holds her hands out for anyone in need of a true friend. She listens and hears with a clarity rarely found. We are a part of everyone that has touched our lives and I am proud to say that she has touched my life … probably more than she realizes. Whatever path Bethany follows, I can be certain it will be with excellent intent and determination.” – Jeanie Karp, Manager Comprehensive Club Management, BPA