Does Diastasis Affect Guys - - #core #corestregthening #diastasisrectirecovery #mummytummy #fitmom #fitmama #fitness #rippedabs #sixpackHey guys! If you think that just because you’ve  never been pregnant you can’t have a diastasis, then I’d like to respectfully point out all the gentlemen walking around with “beer guts” and “pot-bellies.” Most of the physical therapists I know who specialize in diastasis recti report seeing men with ab separation that’s just as bad as women who’ve had babies, if not worse!

Diastasis in Men

Because diastasis rectus abdominus is caused by pressure, not just pregnancy. men get it too. Haven’t you seen those guys whose arms and legs and butts look pretty good, but their guts…!!! They have a “beer belly” even though they don’t drink beer. They appear to have a bunch of intra-abdominal fat around their organs, or they are “apple” shaped, even though they have low-cholesterol, eat a healthy diet, and exercise every day. Their abs make weird shapes when they do situps at the gym.

Why? I believe it’s because their connective tissue is in the same state as pregnant women, though for different reasons.

Watch this video about men with diastasis to learn more

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