Fit2B from A – Z

Challenge your body wisely today and enjoy progressive strength tomorrow.

Fit2B from A – Z

E is for Easy. M is for Moderate. C is for Challenging. TS is for TummySafe. K is for Kids. R is for relaxing. P is for pregnancy.

5 Minutes With Fit2B – 5:36 – Improve various areas by focusing on them for 5 minutes each in this fun series that includes five minutes of arms, five minutes of thighs, and more!

OPEN TO SAMPLE: 21 ToneUp *M/TS – 23:05 – This fun cardio routine provides 21 different arm motions layered over a repeating set of 7 different leg motions for a combined total of 21 minutes of constant heart-raising total-body motions that will get your whole self going!

28 ToneUp *M/TS – 29:09 – With so much positive feedback on 21 ToneUp, we knew it needed a fun friend. This sequel workout has 7 exercises does for 1 minutes each for 4 rounds. The variety and options will keep you coming back for more fun, strength & endurance!

Ab Attack *C/TS – 16:02 – Focus on all four layers of your abdominals with a safe intensity. Learn how to recruit every muscle fiber in your core while keeping your transverse abdominus activated and engaged the whole time!

Aerobics *M/TS – 21:01 – If you’ve never done basic aerobics before, have no fear. Bethany keeps the queues simple and non-fancy. This short routine is filled with gentle upper and lower body movements that flow together for a great beginner workout or an excellent warm-up as you prepare for harder exercises. In fact, this is the warm-up that Bethany usually uses when teaching brick-and-mortar step classes.

Align It Flat *E/TS – 12:28 / 18:43 – What does the position of your ribs have to do with how much your belly protrudes? How does the way you sit keep your core healthy or make you look flabby? Find out as you explore these two routines that will leave you pondering your alignment for the rest of your life!

Animal Acrobats *K – 6:33 – Children love to act like animals. Many exercise positions and movements have been named after animals, making them fun and motivating for children. Join us as we play with cat, cow, dog, and more!

Ankles & Upper Body *E/TS – 10:59 – This might sound like an odd combination, but adding some bicep curls to some calf work is a perfect way to “FIT” a lot into a short period of time!

Argentum Aerobics *C/TS – 21:01 – We’re going to get a little shiney and start to sparkle as we have some fun in this dance aerobics routine. You’ll be mixing it up with some hamstring curls, rock steps, grapevines, and even a little cha-cha in this cardio workout that will have you feeling more young and fun than when you started!

Audio Interval Training with Coach Chris – 30:00 – Anyone at any fitness level can use this audio training guide for running, walking, bike, etc. Listen to fun, upbeat music while Chris coaches you through some work and rest phases for a great workout!

Baby Balance *K – 9:15 – Turn balancing and core work into a game with your busy little ones. Littles of all ages can join the fun of learning how to balance in different ways! This short workout teaches healthy competition, bone density building tips, and lots of laughter. Watch for Watson!

Baby Feeding Routine: Upper Body Exercises – E/TS – 12:58 – Infants can spend up to 11-12 hours per day feeding via bottle or breast, so why not do some calm motions while sitting with your baby? This gentle exercise video was filmed with nursing mama and pelvic floor physiotherapist, Gillian Sukachevin, while she fed her 12-week old bub.

Baby Lift *M/TS – 19:39 – Babies make the most adorable hand weights, don’t you agree? Learn how to safely hold your little one, using him or her as a precious prop for your workout! Suitable for all infants who can hold their own head up, this routine will bond and strengthen both of you!

Backside Burner II *M/TS – 31:58 – Our members reported such fanny-firming results from the first rendition of this exercise set that we decided to turn it into a series. The moves are simple and straightforward, yet your backside will be on fire!

Bag A Better Back *M/TS – 20:47 – Here at Fit2B we are all about using what you have on hand to facilitate a great workout. How about recycling some grocery bags and using water bottles as weights to create a fun and unique workout for your upper and lower back? All you need is two bags and some water bottles or canned goods.

Bag A Better Booty *C/TS – 16:18 – Discover how you can tone and reshape your assets with a grocery bag weighted to your ability level. This short yet challenging routine will leave your bum burning in a good way!

Balanced *M/TS – 19:42 – The job of your core isn’t to do 300 crunches a day. It’s to hold your balance, protect your spinal cord, guard your vital organs, etc. So this medium-level routine incorporates a lot of balancing moves with good alignment to help remind your core of it’s real career!

Balanced Inversions *C/TS – 21:56 – This pivotal workout will take you to a new level of fitness as you explore your strength, starting with simple inversions and then adding balancing. Inversions elevate the heart rate without impact, encourage blood flow to areas normally compressed by gravity, and they spin babies into better positions for birth if you are pregnant!

Ballistic Bells *M/TS – 20:57 – Grab a dumbbell or kettlebell and discover how a few “airborne” additions to your lifting motions can stimulate your muscles and bones in new ways while also boosting your brain health!

Barre Workout with Lorraine *M/TS – Guest instructor, Lorraine Scapens of Birth2FitMums, gave us special permission to share this wonderful workout with our members! If you don’t have a ballet barre, you can use your kitchen counter for this sweat session!

Basic Aerobics I & II *E/TS – 12:34 / 16:21 – Two workouts on one page: one outside, one inside! If you’ve never done basic aerobics before, have no fear. Bethany keeps the queues simple and non-fancy. This short routine is filled with gentle upper and lower body movements that flow together for a great beginner workout or an excellent warm-up as you prepare for harder exercises. In fact, this is the warm-up that Bethany usually uses when teaching brick-and-mortar step classes.

Basic Aerobics III *E/TS – 16:03 – Having taught group fitness and floor aerobics for 18 years, Bethany was excited to put together another great set of moves to get your blood pumping. Enjoy the fun beat as you mimic Beth’s simple movements and some light stretching at the end!

Basic Aerobics IV *M/TS – 20:57 – As the fourth and final installment of our floor aerobics series, this routine is the perfect 20 minute length with a little added weight for greater intensity!

Basic Breath Work *E/TS – 11:54 – When connecting to your core feels difficult while sitting or standing, that’s when this approach comes in beautifully to the rescue. Learn how making gravity and a stack of books your friend can help your abs and pelvic floor get back into business.

Breathing Exercise Pathway *E/TS – Here on Fit2B we intentionally bring breathing strategies into all of our workouts for Diastasis Recti. We also have many video routines that focus primarily on breathing exercises. This page offers a pathway of all our relaxing breath-based routines grouped by positions (seated, supine, standing) and there are two routines you can sample on that page.

Basic Kicks & Punches with Owen *K – 11:28 – Do you have children who want to learn the basics of self-defense but you’re not sure they’re ready for full-on lessons and training? Why not start them here and see if it builds their interest?

Basic Latin Dance 1 & 2 with Jahnea *E/TS – 11:19 – If you have been wanting to dance, but you need to ease into the footwork – wow – do we have a treat for you!! Jahnea’s energy shines while she teaches you how to shimmy and shake!

Basic Step Aerobics 1 *M/TS – 18:04 – We’re going back to fitness craze of the 80’s except this time there are no thong swimsuits over spandex shorts! Introduce yourself to the basics of step aerobics and learn the foundational moves for future choreography: Basic, Travel, Corner to Corner, Repeaters, etc.

Basic Step Aerobics 2 *M/TS – 31:07 – Start learning some fun choreography as you step your way through two simple patterns set to great music. Perfect for the beginner stepper who’s ready to take it up a notch!

Basic Step With Weights *C/TS – 27:30 – This routine is about a focused addition of weight in order to increase the load and intensity of the step workout. The motions are focused. The cues are focused. The breathing is focused. Lots of focus, yet so much fun!

A list of all routines offers. Red routines are open to everyone as samples. Fit2B offers tummy safe routines that will help you close a diastasis recti and allow you to get a great workout without the fear doing harm to your core. Give a try!

Basic Transverse & Mula Bandha *E/TS – 9:23 – When it’s hard to “find the flex” happening in your deep core and pelvic floor, it’s time to take a couple steps back and simplify. This touching and thoughtful routine is for those who need to start in a chair, and it only includes three basic moves designed to exercise your deepest trunk muscles.

Bathtub Routine *E/TS – 7:02 – Soothe sore muscles with some stretches while you soak away your stress. Don’t worry, we are wearing clothes (but you don’t need any) for this relaxing set of motions. All you need is a tub!

Battle Rope Blast *M/TS – 5:50 – Blast those biceps, triceps, shoulders & core with this 5-minute battle rope workout! This routine makes an excellent, fast, stand-alone arm workout or use each variation as separate additions to your outdoor circuit routine.

Bedrest Routine *E/TS – 5:10 – If you’re confined to your bed, aching for some super gentle slow motions and stretches, but only able to lay on your back or sides, this routine should be comfortable and safe for you to perform. This routine is located within our 5-Minutes with Fit2B series. Our other bedtime routines may also be suitable for this season. Honor your limits.

Bedtime Meditation *TS/R – 10:00 – Perfect for bedtime or a mid-day quiet time, Bethany will help you find a comfortable position while she uses beautiful mental imagery to calm and relax your body, mind and spirit. Think of this as a mental workout, rather than a physical one. And remember that keeping your mind in shape is a major component of total wellness.

Bedtime Relaxation with Kelly *E/TS/R – 13:14 – Having trouble falling asleep? Need to get away from your day for a few minutes? This routine is your solution to stress. I’ve heard it said that laying on the floor is a primal way to reconnect to your body because that’s where we all start with movement as babies: on the floor, figuring out how to move. So take a little less than 15 minutes to reconnect to your core with Kelly Dean, licensed PT and founder of

Beth’s Big Band Workout *M/TS – 18:51 – When Kelly’s Big Band Routine went over so well, and members asked for another one, we decided to produce another one with me, Beth! This version has lower body exercises along with upper body moves. It was filmed in a bedroom (noisy kids downstairs) so you should feel right at home when you do it with me.

Big {little} Band Workout *M/TS – 10:56 – Spend a quick 10 minutes with some exercise tubing or a stretching band and get a great arm workout + a little lower body too!

Big {longer} Circle Band Workout *M/TS – 30:07 – Break out of the “linear” box of moves and learn how to use your stretchy exercise bands for circular motions. In this total body routine, we also play with tying knots to make a circle of resistance!

Bitty Bellies *K – 05:07 – Little ones learn how to flex their transverse abdominus and how their core helps them do their best tricks and fun moves!

Blissful Block Moves *E/TS – 31:13 – Learn how to safely use a foam yoga/fitness block to expand your repertoire of reshaping exercises! This peaceful routine uses TummySafe cueing to demonstrate many amazing ways to integrate the block into your workouts.

Body Sculpting *C/TS 19:55 – Bethany packs a set of great moves into this short 20 minutes that will safely leave you sweaty and breathless. Get out those handweights and find a wall, because there’s not much downtime in this video!

Body Sculpting II *C/TS – 16:14 – You are “fit to be” heading outdoors for this second installment in our defining series meant to help you continue to carve out those muscles you’ve been building. While shorter than our first one, this routine is every bit as intense, yet levels are provided so you can always go your own pace.

Bosu Balance *M/TS – 21:47 – Got a BOSU at home? There’s so much we can do with a BOSU balance trainer for hip mobility, core strength, body awareness, posture, stretching, body resistance work, and we explore alllll that in this workout. You’re going to enjoy this challenge and feel so good for having improved your balance in these ways.

Bosu Step & Sculpt *C/TS – 20:23 – Take your coordination to the next level by adding balance to your step aerobics workout! This workout is a 50/50 split with 10 minutes of cardio and 10 minutes of sculpting work. After our fun choreography on the bosu, we’ll wrap up with some weight lifting work while standing on the sturdy floor. Talk about a terrific toning sesh!

Brace Yourself *K/TS – 6:54 – When you’re wearing a brace around a healing body part, many other joints and muscles are still free to move. This brief movement routine geared toward kids (but still amazing for grownups) demonstrates how bracing a broken spot doesn’t have to be a bummer!

Car Workout *E/TS – 16:55 – Remain safely buckled in your seat while using these motions on your next trip.

Catching Connections *E/TS – 15:25 – Have a ball while you catch some connections to a healthier heart and a brighter brain. Playing with balls has been shown to ward off dementia and Alzheimers plus improve your mood!

Chair Blend *E/TS – 14:26 – Take your lower body out of the equation for a few minutes while you relax your upper body. This workout lets you isolate your core with purely upper body movements from both Pilates and Yoga. TS means it’s safe for those diastasis.

Chair Cardio *E/TS – 21:08 – Stay seated while still getting an amazing aerobic workout using your arms but not your legs. You’re going to love the upbeat music and the fun moves, all from the safety of your chair. This workout will get your heart rate up with engaging arm motions, and you’re sure to finish with a smile!

Chair Fitness {Basic} *E/TS – 16:37 – Join Beth in her country kitchen as she leads you through some basic chair exercises and stretches. We’re excited to provide yet another routine that benefits those at varying levels of fitness. If you have a lower or upper body injury just do the half that works for you. All our chair workouts are found HERE.

Chair Pilates *E/TS – 09:37 – Sit on the edge of your bed, an exercise ball or a chair while getting an arm and ab workout! This workout is tummy safe and perfect if you only feel like working your upper body with some basic Pilates moves, you can do that while sitting down.

Chair Yoga *E/TS – 12:04 – Relax your upper body with gentle stretches and basic movements that focus on your arms and neck muscles, plus just a little core work. This simple but beautiful routine will show you how to do yoga without losing your balance as you utilize a chair to stabilize yourself through the whole workout.

Chunky 5×5 Fitness *M/TS – 31:31 – Enjoy 5 portions of 5 exercises each, similar to the 5×5 challenge, but all in one routine. It’s called chunky because it’s meant to be done in chunks. You can do one chunk per day throughout a week, or you can also do it throughout a day or all at once if you want. It’s perfect for seasons when you’re short on time, and it’s also marvelous for movement breaks!

Chunky 5×5.2 Fitness *M/TS – 29.50 – Y’all loved the first one, so we had to make a second edition of this popular 5×5 workout with 25 exercises formatted to be done in 5 chunks including a warmup, weights, cardio, and a cool down stretch sesh. You don’t need to do the first one to be able to do the second one. These are more like sister-routines!

Chunky 5×5.3 Fitness *M/TS – 30:37 – Welcome to the third installment of our popular Chunky 5×5 series which “chunks” apart one longer workout into 5 “chunks” that are about 5 minutes apiece with 5 different exercises per chunk in 5 different categories: Warm-up, Upper Body, Cardio, Lower Body, and Cool Down Stretching.

Circuit Workout *C/TS – 28:29 – Get all your exercise props together and scatter them around your home for this sweaty, total-body workout that will strengthen, tone and energize you!

Classic Flow A – *M/TS – 13:29 – Learn the tummysafe modifications to traditional sun salutations in this slow practice of Suryanamaskara A that explores slightly different breathing and mechanics to protect sensitive cores.

Classic Flow B – *C/TS – 13:26 – Traditionally part of most mainstream Yoga studio classes – but seldom safe for those with diastasis or pelvic floor issues – Beth breaks down these challenging moves into manageable motions and breaths.

Color Series: Black – E/M/C/R/TS – Black hair. Black outfits. Great for dark, moody, hard days. Titles include: Black Battlesticks drumming workout, Dark Days grief routine, Ebony Exhale hypopressives foundational poses, Black Balance & Biceps resistance routine, Black Bouncing ball exercises, and Nightly Knees.

Color Series: Blue – *E/M/C/R/TS – Blue hair. Blue outfits. Great for sad, deep, truthful days. Titles include: Blue Belt kickboxing cardio, Azure Awakening morning moves, Blue Breathing core work, Sapphire Standing alignment drills, Blue Bells kettlebell workout, Cobalt Core hypopressives abs exercises.

Color Series: Green – *E/M/C/R/TS – Green hair. Green outfits. Great for days when you’re craving growth, abundance, nourishment, and life! Titles include: Sage Stretching, Verde Vagus breathing routine, Emerald Exhale Hypopressives workout, Lime Launching interval cardio, and Green Gertie KB training.

Color Series: Orange – *E/M/C/R/K/TS – Orange hair. Orange outfits. Orange Obliques. Orange Orbits. Orange Opposites. Orange Over Under. The orange workouts focus on vibrance, energy, the deep sacral core near the hips, oppositional movements, and more!

Color Series : Pink  – *E/M/C/R/TS – Pink hair. Pink outfits. Titles include: Fuschia Fascia. Pink Piriformis. Salmon Spheres. Pink Pedaling. Coral Contralaterals. The pink workouts focus on fun, love, women health, and more!

Color Series: Purple – *E/M/C/R/TS – The very first installment in our Color Series of home exercise videos in which I dyed my hair “weird” for the first time in my whole life and filmed a bunch of purple-themed workouts of various lengths and fitness levels. We know, it sounds silly, but this project has got a lot of people back into working out and having fun again!

Color Series: Red – *E/M/C/R/TS – Red Hair. Red outfits. Red themes of pelvic floor health in these titles including Red Redemption, Red Rush, Red Reaching, and more!

Color Series: Silver – *E/M/C/TS – Silver Hair. Silver outfits. Silver themes of pelvic floor health in these titles including Silver Linings, Argentum Aerobics, Silver Streak, Shining Savasana, Silver Bells, and Sterling Center!

OPEN TO SAMPLE: Core Alternatives *TS – 15:15 – This video is embedded in a blog that you can share with your friends, so it’s free for everyone to watch. It’s actually more of an instructional routine than a workout, but you can still move with it. You’ll hear my brain on crunches and crunch-alternatives, planks and plank-alternatives, and more!

Core Wake Up *E/TS – 04:17 – Filmed as part of our office workout series, this is a simple 5 minute routine that will turn on your core. Use it in the mornings to start your day or whenever you feel “slouchy.”

Cue Connections *E/TS – 19:06 – Now included in our foundational five “F5” set of workouts, this video is a new game changer in the realm of Diastasis aware ab exercises. We’d like you to try the core cues in this video in three different positions: Sitting, Standing, and laying on your back. You’ll learn which ones work best for your core right now and be able to use them in future workouts!

Defining Deltoids *E/TS/P – 29:45 – This workout for your shoulder muscles is special because it’s taught with major stability in mind for those dealing with sacroiliac (SI) or symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD).

Dumbbell Workout *M/TS – 10:46 – Looking for definition in your arms and shoulders? This shorty will burn your biceps and define your deltoids, and you can use any handweight you have!

Face Exercises *E/TS – 6:28 – Consciously flexing and releasing the tissues that support the bones of your jaw, neck and head feels so good. Plus, basic exercise videos like this can jump start your energy.

Face & Neck Yoga *E/TS – 8:43 – It’s easy to focus on the BIG muscles of the arms, legs and core. But what about the ones in your face and neck? We tend to spend a lot of time staring and squinting, turning to look over one shoulder but not the other, resting our jaw on one hand, etc. All of those habits can facilitate imbalances and weakness in our facial muscles and cervical vertebrae. You can thank a member for requesting this short facial toner that will make a big difference!

Fingers & Toes *E/TS – 10:01 – We give the core and your big, prime movers lots of attention around here, but what about the tight muscles in your hands and feet? Here are some fun, relaxing moves to release your paws and claws!

Floor Yoga for Teens & Tweens *K – 11:00 – Get your teen or tween involved in exercise with this fun, informal 10-minute routine. They won’t feel the need to be perfect, because we allowed the “stars” of this routine to follow along at their own pace, too! Be sure to check out our “Floor Yoga” routine for teens as well!

Foam Core Fitness *C/TS – 24:00 – fun foam rolling fitness routine will have you using your foam roller in unique ways that challenge your whole body in core-centered ways with exercises that take you from standing to bending, kneeling to sitting, sitting to supine!

Foam Rollaxing *R/TS – 18:10 – Because using a foam roller to relax is “rollaxing” right? Foam rollers can be used for many things, not just pressing into sore muscles. They’re a wonderful prop for winding down at the end of a long day. This routine is especially good for tight hips and shoulders.

Foam Rolling Routine *E/TS – 15:28 – Foam rolling is an excellent way to stretch muscles from the middle, but this form of myofascial release is often demonstrated with crunch-like motions that can damage the connective tissue of the core… talk about irony! In this introductory routine, Bethany demonstrates a year of careful research and collaboration with other experts as she brings you some basic yet effective ways to utilize your foam roller in a TummySafe, diastasis-aware manner.

Foam Rolling Routine II *M/TS  – 27:37 – Our foam rolling routines have been so popular due to the TummySafe education that’s included.  This routine is yet another total body delight that I really enjoyed piecing together for you. I guess you could say I roll around on the floor for you. Because it’s the truth. And you’re worth every sweet move!  Equipment needed: a foam roller.

FoamUNrolling Routine *E/TS/R – 9:31 – If you own a foam roller, you can use it for more than just myofascial release and massage. It makes a wonderful tool and prop for lots of excellent stretches and movements. Enjoy exploring some new avenues with your foam roller in this short routine.

Functional Workout I *C/TS – 31:12 – Functional fitness workouts involve exercises that use every muscle in your body. Instead of isolating one muscle, each exercise wakes up a ton of muscles, and your cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems both receive amazing benefits. This workout is a re-film that is now TummySafe

Fusion Mix 1 – *C/TS – 55:25 – The first in a series of challenging routines that blend elements of Pilates, Yoga, natural movements, and everyday transitions into one major workout!

Fusion Mix 2 – *C/TS – 1:05:35 – This routine requires a solid baseline of deep core strength as we’ll be doing full planks (which are fine once your diastasis has narrowed and regained fascial tension plus you can engage your core properly on the exhale) and more! Get ready to improve your strength and coordination at a level you’ve only dreamed of!

Gentle Blend *M/TS – 29:30 – Just because it’s gentle, that doesn’t mean you won’t feel it reshaping your whole body from the core outward. Deep spiritual imagery is used throughout this workout as you transition safely from standing to supine (on your back).

Get On The {BIG} Ball *C/TS –  31:32 – This total body workout utilizes a large inflatable exercise ball and is geared toward those who are feeling ready to take on some tough moves in a tummysafe manner after they’ve resolved their diastasis recti, hernia, prolapse and other core issues.

Get Up {and down} Routine *M/TS – 21:10 – Can you get up easily off the ground? What muscles do you need to consciously recruit to monkey around while you’re down on the ground? How can you use your core correctly while rolling like a ball? This “get up” routine is also about getting down and back up and back down in many ways, all safe, all effectlvely turned into one VERY FUN workout!

Great Glutes *M/TS – 35:07 – Did you know that the glutes play a very important role in core health and overall stabilization? They’re not just there to fill out your jeans, but if they’re not filling out your jeans, they should be! You’re going to be saying, “Goodness Gracious, Great Glutes of Fire” after this routine!

OPEN TO SAMPLE: Grief Recovery Routine *E/TS – 19:57 – One video will introduce and explain the routine, while the main video is a deeply moving set of exercises specifically co-created by us in concert with Kelly of The Tummy Team to help women connect and process any traumatic tension in the core and body.

Half-Round Foam Roll Workout *M/TS – 22:35 – Also called a “half-dome” by Beth, this fun prop is so much fun to mess around with, and you’ll have such a great time with this awesome set of moves that work the whole body with a little cardio, a little toning, a little stretching, a little relaxing.

Heart & Hamstrings Yoga Flow *M/TS –  42:58 – Release all that tension in your chest and thighs with a full body Yoga workout designed to gently stretch open your hamstrings and heart-center.

Hippy Yoga *E/TS – 21:35 – Strengthen and stretch those tight, sore hips with this gentle yet thorough “hip” focused exercise routine that offers lovely flute music and begins standing and ends on the floor.

Hipster Chair Moves *M/TS – 18:13 – This fun routine will have you using a chair – not to sit on – but as a prop to stabilize, strengthen and stretch your hip area. It’s a great core and glute workout as well… No flannel needed 😉

Hokey Pokey *K/TS – 4:33 – “You put your right foot in, you put your right foot out…” That’s how it usually goes, but in our version the lyrics are changed to basic anatomical terms that go beyond feet and hands – not too personal, mind you – but we did do the glutes, and they’ll be shaking all about! We dare you to keep a straight face while doing this one with your kids!

Hold It! *M/TS – 20:30 – How long can you hold a pose? This workout encourages you to hold each position for at least 10 deep breaths. Holding a muscle in place can be harder than moving it! This workout includes a nice warm-up and a bit of Tai Chi at the end.

Hot Yoga 26+2 Prep *M/TS – 39:27 – Beth studied one of the most popular styles of mainstream Yoga, devised Diastasis-aware strategies for approaching it, and teaches basic modifications for all the poses in this first installment of a 3-part series.

Hot Yoga Flow I Standing Exercises*C/TS – 32:25 – This challenging routine builds on our ‘Hot Yoga 26 + 2 Prep‘ workout which would be wise to do before this one. This workout contains all the standing poses at a harder level while still cueing core safety.

Hot Yoga Flow 2 Floor Exercises*M/TS – 28:37 – This medium level routine is the third and final installment of our Hot Yoga Series. In this home workout video you’ll find all the face down, face up, seated, and kneeling exercises of traditional Bikram Yoga taught in a way that honors Diastasis Recti and pelvic floor concerns.

Hypopressives *E/M/TS – This miniseries groups our 3 hypopressive workouts together onto one page to make it easier to find and utilize them. Beth, our founder, is a certified Level 1 hypopressive instructor, and you’re going to enjoy this!

Insane *C/TS – 17:58 – Here is one of the most insane workouts we’ve ever filmed. Why is it insane? For starters, it’s super hard and the moves are just plain crazy! Even Bethany is out of breath in this one, but it’s totally safe as long as you have a baseline level of fitness agility and ability. We do NOT recommend this workout for those who have recently given birth, those who deal with chronic pain of any sort, or idiots who cannot follow safety queues.

Insane 2 *C/TS – 21:19 – This is the second round in our little mini-series, and you’ll see something cool in Bethany’s profile when you watch it and compare it with the first one.

Insane Upper Body *C/TS – 15:42 – It’s not really insane, it’s just more difficult than our more “sane” workouts. There’s no screaming, no slobbering, just more challenges and more big arm motions with weights. You’ll feel it!

Jump Change *C/TS – 21:01 – The challenging transitions in this workout will put a jump in your step! It  will be good for bone density and your heart rate! Jump your workout to the next level by adding a helpful hop here and there. *High Impact – not for those with joint issues

Jump Progression *E/TS – 4:46 – If you can’t do something like jumping due to leaking or instability, how do you get better at it? You approach it from other angles! You practice parts and pieces of the goal, and that’s what we do in this routine. Do this short routine a few times a week, and you’ll soon be jumping confidently!

Jump Strength *M/TS – 18:34 – If you want to learn how to jump UP onto something, then join me for an explorative full-body workout that will prepare you for platform and box jumps, strengthen your quads, glutes, and calves, all while keeping you connected to your core!

Kelly’s Big Band Workout *M/TS – 14:34 – Get an amazing full-body workout, using BodyLastics exercise bands. Join Kelly Dean of The Tummy Team, special guest instructor physical therapist for this portable workout.

Kelly’s Core Cardio *C/TS – 17:32 – This unique cardio session works the total body and core with great moves and fun visualizations. It’s not too long, but it gets intense with some moves we bet you’ve never tried!

Kelly’s Dynamic Pelvic Floor Exercise Routine *M/TS – 17:31 – Learn strategies to involve the “floor of your core” in dynamic movements such as side steps, bounces, hops, side lunges, and jumping. This routine starts with easier movements and progresses to harder levels, allowing you to honor your current limits while advancing later. You CAN return to impact without leaking!

Kelly’s Floor Core Routine *C/TS – 16:21 – What if you could have a core workout designed by a physical therapist? Especially one who is world-famous for her work in providing continuing education training for instructors, midwives, doulas, nurses, and many more who work with the true core? Well, here you go! This ab exercise session is a floor-based tummy toner that will take your core fitness to the next level.

Kelly’s Full Body Workout *E/TS – 27:04 – The second routine Kelly filmed with us, and this one is in her own beautiful home! Get a great cardio workout while incorporating your core into every movement!

Kelly’s Lower Body Workout *E/TS – 12:06 – This thorough thigh workout that’s all standing, all tummy safe, and all fun + simplicity will leave you in love with your legs again ❤️

Kelly’s Pelvic Floor Stability Routine *M/TS – 16:58 – For the one whose hips and pelvic area feel wobbly and loosey-goosey, you’ll love how Kelly helps you strengthen the pelvic floor muscles in a way that contributes to more stable movements to help your pelvis feel more sturdy and strong.

Kelly’s Pregnancy Stretching *E/TS – 17:26 – The pregnant body is full of mystery, new life, extra curves… and hormones! We experience new aches and pains from tight spots we didn’t know we had, and we end up with new loose spots we never imagined! Physical therapist, Kelly Dean, specializes in knowing how to ease the aches and pains of pregnancy

Kelly’s Standing Abs Workout *E/TS – 10:35 – This fun, short workout proves that you don’t need to lie on your back to do abs exercises. This standing abs workout is the perfect progression after you’re done with our foundational five core routines, and we know your core will feel the work in a good way!

Kelly’s Simple Stretches *E/TS – 15:29 – A tight muscle has trouble being a strong muscle. As we lay the foundation of strength in your core, we also need to open up those tight spots and loosen up any restrictions. We asked Kelly for her 5 favorite basic stretches that would benefit anyone making a fresh start, and this is what she created for you!

Kelly’s Totally Body Stretching *E/TS – 19:51 – Guest Instructor Kelly Dean, licensed physical therapist and owner of joins Fit2B Studio to share how it’s not always about flexing and “working” a muscle back into shape, but it’s also about lengthening the tight muscles that are pulling us out of shape. Learn how to stretch so many important areas that contribute to alignment and total body health in this yummy, relaxing session.

Kelly’s Wall Workout *M/TS – 07:34 – Kelly Dean from The Tummy Team makes a guest instructor appearance in this quick, total body workout that offers some excellent ways for men and women dealing with diastasis to further strengthen their core.

KettleBell Core *M/TS – 13:32 – How about some standing, creative core work with 2 mismatched kettlebells that also offers an amazing arm workout? This is the fun, short, effective upper body workout you’ve been waiting for and that you’re going to come back to over and over!

KettleBell Workout I *M/TS – 15:11Kettlebell training is very popular right now, but most of the moves are demonstrated in such a fast and hyper-extended manner that they’re unsafe for the beginner exerciser or anyone with knee, hip, shoulder and core injuries such as diastasis recti abdominus (DRA). This routine will slowly and safely teach you some basic kettle bell moves.

KettleBell II *C/TS30:13 – In this second, slightly more advanced installment of Bethany’s “how to” kettle bell series, you’ll learn more moves in a safe manner that will protect your core and tune you into the proper form and breathing patterns, so that one day when you want to do a full KB class out “in the real world” you can do so with confidence!

Kickboxing *C/TS – 23:17 – This fun workout will introduce you the basics of kickboxing in typical “Fit2B Style.” Get your attitude, intensity and heart rate all elevated as you jab, jack and kick your way through 23 minutes of simple, no-nonsense cardio that could double as self-defense.

Kids Bedtime Routine *K – 7:53 – Winding down our bodies and minds for sleep can help us put a long day behind us, and kids need to practice this too! Here’s a fun, short routine for your littles featuring three of our littles.

Kids Bedtime Stretches *K/E/TS – Join Beth and her daughter for some soothing stretches you can facilitate in your family to help everyone relax before bed!

Kids & Crackups *K – 09:44 – Let your kids bounce along with ours as we go through an unhurried exploration of the amazing things that our bodies are capable of.  Structure? Who needs it? Kids just need to move and groove and have a great time doing it!

Kids Cross Over Routine – *K/TS – 8:53 – This fun routine is a compilation of gentle, easy motions that cross the body’s midline. They would make a great warm-up or movement break for brains that feel frozen. While this was filmed with kids, grownups can benefit as well!

Kids Weightlifting – *K/TS – 14:02 – It’s important for children to learn body awareness while testing their limits in safe ways, so this workout routine isn’t about bulking kids up or trimming them down. This is about learning form and technique that will improve their coordination and reduce injuries for a lifetime!

Kitchen Moves *E/TS – 18:29 – Your kitchen is FULL of great fitness props, and this video will show you how to incorporate some simple movements into your everyday tasks. Discover how to create “work stations” in your kitchen that produce great food AND a great body!

Labor Prep – *P/TS – 14:52 – While this video is not a substitute for the advice of your caregiver, it teaches several helpful motions for laboring a baby out that are sadly not covered in many mainstream childbirth education classes. Learn and practice these beneficial and relaxing movements to prepare your body and your baby for a healthy labor and delivery.

Lazy Weights – *M/TS – 12:43 – No energy to get off your couch, but still wanna check off one of those twice weekly weight workouts that scientists say you need for your bones, muscles, strength, and mental health? Grab a couple dumbbells and keep reclining while we do a couple sets of 8 of these seated exercises!

Love Handles Lost *M/TS – 26:12 – Kiss your love-handles goodbye by performing this moderate intensity workout on a regular basis. Target the soft spots on your sides below your ribcage and above your hips (aka: obliques) while working some surrounding muscles as well!

Lower Back Love *E/TS – 16:19 – Learn a flowing routine of exercises to soothe, stretch and strengthen your lower back so that your soreness goes away for good! Try it and see if it gives your low back some love.

Lymphatic Length & Strength *E/TS – Based on “The Big 6” lymphatic drainage points emphasized by Dr. Perry, this exercise routine offers movements and techniques to strengthen your lymphatic system, lengthen your muscles, and prime your whole body for better fitness response.

Maternity Mix I *E/P/TS – 21:01 – Experience gentle queues that will connect you to your changing body and the precious life within you. As a mother herself, Bethany has been through two healthy, fit pregnancies and births. She has a real heart for new moms and mommies-to-be, and you can see that shining through in this workout.

Maternity Mix II *M/P/TS – 16:53 – This is the sequel to Maternity Mix I and both workouts are perfect for the soon-to-be mother. Safe for virtually any stage of pregnancy, you’ll be rocking your baby to sleep during these beautiful, safe and effective prenatal exercises.

Maternity Mix III *E/P/TS  – 24:16 – The third in an ever more wonderful and safe series for mama tummies. If you are newly pregnant, hugely pregnant or done being pregnant, this series for moms creates a beautiful core connection that will help you get your body back safely.

Maternity Yoga *E/P/TS – 32:15 – Enjoy some yummy stretches and moves that will relax and lengthen those tired muscles that are working overtime during this FULL phase of your life. This routine was refilmed in this summer of 2015 to be even more tummysafe and helpful to pregnant mamas.

Mellow Slow Flow *M/TS – 19:15 – After you’ve familiarized your core, arms, and legs with Classic Flow A and B, this routine is your next best stop. It coaches you through a simple plank progression to really help advance you to harder workouts.

Mermaid Mojo *M/TS – 24:26 – Mermaid movements are a Fit2B fave, and this hip-loving routine strings a bunch of variations together to make one very delightful workout for your core and entire body. Wait, what if mermaids haven’t been your friend? Well, I bet you’ll find a few variations you CAN do in this routine, and then you can use those whenever we do mermaids together in other Fit2B home exercise videos!

Midline Kids Cross Over Routine – *K/TS – 8:53 – This fun routine is a compilation of gentle, easy motions that cross the body’s midline. They would make a great warm-up or movement break for brains that feel frozen. While this was filmed with kids, grownups can benefit as well!

Mommy & Me *E/K/TS – 12:11 – Have a baby who wants to come along for the ride? Introduce him/her to movement with mummy just a few minutes at a time. This shorty session makes a great warm-up for mom or dad. A baby carrier such as an Ergo or Snugli is needed.

Mommy & Me III *M/TS – 17:52 – This standing fitness routine is safe and FUN for mom and baby. If your child fits in a carrier of any sort (wrap, pack, ergo-style, sling, etc) then this routine will be awesome for you. Leah’s little guy literally went to sleep while we did this workout! We keep the motions smaller and soothing, focusing on alignment and core integration.

Mula Bandha *E/TS – 11:41 – Strengthens the deepest core muscles and pelvic floor from a sitting or standing position. A healthy core is directly related to a healthy pelvic floor. Working these areas in concert can diminish stress incontinence, lower back pain, bowel issues, and sexual dysfunction. Family-friendly terminology is used so that “little ears” won’t be aware.

Neck Routine *E/TS/R – 14:25 – If the muscles in your neck are tight they cause headaches and pull the rest of you out of alignment. If you’re out of alignment, your neck will be tight. Where your neck holds your head, tells your brain where the rest of your body is, too! This routine will teach you some wonderfully relaxing movements to help your neck and upper back!

Neck Routine 2 *E/TS/R – 11:12 – Beth is back to offer another version of delicious releases for the muscles that surround and support your hard-working head. This home exercise routine, along with the other neck routine + 2 others, can also be found in our 14-Day Neck Challenge ecourse.

Ninja Moves *K – 8:10 – These aren’t official Ninja training skills. These are awesome little boys who want to help your kids move more and have fun with basic “silly” self-defense. 

Office Workouts *E/M/TS – 09:28 – We have a page of short, simple routines filmed in an office setting as part of our Corporate Wellness Center. For info on how to have that platform incorporated in your company’s intranet, please contact Chris at [email protected]

One Arm Wonder *E/TS – 19:19 – When you only have the use of one of your arms, but you still want a wonderful workout, this is the upper body routine you need! Not only does this home exercise video offer shoulder, bicep, and tricep exercises, you’ll also be offered some lower body work + balance training and core integration for Diastasis Recti awareness.

Peaceful Blend *M/TS/R – 41:12 – Our longest workout on the site, but you might not even realize that you are working out! The subtle transitions and deep core focus will sneak up on you, so that by the time you are relaxing and breathing deeply at the end, you will only feel… peaceful.

Pelvic Floor Connections *E/TS/R – 22:06 – Using straight anatomical terms and tender talk, Bethany will offer you several non-invasive methods and movements for the purpose of reconnecting your control over your most private and necessary parts.

Pelvic Rest Routine *E/TS – 22:37 – I was put on pelvic rest for 6 weeks in March, 2021 when my Pap smear results revealed that I would need treatment for HSIL. You can read about my fight with cervical cancer here. Being put on “Pelvic Rest” by your doctor or midwife means no strenuous exercise, penetrative intimacy, or deep squats. This routine moves your whole body in safe ways while you’re on pelvic rest.

PeriMenoPower *M/TS – 27:16 – Scientific research is strongly suggesting key types of exercise are especially beneficial for female bodies during our perimenopausal years. We talk deeply about this in the fitness lesson of our course, ProActive Perimenopause, and now you’ve got them all in one workout!

Perky Peach *E/TS – 10:35 – Short. Simple. Stop whenever you want, but this peachy Gluteal Workout will perkify your posterior in great ways with ONE easy movement. The variety of arm motions make this a {almost} full body workout that will bless your booty! Equipment Needed: Padding for your knees.

Pilates & Yoga Loaded *C/TS – 25:29 – Here is our most recent routine of blended Pilates and Yoga moves that are not only TummySafe but also “loaded” with goodness for your whole body. Go from standing to kneeling to sitting to laying all within 25 minutes, and all while utilizing your core to move your limbs.

Pilates in Pajamas *M/TS – 23:08 – Why create more laundry, right? That’s going green, right? So here’s an informal but fun workout you can do anytime, anywhere, in anything!

Pilates in Pajamas II *M/TS – 18:14 – At first only available on our “Fit to Be You” DVD (no longer selling) this workout is now available within several pathways here at Fit2B Studio. Bethany stays in her pretty PJ’s for this relaxing yet challenging home workout routine. It’s tummy safe and total body!

Pilates Yoga Blend *M/TS – 25:13 – One of our oldest, original routines has been newly refilmed with better lighting, sound, fresh cues, softer music, and of course our standard blooper at the end. You’ll enjoy this mix of movements!

Plain Ol’ Pilates *M/TS  26:06 – Straight up total body conditioning work that can be done on your mat or rug with the most simple Pilates exercises. Modifications and advancing options are provided, and every muscle gets some motion, especially the core!

Plank Progressions *M/TS – 15:37 – If you’re wanting to learn how to do planks safely and with good technique WITHOUT redamaging your diastasis recti, this 4-part video is what you need! It’s designed to start you with the most basic concepts of planking, encourage you to practice those, and then motivate you to come back for the next part.

PMS Routine *R/TS/E – 21:46 – You know, ”That time of the month” … Well, it doesn’t have to be so hard, painful or exhausting. Let me show you how to stretch all the right spots while releasing your moodiness and anxiety.

Pool Noodling *E/TS – 18:48 – Grab a pool noodle and let me show you how to improve your core + upper and lower body mobility with it before your kids need it for swimming next summer. Watch for Winston the doggie!

Prenatal Barre-Inspired Workout *P/E/TS – 13:21 – Meet special guest instructor, Dr. Shannon Anhorn, as she leads us in beautiful barre style movements while pregnant with twins herself.

Princess Moves *K/E/TS – 10:47 – Join Princess Belle and Princess Beth in learning some lovely ladylike movements that your little princess will enjoy practicing! Get out the dress up clothes 😉

Pubic Symphysis Routine *E/TS/P – 50:47 – With lots of input from several other pros, I feel confident that this routine should allow you to keep exercising your body in safe, loving ways without aggravating this challenging issue further. The motions take you through laying down, kneeling and standing exercises that are designed to help alleviate pubic symphysis dysfunction.

Pull-Up Prep *M/TS – 12:11 – Learning how to do pull-ups and gaining the strength to do them is an ongoing journey. This routine will teach you 6 progressive exercises to improve your ability to do a pull-up! You’ll need a bar or straps & a stool.

Purple Passing *E/TS – 14:41 – Improve your passing and tossing skills while moving your whole body in fresh, challenging (yet simple) ways. This routine will definitely get your brain working with all the mind-body connectivity! This exercise video was filmed as part of our color series project.

Purple Pranayama *E/TS – 11:27 – Pranayama is the Yoga term for the formal practice of breath control. Because purple is associated with the crown and headspace, this routine’s breathing patterns are designed to increase blood flow to the mind, cranium and face. This exercise video was filmed as part of our color series project.

Purple Press *M/TS – 23:19 – Load your bones AND mind (without turning purple) in this weightlifting workout that will press your chest muscles into better shape! Unlike Purple Pump, this one is ALL weights and resistance for the upper body, no cardio motions. This exercise video was filmed as part of our color series project.

Purple Pump *M/TS – 17:35 – This gentle home workout video offers a combination of transverse-toning cardio and weights will leave you feeling heady, victorious and royal! Each move incorporates a “pump” of the deep abs, but remember to keep that pumping action “lighter not tighter.” This exercise video was filmed as part of our color series project.

Purple Upside Down *M/TS – 10:20 – Send some circulation to your crown by going upside down with several easy to moderate positions. Inversions are so beneficial for your body and mood. This exercise video was filmed as part of our color series project.

Push-Up Prep *M/TS – 8:59 – Have you been wanting to learn how to do pushups? This tutorial will help you make progress as it goes over arm, hand, and shoulder positioning, core awareness, alignment, and more! Now, pushups are basically planks in motion, so if your planking is still dodgy due to diastasis recti please work on Plank Progressions first.

Quad Burn *M/TS – 10:22 – Prepare to be shocked by all the ways you can carve your quads without weights or special equipment. Focus on your frontal thighs in this short but effective routine today!

Reading Routine *E/TS – 18:23 – Grab that book you’ve been reading (or meaning to read) and allow me to guide you softly through several gentle position changes as we read quietly to ourselves. We’ll simply swap how we’re sitting or laying every so often, and I’ll keep my cues to a minimum so that I’m not interrupting your reading too much.

Rebounding Basics *E/TS – 13:06 – Learn some simple footwork while getting a fun, short cardio workout on your trampoline at home. This is the perfect routine to do BEFORE our “Rebound Cardio” series because it teaches the basics, helps you tune into your core and pelvic floor, and gets your heart rate up without a lot of impact.

Rebound Cardio *M/TS – 18:20 – If your pelvic floor is ready for more, and you love to bounce and dance, then you’ll be delighted with this fun, lighthearted, low-intensity rebounding trampoline routine you can do at home!

Rebound Cardio II *C/TS – 20:47 – This total body workout is full of big bounces, fun footwork, and multijoint motions. If you’re not sure whether your core and pelvic floor are ready for this, I recommend completing these following routines first: 5 Minute Jump Progressions, Kelly’s Dynamic Pelvic Floor, Jump Change, and Rebound Cardio I.

Red Reaching Home Stretching Video *E/TS – 15:17 – Stretching improves circulation to your tissues by lengthening and opening them. The most effective way to stretch your muscles is to lengthen them while also loading them, and the muscles of your pelvic floor are the same!

Red Redemption: Renaming Motions *E/TS – 09:42 – We have so many mean words for ourselves, our various body parts, and I wondered what it would be like to do some gentle motions while verbally renaming and reclaiming ourselves in positive ways! So here is a routine in which we shall cast off the negative words we call our parts.

Red Resistance – *C/TS – 17:40 – Prepare to get a little red in the face during this smoking hot, bicep and butt burner! Don’t forget to breathe (or you’ll really be red-faced) so listen to my cues as we explore some new ranges of motion with various weightlifting props.

Red Respiration Breath Work For the Pelvis – *E/TS – 09:12 – There are different ways to breathe for different places in your body, and colors match up with all of it! Since red is the color of your deep reproductive area, we explore breathing techniques in this video that send circulation to the roots of your spine where so many crucial muscles and nerves play vital roles in our everyday lives!

Red Rush Cardio Workout – *M/TS – 34:23 – Normally, we don’t rush movement around here, because rushing can compromise the core and inhibit range of motion IF it’s not done thoughtfully and carefully. A little fast foot work that’s moderately challenging but not too much for your core? This cardio workout will give you a rush for sure but the core is cued into every motion and mods are provided.

Restorative Poses *E/TS/R – 14:35 – With the helps of some bolstering pillows, you can learn how to support your body in several relaxing stretches, holding them for as long as you feel comfortable. Slip into something comfy and let gravity do the work for you.

Restorative Poses II *E/TS/R – 6:48 – While the video itself is short, you should spend 2-10 minutes in each pose as your body allows. You’ll be shown how to get into each position and then you’ll pause the video to relax there with your own soothing music playing in the background until you’re ready to press play for the next position.

Restorative Poses III *E/TS/R – 20:36 – If restorative poses can be taken to the next level, this would be the video that introduces that concept, showing you even more tricks with pillows and books and bolsters to help your body let go of unnecessary tension and stress. Yum!

Robot Yoga *K – 07:06 – This was one of the most FUN workouts we’ve ever filmed with the boys. And boy, do they act boyish. We ask them to make robot sound effects and they more than obliged us. Grab your little robots and get the giggles with us as we do some fun motions!

Rockin’ Yoga & Pilates *M/TS – 31:17 – Offering a quicker pace and some fun new ideas, Bethany even puts on a snazzy shirt for this one (just for fun) as she leads you in this moderately-intense routine. Crank up your own tunes and follow along!

Sail Away *E/TS – 11:28 – Join us for this fun maritime-themed routine that will put a smile on the face of every child, young and old.

Scarf Down Some Stretches *E/TS – 12:47 – If you have a scarf, like the kind you wrap around your neck to keep it warm, you can “scarf down some stretches” in this short, fun routine designed for all fitness levels.

Shining Savanna *E/TS – 14:52 – Filmed at the closing of our Winter Conference in 2021, this routine wrapped up the day and helped all of us relax and reward ourselves. In this routine, I’ll help you settle in for some simple stretches, motions, and breath work that will give you a sparkling finish.

Shoulder Bridge Blast *E/TS – 19:12 – Want a better booty without the squats? Then shoulder bridges are your ticket to training that tush, but how about we play with allll the variations and throw in some counter-motions and stretches in between the bridging?

Shoulder Stretches *E/TS – 13:52 – Those rounded shoulders are affecting your whole body, so let’s release them okay? Let’s broaden those collarbones and float those shoulderblades down your back. Combine this with The Neck Routine, and you’ll be set!

Silver Bells *M/TS– 30:37 – Even if it’s not Christmastime in the city, you can enjoy this metallic kettlebell workout. Along our silver theme of fighting the effects of aging, this routine adds load to exercises that will improve your balance and strengthen your core + gluteal muscles. Your whole body will feel dazzled when you’re done.

Silver Linings *M/TS – 15:17 – Every cloud has a silver lining, and moving our limbs in straight lines is a shining example of long-lever motions that create a core workout like no other. As we age, it’s crucial to maintain bone density and power output. This workout will broaden your balance and build your buns in clever, new ways.

Silver Streaks *M/TS – 15:48 – Who cares if you are starting to get silver streaks in your hair? Let’s streak some silver through the air, improve our peripheral vision, develop our fast-twitch muscle fibers, and have fun feeling powerful (and a little silly) during this creative cardio fitness routine.

Simply Stretching *E/TS – 27:14 – A lovely, long routine full of TummySafe stretches for the beginner to advanced exerciser. Learn proper alignment as you lengthen just about every muscle in your body safely and gently.

Small Vs. Big *K – 8:16 – This kids routine encourages your children to exercise while exploring how the body can make little motions and big motions that are similar yet different.

Spin Cycling I *M/TS – 24:50 – Dust off that indoor spin bike, hop on, and press play so we can warm up, add some load, climb some hills, and do some sprint drills. Then we’ll stretch at the end together. See our Bike Set-Up Blog for helpful tips + be sure to check out the first spinning workout we filmed called “Pink Pedaling” in our Color Series!

Spin Cycling II *M/TS – 27:17 – Ready to improve your lifting and sprinting + tone that core all at the same time? Spin Cycling II is our third spinning workout, and it’s got everything you need for a full body workout. You’re going to love the transverse ab work, new drills, and the arm exercises!

Squat Challenge *M/TS – 20:57 – Turn your legs into noodles {safely} as you work through several squatting patterns including a simple warm up and lots of squatting education along with the movements.

OPEN TO SAMPLE: Squat Prep (A.K.A. All The Little Things About Squats) *E/TS – Learn how to approach deep squatting safely and lay the foundations for members-only routine “Squat Challenge.” This educational video is embedded in a public blog you can share after you’re done practicing the moves you’ll learn in the video!

Squats for Kids – Squat Work With A Partner *K/M/TS – 9:43 – This moderately difficult routine will show you how to partner up and leverage each other to improve your squatability!

Stair Interval Workout  *M/TS – 27:07 – Turn your stairway into a toning tool with this fun cardio workout that will raise your heart rate, strengthen your legs and work your core!

Stair Stretches *E/TS – 8:22 – Want to sneak in some stretches on your way up and down? Feeling so tired you’d like to just sit down at the top and slide down? There’s no sliding in this gentle home exercise video, however there sure are some lovely movements that will ease you down {or up} and back into your day feeling a lot less tight than you do right now.

Standing Chair Yoga *E/TS – 12:06 – If you are new to yoga, and you like to be able to hang onto something while you are learning the movements, then participate in this super-safe workout to improve your balance and coordination. Feel free to keep your jeans on; Bethany does!

Standing Chair Yoga II *E/TS – 10:07 – Why not wear blue jeans when you yoga? Bethany wears them in this short workout that can be easily combined with another shorty or used for those days when 10 minutes is all you have.

“I love the tummy-safe tabbata and Kelly Dean’s 30 minute workout.  I feel sore enough to know I worked out, but not so sore that I am discouraged.  I’m loving this site and the work you are doing!” – Fit2B in Utah, Heather V.

Step & Pivot Around The World *C/TS – 25:02 – When you’re ready to move on from basic step moves and learn some fun choreography, this is your workouts! You’ll be moving and grooving all around your step, hopping and reaching and getting a great cardio workout!

Sterling Center *E/TS – 12:48 – Solid sterling silver has great value. It can form a strong ring that supports more precious gems, or it can carry nourishment to our mouths in the form of silverware. Let’s learn how to keep our centers “sterling” strong with some sparkly exercises in this routine!

Stretching With Kids *K – 09:30 – Little ones have not yet learned how to compartmentalize their bodies into units… and we actually want them to keep seeing themselves as whole “holistic” beings not just parts and pieces, but they still need to learn how to stretch at their level.

Subtle Seated Moves for Meetings *E/TS – 12:46 – Need some seated motions you can do at meetings, church sermons, zooms, and other classes to keep your blood circulating and your muscles happy without drawing attention to yourself? Watch this video, take some notes, or play it on silent during your next event.

Subtle Standing Moves for Meetings *E/TS – 13:08 – Need some quiet, standing motions you can do in that back of that meeting to keep your body from locking up? This and “Subtle Seated Moves” were a common member request, and we’re so happy that Beth was finally able to create them to meet you where you are… get it? Meet? Meetings?

Tabata *M/TS – 30:18 – Each movement is done for 8 sets of 20 seconds each with a 10 second rest between each set. However, unlike mainstream tabata classes that perform the exercises as fast as possible, Bethany pays careful attention to form and core positioning and keeps things at a safe pace.

Tabata Ball Workout *C/TS – 27:55 – This challenging routine is full of intervals designed to increase your muscular and cardiovascular endurance while practicing good alignment and core safety. You will feel this one in a good way! Note: This is a refilmed version of the older non-TS one. We are proud to always be improving!

Tabata Cardio *M/TS – 37:49 – This sweat session with Beth includes 7 different exercises done in the Tabata tradition. The workout wraps up with core work and stretching for a complete fitness experience.

Tabata Kick & Squat *M/TS – 44:22 – Our longest workout at 44 minutes in length, every muscle in your body will be singing for joy with this fun, elevating fitness routine that a great standing full body + core workout!

Tabata Tone & Stretch *M/TS – 28:10 – Five full body exercises plus a round of stretching. This routine calls for hand weights and a little space to move, but it it will meet you at any energy level. With 8 rounds of each exercise done for just 20 seconds each, you’ll be encouraged to explore lots of ways to approach each exercise for a great workout!

Tai Chi Inspired Core *E/TS/P – 11:38 – Filmed with pelvic floor therapist and Tai Chi instructor, Gillian Sukachevin of The Tummy Team when she was 19 weeks pregnant, this calming routine is all standing and all inspiring! Try it for a gentle wake-up or cool down routine before bed.

Teen Yoga *K – 06:03 – What happens when four siblings want to help us film a workout “for kids our age, not babies!” A lot of laughter and goofing off and a little fitness, that’s what you get! But we’re okay with that because we want any exposure that kids get to fitness to be fun, so that when they become adults, they remember how accessible that fitness experience was!

Teen Yoga II *K – 10:33 – Get your teen or tween involved in exercise with this fun, informal 10-minute routine. They won’t feel the need to be perfect, because we allowed the “stars” of this routine to follow along at their own pace, too! Be sure to check out our “Floor Yoga” routine for teens as well!

Thigh Workout *M/TS – 14:26 – Originally filmed in 2011, this routine has been updated with fresh moves and cues that will give your thighs a surprise that will leave them with no other choice than to shape up and get stronger!

Thigh Workout II *E/TS – 25:08 – This is the second one we filmed, but the quality and tummy-safe factor are way better! So even though this is #2 you start with this one because it is safer for those with diastasis.

Tone & Flow *M/TS – 38:18 – The pattern of exercises in this workout flow so nicely and work every major muscle group in a way that will leave you feeling stronger yet relaxed when you’re done! The first section is done with hand weights, and the second section includes some floor work for your core + stretching. It’s the perfect, comprehensive workout!

Top 2 Toes *E/TS – 11:08 – Need something quick to just hit all the high points, connect to your core, and get moving in some meaningful ways? You’ll find it all right here in this short routine that offers a sample of stretches and soothing moves from your head to your feet.

OPEN TO SAMPLE: Totally Transverse *E/TS – Skip the crunches, and go deeper to the core muscle that forms your god-given girdle. If your “transverse abdominus” isn’t tight and toned, those love handles will get out of control! This quick routine is very mom-friendly, pregnant-friendly, dude-friendly, grandma-friendly… AND NOW THERE ARE TWO VIDEOS: A newly refilmed version and a recap that takes you through the motions!

Totally Transverse II *E/TS – 11:29 – For those who love to focus on their natural corset and are ready to get some variety while taking it a step further. Add in some more subtle moves that will fire up your insides while sculpting your outsides.

Totally {Original} Transverse *E/TS – 9:43 – This is the very first TT routine we filmed in 2011. While I was happy to update it in late 2015 with fresh language based on current research, our members really missed the original version. I’m even wearing the same shirt, although I did wash it between filmings 😉

Transitions *M/TS –  16:55 – If you’ve been rehabbing your abs, and you are feeling stronger and ready for more, this workout will keep you standing and moving the whole time while helping you safely transition your transverse, triceps & thighs to the next level.

Transverse Flow *M/TS – 13:16 – Add some gentle transverse pulses to key Yoga poses and discover how to connect to your core in new ways at a deeper level.

Transverse Training *E/TS – 13:01 – Adding small, easy motions to the most basic core work in a seated position should be simple, right? What if it’s not easy because your abs need a minute? When your core is waking up again and/or you’re dealing with Diastasis Recti, this ab exercise routine for your transverse abdominus will help your core recalibrate during some seated and standing motions that will enable you to quickly make progress.

Ultimate Upper Body *M/TS – 17:05 – Reshape your arms and upper body, addressing tight weak areas in this workout that safely tones biceps, tricpes, deltoids, pectorals, and upper back muscles.

Vertical Core Workout *E/TS – 06:26 – You don’t need to be flat on your back on the floor to work your abs. In fact, it’s healthier for your core muscles and spine to exercise your middle from a standing position. Try this 7-minute routine that will reshape and refirm your midsection.

Walking Workout *E/TS/P – 18:11 – Use this routine to get some additional upper body work done while you walk in place, on a treadmill or outside!

Wall Workout  *C/TS – 11:28 – Challenge your whole body with the fun fitness prop that everyone has: A Wall! You’ll discover a few brand new moves we bet you’ve never tried before, and of course we offer modifications for all levels. How do you feel about being upside down? 😉

Wall Yoga  *M/TS – 13:05 – Find an open wall in your house and discover new depth during this short yet thorough sequence that peaks with “Balancing Half Moon” and features many wonderful warming motions + final relaxation with legs up the wall.

Warrior Workout I *E/TS – 12:30 – We have several warrior workouts, but this one was filmed specifically to be very tummy safe for those with diastasis. If you have never done the Warrior Series, or you just want to be sure you’re doing them correctly, this is a great place to start!

Water Aerobics *M/TS – 22:48 – Guess what? Beth has also been certified as a water fitness instructor! She has led classes in the Caribbean and her local pools. Join her for this fun workout whether you have a pool or not. She demonstrates all the moves “on land” wearing shorts and goggles 😉

Weightlifting 101 *M/TS – 37:10 – When you’re ready to start lifting heavier {maybe even pondering a return to the gym} but you’re not sure how to do a bent row or a DB chest press in a way that won’t mess up your abs again, this is where you start.

Weightlifting 201 *C/TS – 45.36 – Building directly upon the mainstream moves used in Weightlifting 101, this second installment brings greater depth, intensity and multi-joint motions to your weight room. Grab your kettlebell and two sets of dumbbells, and let’s do this!

Weightlifting 301 *C/TS – 43:17 – Once you’ve completed 101 and 201 several times, you will want more! This super challenging routine has it all for you with creatively loaded motions calibrated for your ultimate cardio and weight lifting experience!

Weighted Warriors *C/TS – 24:26 – The Yoga Warriors are powerful enough all by themselves, but what if you hold hand-weights while flowing through these poses? Find out how to use weights in a safe but stimulating manner to greatly increase your warrior workout intensity!

Weird Weights *M/TS – 21:39 – No dumbbells? No official fitness props? No problem! If you don’t have traditional “hand weights” like kettle bells, or if you just want to explore other types of homemade weights, you’ll enjoy how FUN it is to learn how to lift a variety of objects in meaningful ways.

Wiggly Warriors *K – 06:10 – Introduce your kids to the most basic warrior poses plus a few extras! It’s not about perfection; it’s about happiness and healthiness. This kids workout will inspire boys and girls alike to see fitness as fun and fulfilling!

Wind Releasing *E/TS – 13:39 – Got gas? Get ready to say goodbye to bloated bellies with this sequence of specially ordered movements and poses that will aid digestion and banish the bubbles!

Wood Floor Workout *M/TS – 21:46 – Explore a new medium for body resistance training as you utilize smooth flooring and slippy socks for a fun new workout! This one really gets the legs!

Xiphoid Process *E/TS21:20 – This routine brings into one place all the cues I’ve ever given to help with rib alignment plus a few new ones you may not have heard me use. We will practice various ways to find and align your xiphoid process for a stronger, flatter more functional set of abdominals, and then my hope is that you will move on to applying these techniques to other workouts here on Fit2B.

Yoga With Feet Together (for SPD) *E/TS – 12:29 – If your pubic bone or other places on your pelvis feel like a knife is wedging them apart, this gentle workout will feel wonderful. We keep our feet together in place the whole time while moving the rest of our bodies through various relaxing motions.

Yoga 4 Runners *M/TS  – 09:51 – If you like to run or jog, but you get tight and tired too quickly, try this routine as your warm-up or cool-down. It’s  a great stretching regimen for any type of exerciser, but Bethany’s queues are directed to athletic runners who want to care for their knees or hips. Two routines are included on this page, one is TS the other is the original which is not. 

*E is for Easy, M is for Moderate, C is for challenging, R is for Relaxing, and any of those may or may not be TS for TummySafe™ which indicates they are free of crunch-like motions, unmodified planks and sit ups. Kids workouts are simply that, no judging of the moves they come up with.

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