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The 10 Newest Workout Releases!

These new home exercise routines on Fit2B aren’t listed in any particular order of difficulty, but rather in order of editing and release. All of these qualify as Diastasis workouts, and the newest ones are near the top. For access to hundreds of home exercise videos here on Fit2B please join here as a member!

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Kelly’s Big Band Routine – wow that was fun!! I wanted to do this one before but I didn’t have the right bands. At some point I saw the kind of bands you need on sale and so I scooped them up, but I hadn’t gotten around to doing it yet. It was so satisfying and felt so good!”

-Melissa. Brander

“When you can’t decide which workout to choose, so you do ten 5-minute workouts.” 😁
-Sarah M.

“I did the new mermaids routine this morning and my hips are so much happier! It will be going into regualar rotation.”

-Bernadette B.

“I feel like Beth met me where I was. There were chair workouts, short workouts, and lots of encouragement and education along the way. I’ve slowly worked up some stamina and can do longer harder workouts now. I have a long way to go but I feel like I have a support system to keep going. It’s been positive influence on my kids. They see me making fitness a priority in the mornings (ahem, most mornings 😂). And they love the kid workouts. I feel like Beth, the workouts, the support team have literally gotten me on My feet again. 🙂 And when I falter and start to slack off, I know there are lots of different workouts where I can jump back in and get going again. No guilt or fear that I can’t start again. Thanks for all you do.”
-Mandy T.
Home Circuit Workout

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