Sit and Get Fit!

Chair Routines: Sit and Get Fit with

Workouts that can be done on the floor or on a chair... because life happens!

Life happens. Sometimes it’s a knee, hip or foot injury. Sometimes it’s a child who needs floor-time with you. Fit2B understands that. We’ve been there, so these routines allow our members to continue to strengthen their bodies with optional leg motions.

Seated and floor routines literally become a life-saver when you need a workout that honors lower-body limitations or just a baby that wants to be with you on the floor. You can keep your heart and muscles healthy from any position, and you’ll also get great core activation! The first section of this page is all basic chair workouts that involve optional leg work in addition to upper body toning and stretching. The second section expands to workouts that are done on the floor. All of these routines are TummySafe™ and set up in order of progressive difficulty.

Neck Routine - 14 min

Basic Transverse & Mula Bandha

Basic Chair Fitness - 16 min

Chair Yoga - 12 min

Chair Pilates - 10 min

Chair Blend - 14 min

Standing Chair Yoga - 12 min

Standing Chair Yoga II - 10 min

Hipster Chair Moves - 18 min

Shannon's Prenatal Barre-Inspired Workout - 13 min

More seated routines in our Office Workout Pathway!

Here is a premium selection of our floor workouts and routines.

Bedtime Meditation -10 min

Kids Bedtime Routine - 8 min

5 Minutes With Fit2B - Thighs, Arms, Booty - 5 min

E/TS/R - Restorative Poses - 14 min

Pelvic Floor Connections - 22 min

Kelly's Floor Core Workout - 16 min

Pilates in Pajamas - 23 min

Pilates Yoga Blend - 25 min

Love Handles Lost - 26 min

Rockin' Yoga & Pilates - 31 min

Ab Attack! - 16 min

Plain Ol' Pilates - 26 min

Balanced Inversions - 22 min