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Five simple routines - each 12 minutes or less - that are designed to help the most broken tummies rebuild!

Welcome to The Core of Fit2B Studio

If your body is a temple then your core is the foundation. The following 5 basic routines, 5 readings and 5 resources will show you how to begin strengthening that foundation.

The Foundational Five “F5″Routines

Before you quickly move on to progressively more challenging workouts here on Fit2B, let’s start by teaching you our basic TummySafe™ concepts and movements that will activate your abdominals and deep core muscles safely and effectively.

  Basic Transverse & Mula Bandha – 9:23

  Totally Transverse – 17:43 

  Align it Flat – 12:28 

  Mula Bandha – 11:41 

  Kelly’s Total Body Stretching – 19:51

The Five Favorite Readings

We want to teach you about your body, not just make your body move. Yet every “body” is unique. The members of Fit2B Studio come from every stage of life. We have teenagers and grandmothers, sweethearts and singles, new mommies of newborns, moms of multiples, and moms of many. We even have many men who join and husbands who participate with their wives! We hope the following links will empower, encourage and AMAZE you as you learn how you were created for core health!

  Self-Check Videos for Diastasis Recti 

  The Unclosed Core Blog Series 

  Crunch Alternatives 

  Belly Binding VS Abdominal Splinting 

  Pregnancy & Diastasis FAQ’s 

The Five Recommended Resources

These additional resources will further bless your overall fitness and core education. There is a lot to learn and explore. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Keep reading and watching all the videos, and you’ll soon have a whole new motivation to care for your body.

            Experts on Diastasis Recti ecourse

  Free Printables & Handouts

  Ab Rehab with The Tummy Team – Save 10% with code: Fit2B 

  5×5 Fitness Challenge

  14 Days to A Better Neck 

“Wow, just been doing the Foundational Five for not even two weeks, and can tell an almost one finger difference in my gap from when I began. I am recovering from my second birth, both c-sections. Looking back, even though I worked out and got back to my prepregnancy weight before getting pregnant a second time, I believe I had diastasis recti. I had that pooch and was confused as to why it was still there. These simple movements are so powerful. Also, instead of treating my core as something that’s misbehaving and needs to be “whipped into shape,” I feel like I’m lovingly helping what brought my beautiful children into the world. What a difference in perspective! It makes me feel a lot more eager to engage my core and exercise.” -Fit2B Member, R.W.

Feel like you need more guidance?

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