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Five simple routines - each 12 minutes or less - that are designed to help the most broken tummies rebuild!

Welcome to The Core of Fit2B Studio

If your body is a temple then your core is the foundation. Let us show you how to strengthen that foundation before you move on to our other workouts with these 5 basic routines, 5 readings and 5 resources.

The Five Foundational “F5″Routines

These are the basis of all other Fit2B workouts. Soon enough, you will be doing longer, more strenuous routines, but right now let’s start by activating your core and familiarizing you with our basic TummySafe™ movements. 

  Basic Transverse & Mula Bandha – 9:23

Tip: Focus on doing 1-2 of these “Foundational Five” routines each day during your first 2-3 weeks as a member. You can do workouts from other sections, too! But if you miss a couple days, don’t sweat it! Do what you are able to do. Even if you have lots of “little” interruptions, something is better than nothing.

  Totally Transverse – 9:43 

Tip: More isn’t always better. It’s not about the quantity of videos or repetitions you do, but rather about the quality of incorporating these video concepts into your daily life. More is only better when your body is ready for more. When you’ve mastered these routines, your body will be ready for more. 

  Align it Flat – 12:28 

Tip: Be intentional, not regimental. Fit2B Studio isn’t about regimented routines, but rather it’s about being intentional with the time you have. Above all, listen to your body. Some soreness is possible, but soreness isn’t the goal; strength is the goal.

  Mula Bandha – 11:41 

Tip: Show yourself some grace. Whether you are just exercising for the first time, or you are a seasoned athlete, these movements may require deep concentration. If your core has been sleeping, it may take a while to awaken it fully.

  Totally Transverse II – 11:29 

Would you like more support?

  We made the F5 into a 14-lesson eCourse! 

Ready to move onward?

  Move on to the “Fit2B Beginning” pathway 

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The Five Readings

We want to teach you about your body, not just make your body move. Yet every “body” is unique. The members of Fit2B Studio come from every stage of life. We have teenagers and grandmothers, new mommies of newborns, and seasoned mums with seven or more. We even have many men who join and husbands who participate with their wives! We hope the following links will empower, encourage and AMAZE you as you learn how you were created for core health!

On Crunches… We need to break up the relationship this society has made between cores and crunches. The two really don’t get along well. Click here {click} to read our blogs about why your core wants to give crunches back the other half of its BFF necklace.

On Diastasis Recti Abdominus Since the focus of Fit2B is providing TummySafe movements for those dealing with or recently recovered from abdominal trauma, you will hear a LOT about diastasis (abbreviated DR and pronounced die-ass-tuh-sees) while on Fit2B. This nasty little abdominal injury is caused by pressure not pregnancy, and we believe EVERYONE should know about it. So, see that “Diastasis Awareness” section on the far right of the navigation bar at the top of Fit2B Studio? Float your mouse over it and explore! If you are wondering if you have DR then click here to check your tummy.

On the Transverse Abdominus… It’s that muscle that gets so much focus here at Fit2B, you know, the title star of two workouts above? Learn why it’s so important, when to flex it, when to let it relax {most of the time} and gain an appreciation for this deep, powerful core muscle that holds you together! Click here to read on!

On Splinting… Belly binding after birth is a custom in many countries around the world, yet the wisdom of it has been mostly lost. Is it vanity? Does it work to help close a diastasis recti? How long should you splint? Is it necessary or can you heal without it? Read our splinting page here {click} and share it.

On Pregnancy… Whether you’ve had one baby or twelve, all natural or cesarean section, singles or multiples, you should not buy the lie that you have to live with a broken core. True, your beautiful belly will always bear testimony to the incredible work of life done within you, but muscles are designed to heal and come back together. Get the facts in this Pregnancy Q & A {click!} that covers diastasis, posture, scar massage, splinting, exercise do’s and don’ts, and more!

     Bonus Reading: Squat Prep Tips & Video               Bonus Reading: Core Alternatives & Video 

The Five Recommended Resources

These additional resources will progress you beyond this “F5” section to advance your overall fitness and core education. All eCourses are discounted to logged in members. 

  Join our Private Member Forum on Facebook            Educational eCourse: Experts on Diastasis Recti 

  Free Printables & Handouts             Ab Rehab with The Tummy Team – Save 10% with code: Fit2B 

  Specialized 5×5 Fitness Challenge eCourse

“Wow, just been doing the Foundational Five for not even two weeks, and can tell an almost one finger difference in my gap from when I began. I am recovering from my second birth, both c-sections. Looking back, even though I worked out and got back to my prepregnancy weight before getting pregnant a second time, I believe I had diastasis recti. I had that pooch and was confused as to why it was still there. These simple movements are so powerful. Also, instead of treating my core as something that’s misbehaving and needs to be “whipped into shape,” I feel like I’m lovingly helping what brought my beautiful children into the world. What a difference in perspective! It makes me feel a lot more eager to engage my core and exercise.” -Fit2B Member, R.W.

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