Why I Love Being REAL With My Members… Yet Still Professional

While searching for a picture of a tear in the side of a bag (since it reminded me of my core and how it used to be) among other images I send myself via email, I came across this old email with the word “tears” in it, too… Sweet Fit2B member Lola wrote – “Thank you so much for your live webcast tonight!  This was the first one I watched and it was nice, short and sweet with a ton of info.  Your belly button is truly so informative!  I have never had children or diastasis, but just seeing the difference in your belly when you did different positions is so telling of what is really happening inside all of our bodies.  Thank you!

“Also, I was having a truly terrible night (going through a rough life patch right now) and I found myself crying for no reason.  I decided to watch your video and it totally pulled me out of it.  I feel so much better – your webcast feels like having an amazing, informative, REAL person to gain great knowledge from.  Thanks!!!” -Lola Disparte


I responded… “Lola, can I just say how thankful I am for your letter. Tonight felt so scattered to me. Our whole schedule fell apart today, and it was one surprise after another, and I was doing my best to just roll with it. Yet I felt so frazzled and not my usual professional self. Thank you for reassuring me that even on my tough days, I need to stick with it so that I can help just one more person. You made it all worthwhile. I’m so glad that I turned your tears into smiles, and – yes – I’m definitely real 😉 Blessings to you, mama friend. And hugs!”


If you are a new member of Fit2B or still just poking around on the site, let me direct you HERE where you will find everything you need to get started and connect with me, a REAL person with REAL issues and a REAL life just like you!

On the professional set of Fit2B Studio getting a little prettied up for filming fitness!
On the professional set of Fit2B Studio getting a little prettied up for filming fitness!

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