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Beth in Real Life - Fit2B.com - Fit2B knows women are asking, “How do I find fitness motivation?” Beth Learn is a core fitness specialist who uses her humorous and candid real-life moments to show you how to keep your TummySafe not only when you exercise, but in your everyday movements. If you suffer from diastasis recti or ever wondered, “Why do I still look pregnant?” this course is especially for you! Click through to learn more. #fit2b #diastasisrectiexercises #exercise #fitnessmotivationThese BIRL videos are exclusive content for Fit2B members only.

It’s important for you, my clients, to see that I practice what I preach. Even though I know my life is pretty much non-private because of being online, I still get to pick and choose who I share with, so if you’ve gained access to this MEA course, then that’s pretty special.

While several of our other courses “leak” their content to you at set intervals to ensure a safe progression, you get everything all at once with this one. Use the sections to find out what I think (and how I move) about various topics.

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This mini course brings fitness into your every day, walking around daily life.

Working out consistently is just one facet of a healthy life. You can exercise in great alignment for 45 minutes a day, but if you struggle with the application to real life… then you’re in the right place!

NOTE: This course is a blend of what were once two separate courses: Beth in Real Life and Fitness In Real Life. We’ve mashed it together based on member feedback. 

We don’t just move when we “exercise.” We move all day, and how we move while doing the laundry, cleaning the dishes, brushing our teeth, using the loo… it all matters!

Exercise can happen ALL the time!

The key is to learn how to do everyday things with a type of grace and form that builds up rather than tears down our bodies.

What does that kind of movement look like?

How do we move better during the mundane messy beauty of our everyday?

How can we sneak in little motions that make a big difference when we’re doing basic activities of daily living?

Well, come follow me around my house, ride in my vehicle, walk with me and see how I add little motions, major self-care and lots of tummy safety to my real life… Yes, I will even take you into the bathroom and shower {fully clothed} for some tips and tricks in those areas too!

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