If you have noticed that your …

  • Abs seem to get worse when you do crunches, sit ups or planks.
  • Belly button is an outie now when it was always an innie.
  • Lower back always bothers you or “goes out.”
  • Bladder leaks when you sneeze, cough, laugh, stand up, lift things.
  • Abs make a tent, dome or cone shape when you crunch or sit up.
  • Body feels like a limp noodle that always needs propped up.

Check your abs for Diastasis Recti below

 If you’ve noticed any of that, you may also have diastasis rectus abdominus, another symptom of a weak core.

Having diastasis means you core needs more. More strategies, more attention, more care.

The following 2 videos will help you check for diastasis recti.

Thanks to Kelly Dean, licensed physical therapist, core rehabilitation expert, and owner of The Tummy Team for filming “The Big Picture” video with us which provides a more detailed check for DR and further details the potential impacts of diastasis.

Use Your Fingers In Your Abs To Check For Diastasis Recti

How to check for diastasis recti - Fit2B

Keep calm and move on!

Consult with a local specialist who can asses you in person and provide personalized rehab tailored to your needs. If you can’t find a local provider, then please consider online rehab.

Try a Fit2B workout to start learning how to exercise in a way that doesn’t make the situation worse. We provide hundreds of professionally filmed, streaming workout videos that will teach you fitness strategies to help you deal with your diastasis recti. 

Sample Workout

Strengthen your body while protecting your core with our portable, affordable workouts!

Fit2B is known globally for our streaming, family friendly home exercise videos.We are the world’s premier provider of diastasis-aware workout videos that are specifically designed to help you return to fitness without wrecking your abs again.  We have helped thousands in 40+ countries return to fitness while dealing with diastasis recti, prolapse, hernia, abdominal surgeries like C-sections, and other core traumas. We are the fitness piece of your core rehab.


We offer fitness for all bodies, all ages, all levels.

Animal Acrobats home video workout for kids - fit2b.com

Rediscover Beautiful Motion at Home

We have something for every exerciser – even kids – beginning with the most basic breath work and progressing to interval training, cardio, weightlifting, stretching, floor and step aerobics, body resistance, stretchy bands, circuit training, foam rolling, kettlebells – we have it all – even walking workouts, Yoga, Pilates, Tabata, kickboxing, and so much more + it’s all designed around core & pelvic floor awareness! 

Try 2 weeks free!

I just wanted to thank you for Fit2B! I joined in August and have been so grateful for the fact that it is on Roku, and there is a kid channel! I am also a homeschooling mom, and it’s great to have another option for fitness besides the sports and things I try to do with my children.

C. Cardwell / Fit2B Member

It is working for me! I love Fit2B! Also worth noting that my husband has a doctorate in physical therapy. He checks my diastisis for me, sees improvement, and fully supports the program.

Holli B. / Fit2B Member

I love fit2b. I have carried 60 pounds of baby in 9 years. The core workouts: have changed my life for the better. The videos really explain how to.use your core the right way. I feel more educated now and having the knowledge helps me put my core to work in everyday situations.

Meaghan S. / Fit2B

Can I Do Planks if I Have Diastasis Recti? - Fit2B.com

Here’s the deal, banana peel…

Your abs have layers. They are more than your six-pack, and we believe true fitness is about soooo much more than a bikini belly. Our mission is changing lives one tummy at a time, so you can be stronger for your family, community, and world. 

If you’re dealing with diastasis, prolapse, incontinence, or any other issue related to core weakness, and you’re feeling overwhelmed by information right now, you can trust us to get you exercising again safely with progressive strategies. You’re in the right place, and we have almost 300 home workout videos waiting for you!

Sample our stuff
Hope for When That Diastasis Recti Will NOT Close - Fit2B.com - #core #corestregthening #diastasisrectirecovery #mummytummy #fitmom

I LOVE fit2b!!! I’m in the process of closing my dr. I’ve gone down from a 4 finger width at my belly button to a 3. I also love the varying options for each workout based on skill level and enough different options given to keep it different several times. I can’t sing her praises enough!!!!!

Amy A. / Fit2B Member

I’m truly amazed at how these workouts have strengthened my core. I didn’t realize so much strength could come from such simple movements. I’ve learned to appreciate & celebrate where I am now, not just look at my goals and what I can’t get accomplish. She’s been a great teacher and a wonderful guide for me.

Tasha B. / Facebook

I had a FIVE FINGER width, very deep DR after my second pregnancy. Thanks to fit2b, I had it almost completely closed before I got pregnant with number 3.

Brittany G. / Fit2B Member

Thank you for learning and sharing

The more people who know about diastasis recti, the better informed the world will be on how to prevent, address, manage, and treat abdominal separations. 

If you know someone who could benefit from this information, please share this page with them. Click here for some free printables you can use and share + don’t miss our podcasts!

Fit2B Radio Podcast
The One About Diastasis Recti - Fit2B.com - What is abdominal recti or diastasis recti? Are there diastasis recti exercises that help postpartum women with home workouts? Listen to this podcast and discover there hope for healing diastasis recti! #fitnessmotivation #getfit #furtherfasterforever #whstrong #shapesquad #fitmomlife #bodypositive #sweateveryday #strongnotskinny #homefitness #abworkout #homeworkouts_4u #healthylife #healthylifestyle #fitnessroutine #coreworkouts #core #diastasisrecti #diastasis #fit2b #postpartum
The One About Taping and Stem Cells - Fit2B.com - Julie Tupler's opinions on Diastasis Recti, core strengthening, & hernias are polarizing, but also knowledgable (& hilarious!). Let's discuss abdominal splints, kinesio tape,& stem cells. #fit2b #diastasisrectiexercises #diastasisrectirepair #diastasisrecti #diastasisrepair #diastasisrectirecovery #diastasisrehab #diastasisrectijourney #coreworkout #core #coretraining #coreworkouts #coreexercises #corestability #corework #fitnessjourney #healthylifestyle #homefitness #homeworkouts_4u #fitmomlife
The One about Hypopressives - Fit2B.com - Hypopressives are low pressure fitness for the abs. Finding out how to do them is hard, though, so we invited previous Fit2B Radio guest expert, Kim Vopni, the Vagina Coach, back onto our show to discuss, demonstrate AND cue Beth through the basics. - #coreworkouts #core #yoga #yogafitness #yogaposes #fitness #fitnessmotivation #health #healthfitness #diastasis #diastasisrecti #healing #corestrengthening #meditation #meditationpractice #podcasts #lowimpact #clicktolisten #clicktolearn

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