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If your abs seem to only get worse when you do crunches, sit ups or planks…
If your belly button mysteriously became an outie when it was always an innie…
If your lower back always bothers you or “goes out”…
If you pee your pants every time you sneeze, cough, laugh, stand up, sit down…
If you have ever had abdominal surgery and your core connection still feels cut…
If you’ve ever given birth and your middle is still muddled…
If you always feel like a limp noodle like you have to prop yourself up…

 If you have any of those symptoms {or ALL of them} then you might also have another symptom of a weak core called diastasis recti abdominus, and you need Fit2B and our strategic home workouts.

How To Check Your Belly For Diastasis Recti

How to check for diastasis recti - Fit2B

Use these 2 videos to check your abs for a diastasis gap

These videos feature our colleague, Kelly Dean, licensed physical therapist, core rehabilitation expert, and owner of The Tummy Team. The shorter one provides a basic self-check for diastasis recti. The longer video will help you begin to explore the BIG PICTURE of what a diastasis recti means to your life while also showing how to check for transverse abdominus recruitment and more!

The Basic Self-Check

Longer Self-Check & The Big Picture

If you discover that you have an abnormally wide and deep space between the two sides of your abs, you should:

  1. Avoid crunches, sit ups, big twists, and planks for a little while as you educate yourself and learn how to exercise in a way that doesn’t make the situation worse. Once your diastasis recti narrows and regains function and tension, you can return to those exercises if you can recruit your core while doing them. Learn how to plank safely here.
  2. Consult with a local specialist who can asses you in person and provide you with personalized rehab tailored to your needs. If you cannot find a good rehabilitation provider, then please consider online rehab with The Tummy Team.

Want to strengthen your body while protecting your core?

You need our TummySafe™ workouts!

Preview our Five Foundational Routines today!


Check out Kelly’s online Core Rehab programs! 


I’m done letting my diastasis recti stop me from exercising!


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Wait, what is Fit2B and how does it help diastasis recti?

We are the world’s premier provider TummySafe workouts of strategically progressive exercise videos specifically designed to help you return to fitness without wrecking your abs again. Fit2B is known globally for our streaming, family friendly home exercise videos. We have helped thousands in 40+ countries return to fitness while dealing with diastasis recti, hernia, surgery, and other abdominal traumas. We are the fitness piece of your core rehab.

We offer workouts for everyone.

From the most basic breath work to advanced arm balances to interval training, cardio, circuits, Pilates, weightlifting, stretching, aerobics, Yoga, kids workouts, stretchy exercise bands, circuit training, foam rolling, kettle bells, we have it all – even walking workouts. Membership to Fit2B grants you instant access to over 200 streaming workout videos (see all workouts listed alphabetically from A-Z here) and you could be doing one right now, right where you are!


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Can I Do Planks if I Have Diastasis Recti? - Fit2B.com
Hope for When That Diastasis Recti Will NOT Close - Fit2B.com


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