What I {Really, Truly} Read in 2017 + Plans for 2018

What I {Really, Truly} Read in 2017 + Plans for 2018 - Fit2B.com

Once again, I’m slightly irked at people who post pictures of stacks of books they plan to read along with lengthy literary lists. Life just isn’t like that. I take my books one at a time, as I’m in the mood, circling back to old favorites, and keeping my “plan to read” list very short.

Honestly, I was surprised that my blog about what I honestly read for work and fun in 2016 went over so well because I guess I didn’t realize y’all would be so interested. Maybe though, like me, you’re more motivated by what has actually been read than you are by what might be read.

In that blog, I wrote that I was hoping that I might maybe probably get to read the following short list during 2017:

What I {Really, Truly} Read in 2017 + Plans for 2018 - Fit2B.comOnly two of those happened (Teaching From Rest and The Girl On The Train) but I ended up reading quite a few others despite needing neck surgery and spending 4 months not being able to really read much of anything!

See what I mean? We can make our plans, but life happens. We have to be flexible and open to reading all about disc replacements instead of thyroid revolutions. Turns out my pain wasn’t something that could be fixed by avoiding sugar, dairy, gluten, nor restorative motions. I had to get to the historical cause of the issue. . . . More on my neck recovery here.


What I {Really, Truly} Read in 2017 + Plans for 2018 - Fit2B.com - #fitness #reading #booknerds #newyears #goals #goalsettingSo, this is what I actually read for fun in 2017:

Yeah, I went on a zombie ‘pocalypse kick there. One Second After and Barren Waters were my favorite fictions of 2017. I’ve always been intrigued by prepping and disaster preparedness. Here’s my one and only prepper blog, and I really enjoy finishing an “end times” novel and looking around at my peaceful life while pondering what I can do for my family and world to keep it that way.

What I read for personal encouragement and education

Hygge is my theme word for 2018, and I really liked that puzzle book because it had quotes and information on the concept alongside all the cozy-themed crosswords, mazes, and brainteasers. Hygge is a Danish word that “fits” our own style of fitness here on Fit2B where we are trying to help people connect to their cores right in their homes. Read more of my thoughts on #hyggefitness here in this blog.

What I {Really, Truly} Read in 2017 + Plans for 2018 - Fit2B.com - #fitness #reading #booknerds #newyears #goals #goalsettingHere’s what I’m reading in 2018

I feel like it should go without saying that I’ll be reading my Bible, but I’ll state my plans to read more of it anyway, especially as I dig in to write another study for my movement group at church. I’ve also started reading The Lord Of The Rings trilogy again (Samwise Gamgee is my fave) and I have plans to grab the new Pregnancy Fitness textbook written in part by my colleague, Kim Vopni, who is an expert contributor here on Fit2B.


Back to you: What are you reading this year? Have you read any of the same books I did? What did you think of them?


3 thoughts on “What I {Really, Truly} Read in 2017 + Plans for 2018

  1. Melanie says:

    This is the first year I have started with a to read list. I read Teaching from Rest. It was just what I needed right now! I am so glad I finally read it. I have been listening to a series by Brandon Sanderson that I have enjoyed. I can’t remember what the first book was called but eight now I am listening to Oathbringer. There are also 4 or 5 others that I am in the middle of, it is different for me, but I am enjoying it!

  2. Katie McGrath-Keft says:

    ive never had a read list, love the idea though! I actually read more books last year than the year before…4 lol the more the kids sleep as they get older, the more I can read.

  3. Kellye Bullock says:

    How inspiring! I’m going to start a “to read” list. I’ll be checking out some of your suggestions. I’m planning to re-read Terri Blackstock’s Last Light series. It is Christian mystery. Beth, you might want to check it out. It is about a world wide collapse of the electrical infrastructure due to a solar event. All of the conveniences we take for granted are gone. It really awakened my “pioneer spirit” when I read it the first time.

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