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Bethany Learn - Founder and Instructor for Fit2B StudiosHi, I’m the founder of Fit2B Studio, and I absolutely love changing lives one tummy at a time and helping women become stronger contributors to their families, communities, and our world. Over to the right, that’s me with my hubs and our two wildlings, and this is my candid story:

Click HERE to see my full curriculum vitae (CV)

I became interested in fitness at age 16 when I showed up to my first step class wearing a dress! I had no idea what to expect, but from the first sound of the bass beat, I was instantly hooked!

At just 18 years of age, I became certified through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA)

Then I started college at Oregon State University, graduating with my bachelor of science with honors in Exercise and Sport Science & Pre Physical Therapy in 2001.

I used my group fitness certification to pay my way through school, teaching up to 14 classes per week! I remember studying at the club on a recumbent bike in between classes! That was clearly before kids 😉

I maintained my AFAA certification for 16 years with a wide variety of courses and workshops and personal research adding up to 15 CEC’s every two years. That education included but definitely wasn’t limited to:

  • Pre & Postnatal Fitness
  • Personal Fitness Trainer online preparatory course (through eAFAA)
  • Telexercise Resistance Training (through eAFAA)
  • Tai Chi fundamentals (through 24-hour Fitness)
  • Yoga Essentials I & II (through eAFAA)
  • Spin Cycling workshops (through 24-hour Fitness)
  • Aqua aerobics training
  • Senior Fitness
  • Body Composition & Weight Management
  • Kickboxing

After graduation, I was hired as a full-time assistant manager at a federal fitness facility. My job responsibilities for “Club Fed” – yes, that’s what it was called – included all aspects of management and customer service as well as personal training, designing and leading exercise classes for all demographics, writing and editing the club’s newsletter, speaking at group luncheons, designing and implementing new group fitness formats, and creating member retention programs.


On the set of filming some office workouts - Fit2B.com
On the set of filming some office workouts

“Yay! I’m so excited! I had an appt with my physiotherapist today and my diastasis has gone from 2.5 to 1.5 fingers!! Thank-you so very much, Beth Learn!!” -Fit2B in Ontario, Canada, Christine G.

Throughout my fitness career, I’ve had the pleasure of teaching just about everything: step aerobics, cycling, water aerobics, group weight lifting, senior fitness, pre/post-natal exercise, and dance aerobics as well as Pilates and Yoga. My love for choreography and rhythm contribute to my unique and flowing, joyful style in all the content that you will find on this site. You will discover that I enjoy sharing and learning any technique that improves your desire and ability to move more, not just during your “workout” but throughout your everyday, walking around life! Thus, my diverse approaches to teaching create great variety. My radically different brand – Fit2B – is also known for its diastasis friendly workouts!

Bethany recording a workout for Fit2B StudiosI believe I am “fit to be” the founder of Fit2B Studio because I never stop learning {there’s no way to record all the countless hours I’ve spent reading, talking to colleagues around the world, sitting in on lectures, picking the brains of trainers and physical therapists, shadowing mentors, and all the things} plus – and most importantly – I have a real passion for making fitness accessible to everyday people, especially those who find even the simplest movements daunting. Because this really isn’t about my fitness, is it? It’s about yours! My goal is getting you “fit to be” chasing your kids, your dreams, your goals. Nothing much makes me happier than seeing someone who was afraid to move START moving! Most of all, I love helping busy parents and those with limiting diseases and disabilities approach exercise with confidence and enthusiasm.

How Motherhood Changed Me…

Once I became a mother, I began lessening my workload outside the home, focusing on my children and figuring out the new landscape of my body. My niche in the fitness field shifted from trying to make everyone sore to helping people regain their confidence and strength from their deepest core outward. I developed a heart for true beginners and people starting over. As a mother myself, I saw how hard it is to get back into a fitness groove, and my diastasis-aware workouts are the perfect solution to that, allowing women {and a lot of men} to unmuddle their middle without ripping their bodies apart. You will love my soothing voice, down to earth visual analogies, and the heart I have for YOU as my client and member of Fit2B.

“I’ve been working out with your Totally Transverse exercises for 2 weeks now and I have to say WOW!! At first I couldn’t really feel my muscle working, but as of today I can control and feel it from my pubic bone all the way up to my ribs and its actually started moving around from my spine as well. I am really feeling great finding so much control with it. Also have shaved 2 whole inches off my belly as well. Thank you! I cannot wait to start moving into other workouts while keeping these as a daily staple.” -Fit2B in Kansas, Christine J.


2001 – Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sport Science (fitness program management & pre-physical therapy) from Oregon State University. Go Beavs!

Group Fitness Certification, Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) 1997 – 2013 (Personal Note: I allowed this to expire because their training doesn’t align with current research on the the core and pelvic floor in my humble opinion, and sadly they continue to fail to respond to my queries and feedback on these topics)

Recent Coursework:

2012 – Beyond Kegels: Understanding the Pelvic Floor with Katy Bowman

2013 – Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga (audited through Holy Yoga)

2013 – Birth Boot Camp (auditing for diastasis awareness)

2013 & 2014 – The Importance of Core Strength for the Prenatal and Postnatal Client- Practical Application for Labor and Delivery Professionals with Kelly Dean of The Tummy Team (brag: she’s my personal mentor and helped me close my diastasis recti!)

2015 – Fascia in Movement by Anatomy Trains + Reading {almost} all of Katy Bowman’s work.

2016 – Auditing 200-hr Registered Yoga Teacher training with Epidavros Yoga School (they asked me to submit the section on abdominal training, so the whole course is diastasis-aware!)

2016 – Floor Of Your Core with The Tummy Team

2017 – Diastasis Recti Symposium – Speaker and attender

Click HERE to see my full professional curriculum vitae (CV)

visit my family fitness course at schoolhouseteachers.com


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