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Welcome to Fit2B and this week’s featured workout, contributor spotlight,  fresh lifestyle exercise tip from me, a brand new podcast, and an exciting package offer from Julie Tupler! We update this page weekly on Thursdays and send out an email reminder to come check it out! You can also bookmark this page to your favorites!

The One About Surgery with Lisa Ryan - Fit2B.com - Fit2B knows women sometimes need to opt for surgery. When you have done all the right things to heal and you’re still wondering, “Why aren’t my diastasis recti exercises working? I’ve done safe postpartum workouts, why do I still look pregnant?” it may be time. In this world of body shaming vs. body positivity, women need to look at their bodies and decide what is best for them. Click through and listen in as we discuss the reality of diastasis recti surgery. #fit2b #diastasisrecti #podcast


We interviewed Lisa Marie Ryan, a high level female CrossFit athlete, personal trainer, and coach about her experience with having a tummy tuck. She gets VERY candid about her opinion of many things surrounding this type of treatment for Diastasis Recti, and I guarantee your eyebrows will hit your hairline a few times. She doesn’t regret it, but there’s a lot of information about abdominal surgeries and the recovery that she wants others to know, including insurance, belly buttons, and more!

Listen: The One About Surgery

Exercise Tip For This Week:

Go barefoot. I am shoeless in 99.999% of all the Fit2B workout videos, not just because we take off our footwear in our home anyway, but because I firmly believe our feet usually work better + more when they aren’t in casts. Your feet are the platform you stand on. Most shoes cram your toes closer together which makes your platform smaller, then shoes add a bunch of stiff things and “support” to stabilize you which is what your feet and core should be doing. When you’re barefoot, you can spread your toes, broaden your platform, mold your feet around surfaces instead of twisting your ankles … or can you? Can you spread your toes? If not, it’s time for our Fingers & Toes exercise video 😉

Coming NExt week!

We have coordinated a special package offer with Julie Tupler of Diastasis rehab including her belly creme, updated ab splint, and together tape! I’ll be doing a special FB LIVE unwrapping video as I open my package of the products when the offer is posted. Watch your email because the deal will only last 1 week!

Learn about the color series

Weekly Shortie WORKOUT

Each week, we are offering ONE short routine here that you can fit into your busy schedule. They will only stay up for 1 week, so don’t miss them! Compare membership levels on Fit2B and join here for full access to our entire workout library of almost 300 full-length home exercise videos! 

This Week’s Shortie: Car Workout – Stuck in a seatbelt? That doesn’t have to stop you from sending circulation to your muscles! This short workout is designed to strengthen and stretch your arms and legs during car rides. Members can bookmark the Car Workout here.


Many brilliant minds have contributed to our ecourses, been guests on our Fit2B Radio podcast, and even provided workouts for us to stream here on our platform. We’d like to use this space to give a little extra credit to someone special each week!

Brianna Battles

Since we released a podcast this week about surgery, and her name came up in that podcast because our guest and her are very good friends, I thought it would be great to highlight Bri. Creator of the Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Coach training, she has also been a guest on our podcast to talk about CrossFit. Like Lisa, she has undergone abdominal surgery to correct Diastasis Redti and hernia. She graciously allowed us to share this image and some of her journey here with us. If you’re considering surgery, our new podcast with Lisa + Bri’s courses are invaluable!
Diastasis & Tummy Tuck Surgery: Brianna Battles - Fit2B.com - #tummytuck #diastasisrecti #everydaybattles #crossfit #fit2b #abdominoplasty
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