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Welcome to The Weekly News & Free Moves where you’ll find one our unique Diastasis Recti-aware ‘shortie’ workout videos each week + links to new content, exercise Q&A, a contributor spotlight, this month’s featured workout pathway, and more!
Weekly News & Moves: Free workout, exercise Q & A, guest expert spotlight, latest content from fit2b.com

Welcome to the Weekly News & Moves here on Fit2B. You’re invited to sample one of our shortie workouts below + find links to new content, snag a freebie, learn from a Q&A, meet one of our many contributors, all right here in our Weekly News & Free Moves. If you’re a member you can bookmark this page to your favorites, but you also have access to ALL the workouts we offer. If you have Diastasis Recti, pelvic floor considerations, or a history of abdominal surgery or trauma to your core, you’ll be please to discover that our workouts are “TummySmart” and will safely help you make progress toward full fitness. We welcome you to share this page and contact us anytime.

Testimony of the week

“Monday I did Coral Contralaterals and then Fuschia Fascia for the first time. I loved them both. Since I’m in PT for my shoulder though and used a weight in CC I decided to use oranges for FF. My dog thought they were his ball and kept trying to steal them.”

-Sarah H.

FREE Shortie: Coral contralaterals 

One thing your core loves is contralateral motion, meaning unbalanced movements that work oppositional parts, so this ab + arm workout from our Pink Color Series will not disappoint! Equipment Needed: Two mismatched objects of different weights. This exercise video is rated “M” for moderate and “TS” for offering tummysafe cues and strategies for Diastasis Recti awarenesses. Members can bookmark this routine here.  By clicking play on this or any video on this website, you signify that you have read and agreed to our terms here.  

Fit2B provides hundreds of home workout videos and 16 fitness ecourses. Each week, we place ONE of our shorter exercise routines here in this weekly post for 1 week only!  Compare membership levels on Fit2B here and start streaming hundreds of exercise videos today including cardio, weights, stretching, kids workouts, Yoga, Pilates, Tabata, prenatal and postnatal fitness, and so much more – all geared toward improving your Diastasis Recti and pelvic floor strength, keeping your knees and spine safe, and empowering you to exercise your whole body with confidence.

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NEW Workout

Just Released!

Tabata Tone & Stretch – Tabata is a style of workout that offers a a variety of exercises you do for just 20 seconds at a time. If you want to learn more about Tabata and the country that created it, visit our Exercise Around The World course here. In this brand new workout, we’re going to do 5 exercises in 20-second intervals… You can do that, right? Of course you can, especially when you know that I offer all sorts of levels and modifications as usual. So, grab some cans of food or dumbbells and join me and Winston for this easily adjustable workout that you can scale up or down depending on your energy level. 

Tabata tone & stretch

Exercise Q & A with Beth

Question from Elizabeth about round ligament pain: I’m 14 weeks pregnant with Baby 4. I made my round ligaments and/or obliques really angry yesterday. Routine recommendations?

Answer From Beth: Today would be a good active rest day with something like Kelly’s Pregnancy Stretching. Then as you feel able, work on strengthening your obliques with our workout video called “Orange Obliques.” It’s not labeled as a prenatal workout, but none of the movements would be contraindicated for pregnancy as none are done directly on the belly, and it would help you keep your oblques strong as they stretch out.

Read past Q & A sessions at the bottom of our FAQ section here


Many brilliant minds have contributed to our ecourses, been guests on our Fit2B Radio podcast, and even provided workouts for us to stream here on our platform. We use this space to give a little extra credit to someone special each month because they certainly deserve it!

The One About Postpartum with Leah Outten - Fit2B.com

Leah Outten

Adoption counselor, mother, birth mom, postpartum coach, and simply someone with a beautiful heart, we were blessed to have Leah talk about postpartum recovery on our show!
Fit2B Radio on Spotify Fit2B Radio on iTunes

Hippy Yoga: Home exercise video which offers strengthening and stretching of the front and back hip areas with special care for those with core issues like Diastasis Recti, prolapse, hernia, or spine and knee issues - fit2b.com
“If you need a lil’ something to work out the kinks after sitting a lot, try Silver SavasanaI had missed that one, but the stretches were just what I needed after working at the table most of the day. 😊 💕 Thanks Beth!”
-Jennifer M.

I’m so glad you guys are so into education. Knowing why is definitely helping motivation to do the things. I’m trying to get my mom to watch the peri menopause course too. I joined Fit2b premium in October and am feeling so empowered.”

-Julie R.

“I’m 6 weeks postpartum and my midwife actually checked for diastasis at my appointment! Just wanted to share because my mom went through 9 pregnancies before even learning about it, so I was excited that my midwife knew about it. She checked it by my belly button and said it was about a 1(finger width). I did fit2b throughout my pregnancy and I’m excited to keep going!” –Elizabeth B.

“I love that there is so much variety, that I can take fit2B with me when I travel and my kids love doing the kids workouts too. After having four kids I needed something to help restore my core and I’m so thankful to have found fit2B with all the cues for breathing and engaging my core.”

Esther S.

“I accomplished something incredible today!!! I did the Fusion Mix on Fit2B and could actually do the head stand!! I thought- “no way in this world will you be strong enough” but I guess 9 months of fit2b and Kelly Dean’s core foundation class last December really did help me more than I ever thought! I feel soooooooooo accomplished! I came into Kelly’s class feeling broken forever and with daily back pain and lots of random numbness and now that I stretch and strengthen slower I’m so much stronger!! I’m so thrilled today!!” (Members: watch Andrea’s headstand video in the Fit2B forum here)

-Andrea G.

“I really like starting out with the Walking Workout and gradually increasing my weights. I think Orange Over Under is my all-time favorite. I enjoy Blue Bells as well.”

-Kathleen B.

Squats make me (and my thighs) strong - shirt by fit2b.com - #fit2b

“I love that I can do some of the Fit2B workouts in jeans and know that I’m still getting something from it!”

-Dara M.

“I love Fit2B because it’s safe and there are lots of reminders to use my core correctly!! Helps me remember the real reasons to exercise, and provides lots of variety! Also, just got a roku and wow does that make Fit2B EASY!!”

-Hannah C.

“Tried the new Lower Back Love routine on Fit2B – TummySafe Fitness this afternoon and my lower back is feeling great! 💕For those who don’t know, I have scoliosis and it really is important that I take time to care for my back.”
-Kelli M.
“I feel like Beth met me where I was. There were chair workouts, short workouts, and lots of encouragement and education along the way. I’ve slowly worked up some stamina and can do longer harder workouts now. I have a long way to go but I feel like I have a support system to keep going. It’s been positive influence on my kids. They see me making fitness a priority in the mornings (ahem, most mornings 😂). And they love the kid workouts. I feel like Beth, the workouts, the support team have literally gotten me on My feet again. 🙂 And when I falter and start to slack off, I know there are lots of different workouts where I can jump back in and get going again. No guilt or fear that I can’t start again. Thanks for all you do.”
-Mandy T.
“When you can’t decide which workout to choose, so you do ten 5-minute workouts.” 😁
-Sarah M.

“I finally tried “Hippy Yoga” this morning and wow! It is my new fave! My 4yo joined me, too. We both loved Winston and Mandy’s presence and participation. Our family is going through a big transition currently and a lot of things are just heavy right now. This was a beautiful workout and the sweet doggies just brought an extra element of comfort. Thank you, Beth!”

-Valerie W.

Fit2B Member Testimony: I started my weight loss and Diastasis Recti healing journey on July 4th of this year. After YEARS of making excuses. We moved in with my parents in 2020 while we built and my bad habits became worse, but when we were finally able to settle into our new home, I made my health a priority. This is the product of daily walking and/or fit2B workouts and clean eating. I’ve lost 24lbs and 6 inches off my waist. And my gap is down to two fingers from four. Beyond that, the strength I have gained is immeasurable. I can actually FEEL my abs. And that is HUGE for me! I have a ways to go in terms of where I want to be, but I just can’t thank Beth and her team enough for both the program and her accessibility (I literally message her almost every day). But also for all the encouragement she and this group provide." -Kelly Mayhorn
When you don't have a kettle bell, why not use a bucket of tiling mud? -fit2b.com
Working out in the bathroom while baby takes a bath - fit2b.com
Basic Transverse & Mula Bandha routine on Fit2b.com
Fit2B on a laptop in a member's kitchen. Workout with us anywhere, anytime, on any device! -fit2b.com
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“I have tried so many different programs and workout routines for the last 35 years or so and never have I ever felt so confident that I have the choice to do the right thing to care for my body…it honestly can bring me to tears. Thank you, Beth! I’m starting with ‘Orange Openers‘ this morning!”-

Tricia M.

“I’m so grateful for this group and what you created, Beth! My 8 year old daughter is so curious about her body and what will happen as she gets older. Like so many, I grew up with shame around these “private” matters and wouldn’t have even dared to ask about them. I have the language and the resources to talk to her about the amazingness that is a growing girl’s body. We’ve been going through the Fit2B Girls’ Course little by little as she asks about various things (when will her period start? Why do girls get a period? Does everyone get cramps? And so on and so forth). Thanks Beth and everyone here who is so open and honest!!”

-Cynthia D.

“Warning!! Do not I repeat Do not underestimate the effectiveness of Black Battlesticks. My legs and butt are sore today! Okay, carry on…”

-Charline L.

"I had a four finger gap from the birth of my twins. It's kind of hard to tell but seems to be at a two now. (Was at a four right before I started fit2B) So happy I found fit2B. I actually like working out now and am feeling so much healthier and stronger." -K. Shaw, Fit2B member
For all those who wonder if the little bitty changes you make day in and day out are doing anything…let me tell you-they ARE. Don’t give up. After my third was born I had a 6+ DR, super deep. I couldn’t stand up straight without supports. I couldn’t even pick up my newborn son. This weekend, my husband and I ran our first half-marathon. It’s been almost eight years since my youngest was born. I’ve done The Tummy Teams Foundations and then their Core Integrations program (four years apart!). Fit2b was my intro into healing my core. And foundational in building my confidence and knowledge of my body as a whole. I’ve also been consistent in getting help for my mental health, regular therapy is so valuable and necessary when wanting healing in any area of our lives. All this to say, don’t give up. We all hit road blocks. We all have sorrow and hardships. But in this healing process I have learned the value of failure. When we fail at something, it gives us an incredible opportunity to assess what went wrong and how we can do better. Keep going friends. ❤️💪🏻 YOU are worth it. And healing IS possible.
Fit2B member and her toddler working out at home with our "5-Minute Yoga In A Field In A Dress" routine - fit2b.com

“I did Fuschia Fascia for the first time. By the end, I was crying with relief of letting some things go. Definitely confirmed it is time to move my career in another direction. So thankful for this workout and the joy movement brings!!”

-Kelly G.

“I just did Green Gertie this morning with my new-to-me 25 lb kettlebell. Wow! I love the education along with the workout. I felt safe the whole time and could feel when to modify or take a break. This was awesome, thanks!

—Casey C.

“I was leaning toward aerobics 2 which isn’t easy for me at this point, per se, but is in my comfort zone. My younger kids (7 and 4) pushed me to the color series and then to Blue Belt. honestly, I was reluctant. I LOVED it! They did it with me, which was a bonus.” —Mandy T.

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Adorable boys using the midline crossing routine on Fit2B called Kids Crossover! -fit2b.com
“Doing these workouts by Fit2b and Beth Learn has helped me close my gap by 1 finger already. We’re looking at a month now, and it’s already closing. That’s phenomenal! She gives you so many neat cues! I am trimming down and closing my Diastasis with these workouts, and I can’t thank her enough!”
-Kelly M.
“I’ve been trying to eat healthier and move more since November last year, but life goes up and down, and so do the numbers on my scale, and in what, 8 months? I’ve only lost 2kg on the scales. But today I measured my legs (for a sewing thing) and thought, well since I’ve already done all of those measurements I might as well measure everything into my much neglected health app. And lo and behold, most of my measurements are smaller. According to the app I’m carrying a bit less water weight, AND I’ve gained almost a kg of lean body mass. That’s a kg of muscle!!! 😁😁😁 you guys have no idea how happy it makes me to know I’m growing muscles!” -Kristin W.
"PINK props pile! By the time I was done with the four non-biking Pink workouts, I had accumulated this pile of props. What fun! Beth, your creativity amazes and blesses me." -Desirae, Fit2B Member

Weightlifting 301 😲 I wasn’t sure I’d finish. I gave myself permission not to. I skipped the last half of the plank-fly combo because my legs wouldn’t properly hold my weight. I kind of wanted to see how it ended so I pushed forward, doing fewer reps or even skipping sets if needed. I got to the end. Everything that can shake is and I’m a hot, sweaty mess. Not sure when/if I’ll come back to it, but at least I know. I CAN.”  –Bethany V.

“I tried out Sterling Center and Shining Savasana to relax tonight. Loved both of them! Beth, you look so pretty in these silver videos!” -Erin H.

“I just tried Rebound Cardio and…that was the most fun I’ve had on my rebounder, ever! 😁 I loved it! I was putting off trying it because I didn’t know how my pelvic floor would handle it, but there was a lot of variation in the intensity and I’m glad I gave it a go! Beth, I loved the music too – so fun!”
-Jennifer M.
See All workout paths

“I’m feeling pretty darn proud of myself. I’ve done a routine every day for the past 3 days during my kids nap time which is the most consistently I have ever done anything fitness related! Kept it easy today with a stretching routine but on previous days I did the walking routine as well as Basic Aerobics. I like the way that amount of exercise makes me feel.” -Courtney C.

“The variety alone is reason to join! There are workouts that are gentle and slow for tired or rough days, there are workouts that are the complete opposite that will get you sweating and working! The creativity of the workouts… you’d never be bored!” – Ericka I.

“Seriously thankful for the kid workouts today! We are in quarantine with my husband having covid (not serious). Kids are bouncing off the walls – Beth to the rescue 😂 ” -Cynthia D.

Exercise isn't a Luxury

“Sooooo, what do you do when your daughter says, ‘Umm, Mom, your butt looks tighter. Is it okay to say that?’ Well, I don’t know about you, but this mom got super excited 😂😂😂 #fit2bforthewin

-J. Roe

“I love Fit2B because there is constantly more to do! I never get bored because there is always something new to try and so many ways to fit it into my lifestyle!” -Leslee O.

“Tonight, I thought I would try The Foam Rollaxing Routine as it’s helped me in the past with sore muscles. I feel so much better! I haven’t been able to get to the chiropractor this week because of a small cough, but now I’m thinking if I keep doing this routine (and probably one of the neck routines) then it will keep me from going crazy until I can get to the chiro.”
-Samantha N.
The Pilates Pathway for people with Diastasis Recti - Fit2B.com - Fit2B knows diastasis recti exercises can be tricky. Let us take the guesswork out of what pilates movements are best for you wherever you are in your recovery. You can tone your whole body and have your fitness at home, keeping your core safe so you can be the strong inspiration others look up to. #fit2b #diastasisrecti #diastasisrectiexercises #yogapilates #pilatesandyoga #benefitsofpilates #pilatesexercises #toneyour #toneexercises #workouttone #stronggirl #stronginspiration #strongstrength
“11 days ago I asked for advice regarding what I suspect is a rectocele. Since then I have been doing a lot of Beth Learn’s breathing and core connection workouts, eating/drinking to resolve constipation, and saw a PFPT. I’ve still got work to do to correct and then maintain the situation, but I am thrilled to report significant progress in healing! Thank you for your input and support and encouragement.”
-Catie H.

I always do a big/heavy weight routine on Monday afternoons, after school with my kids. I have upped my weights in the last little while, and I am feeling so proud to be able to do that! It feels SO good to be getting stronger, and to be feeling better. Couldn’t do it without Fit2b!!!!”

 —Nicole K.

“Tried 21 Tone Up for the first time today; gotta be honest it kinda kicked my booty! But, as usual, Beth made it doable with all of her tips and suggested modifications; I listened to my body and did my best. There was such a great quote in there, too! Something like you have to choose to focus on the right thing. So good. Definitely going to come back to this one.”

—Valerie W.

40 workouts for PTSD on fit2b.com

“Oh this is yummy movement! As soon as Kelly said, “pelvic diaphram” it made sense and the visualization of the two diaphrams working parallel. I only did the first step today. I have been feeling weaker as I’ve neglected some of my exercises. I’m looking forward to coming back and doing it again”

-Lindsay H.

“For me it’s the encouragement. You can get videos anywhere but a course that heals your core and your heart is amazing!”

-Kim L.

I knew nothing about core health until after the birth of my first child when I realized something wasn’t right with my stomach. After lots of online research, I found and joined Fit2B. Your workouts helped me understand and strengthen my body. I had an AMAZING postpartum experience with my second child, and I attribute so much of that to what I’ve learned from you.

-Erin M.
Announcing our new "Color Series" of Home Workouts - Fit2B.com - Looking for something different for your cardio summer home workout? How about adding some color to your weight lifting fitness routine? As always, Fit2B workouts are tummy safe and diastasis friendly. #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #bodypositive #strongnotskinny #homefitness #homeworkouts_4u #healthylifestyle #coreworkouts #abworkout #fitmom #healthylife #healthylifestyle #cardio #armworkout #legworkout #rehab #diastasis #diastasisrecti #diastasisrecovery #fit2b

“Saw my PT today and she was so impressed by my ability to engage my PF and TA. There were little tweaks I had to do, but she said we covered 3+ appointments worth of exercises. Thank you Beth – it was all because of Fit2B, and I told her that!” -Sara S.

“Rough day. woke up tired/drained. 1st forced workout of the day was cleaning up mounds of dog vomit that I was greeted with. Last-also forced workout was helping my husband break away ice off our roof at 9 pm because it was causing leaks in the house. Chosen workout was ‘Neck Routine‘ because i needed to get some of my tension out and relieve my headache. Grateful for it the routine!”

 —Stephanie C.

“I had a four finger gap from the birth of my twins. It’s kind of hard to tell but seems to be at a two now. (Was at a four right before I started fit2B) So happy I found fit2B. I actually like working out now and am feeling so much healthier and stronger.”

-K. Shaw

Cardio Workouts you can do with Diastasis Recti - Fit2B.com - Fit2B helps busy moms enjoy home exercise by providing awesome and wholesome streaming videos you can pause for family interruptions. If you love the idea of cardio weightloss, but don’t know where to start, we have built-in pathways to help you get stronger as you learn what works best for your body at this season of your life. #busymoms #busymomsworkout #homeexercise #cardioworkout #cardioworkoutathome #cardio #cardioworkoutfatburning #exerciseforhome #homeexerciseworkouts #workoutsathome

“I watched/listened to the replay of the menopause webinar today and it was excellent. Videoed a clip of Beth talking through heart attack symptoms in women [see video here in forum]. I continue to be so #thankful for Beth’s ♥️ for women and all she puts out into the world 🌎 I’m someone who has personally benefitted healthwise from her posts and knowledge. We women get so focused on caring for everyone around us that we put ourselves on the back burner and it’s. not. okay! We need a kick in the arse sometimes! Ask me how I know?! 🤣🤣

-Leslie G.

“I want to be a mom who is able and Fit2B got me there! My 7 year old was taken into the woods at a local park by a stranger yesterday — know what Fit2B gave me there? The strength and energy to sprint about 100 yards faster than the speed of lightening to get my son. I’m still not over that, but man does it feel good to have a working and able body.”

-K. Alexander

Hippy Yoga is my new favorite. Wow! I am so tight in so many of those areas! Great to have something to work towards for a while. I’m sure it will help me so much when I make some progress. I had no idea I was so tight in those areas. Like….so tight!! It is probably the source of my other sore areas and I’m looking forward to the relief I know will come when I’m a bit looser.”

-Andrea G.

The contributors of Proactive Perimenopause - fit2b.com

“Thank you for Fit2B, but most of all, thank you for the encouragement you give. I received kettlebells for Christmas in 10lb, 15lb, and 20lb weights. Two days ago I did the Kettlebell I workout with the 10lb weight. Today, I could still feel the effects in my thighs and bum. This evening I did the first half of the Green Gertie workout, using the 15lb kettlebell. Wow! I’ll surely be feeling it for the next few days. Although I only made it through one set of Green Gertie, I watched the rest of the workout in order to pay close attention to your alignment and flow of movement. Then as the video was nearing the end, you said, “It’s only going to get better from here. You’re only going to get stronger from here.” I needed those words so much. Not because I only made it through the first set, but because it shifted my focus from the work to the long-term goal. I will keep coming back to the Green Gertie workout and know that each time I’ll get a little better and a little stronger. You have such a gift for encouraging people. You are amazing. Fit2B is amazing. Thank you and bless you for all you do!

-Jen C.

One thought on “Weekly News & Free Moves

  1. Annette says:

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for the Salsa workout! I LOVED it! I have been with Fit2B since 2013, and I love how Beth never stops exploring and bringing fresh content to her Fitness Program!

    MORE dancing routines…Jahnae can we get a Basic Latin Dance 2, PLEASE???🙏🏿

    ~Annette Guerrero

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