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The One About HRT With Katie Taylor - Fit2B.com - Fit2B knows busy moms are asking, "Why do I keep forgetting things? Why are my hair and skin changing? Why am I sad all the time?" Listen as we explore what peri- menopause symptoms increase a need for hormone balancing. Up-to-date research shows that hormone replacement therapy can increase a woman's quality of life postpartum and beyond. So click through if you're in your late 30's to mid-50's and asking, "Why do I feel awful?" #fit2b #diastasisrecti #homefitness #healthylife #podcast #women


Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is a hotly debated topic. It has benefits and  risks, and we found a very interesting person to discuss all of that with: Katie Taylor, founder of The Latte Lounge and daughter of an eminent breast cancer surgeon, Professor Michael Baum. Katie recently went to Westminster with some of her colleagues, to meet with the Health secretary to campaign for better menopause support. She also spoke last year at the largest UK Mental Health Conference about Menopause in the Work Place.

Our Podcast about HRT

Exercise Tip For This Week:

When you think about doing a workout, pay attention to your “why” and begin focusing on reasons to exercise that have nothing to do with your size. You have a scientific need to exercise; it’s not a luxury, and it’s necessary no matter your current condition. Thin people need exercise. Curvy people need exercise. If you only exercise to change your shape, then when your shape doesn’t change very quickly, you’re likely to give up and stop. However, there are a hundred more important reasons to move your body today!

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Weekly Shortie WORKOUT

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This Week’s Shortie: Purple Passing – Grab a bouncy ball and improve your passing and tossing skills while moving your whole body in fresh, challenging (yet simple) ways! This routine is part of our Color Series: Purple Workouts. Save it to your favorites by logging in and bookmarking it here!

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Many brilliant minds have contributed to our ecourses, been guests on our Fit2B Radio podcast, and even provided workouts for us to stream here on our platform. We’d like to use this space to give a little extra credit to someone special each week!

Beth Jones, MEd, ATC/R, RES-CPT, CHC, CMT

Beth and I met online, attended the Women in Women’s Health LIVE event together in New York in 2016, and we’ve collaborated on many projects. Beth has been a guest on our podcast and contributed to the nutrition section of Fit2B Girls. Her qualifications could be summed  up by calling her a midlife woman’s performance nutrition and recovery specialist, but she’s so much more than that. If you’re looking for someone to help you sort out your nutrition needs, she’s available online and in Colorado! Visit her website here

What Fit2B learned about women's core and pelvic health and fitness at Women in Women's Health LIVE - fit2b.com

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