M/TS – 21 Tone Up

This routine was designed on a quiet day in our tiny off-grid shabby cabin in Montana, dubbed “The Shabin.” There isn’t much room in it, and it was raining outside. I needed to move or go crazy! So I just stood up and started playing with basic leg and arm combinations. It was easy to come up with 7 different leg motions that I could do for a minute each, but then I wanted to do them at least 3 times and layer more variety in arm motions so it wouldn’t get boring. That’s how “21 Tone Up”  was born. I still have my notes I scribbled on a small piece of paper, which I then transcribed onto a big poster for filming. We hope you enjoy these 21 different arm motions layered over a repeating set of 7 different leg motions for a combined total of 21 minutes of constant heart-raising movement that will get your whole body going! Yeah! It’s such a great total body workout in just 21 minutes (not counting my initial jabbering LOL)

Equipment: Just a great attitude AND the option of light hand-weights to make it more intense AFTER you’ve done it a couple times and it feels easy enough to load on more.

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