About These “F5” Routines

Before you move on to progressively more challenging workouts here on Fit2B, let’s start by introducing you to our TummySafe™ strategies for activating your abdominals and deep core muscles so that you’re ready to progress quickly to our other workouts.

While these routines are basic, they are designed to challenge your mental ability to consciously control your core. This becomes important as you add layers of more complex motions.

Your goal is 1-2 per day. Once you have done them 2-3 times, please move on to other Fit2B workouts. Every single one offers core cues!

The F5

Complete each of the following routines at least 1-3 times before you move on to other Fit2B workouts. If you struggle and have not yet sought core rehab, please consider The Tummy Team.

Basic Transverse & Mula Bandha Totally Transverse - 17:43 Allign It Flat - 12:28 Mula Bandha - 11:41 Kelly's Total Body Stretching - 19:51

Feel like you need a lesson plan + structure?

We offer a 2-week fitness course that guides you through these first foundational five routines PLUS four more routines to help you move on and integrate the tummsafe strategies into other workouts. If you’re a member, it’s included in your membership, and you can find it under courses on the main menu! Not a member? You can also purchase this course ala carte!

Purchase the F5+ Here if you aren't a member See all workouts listed from A-Z View workout arrangements in pathways