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“I want to be a mom who is able and  Fit2B got me there! My 7 year old was taken into the woods at a local park by a stranger yesterday — know what Fit2B gave me there? The strength and energy to sprint about 100 yards faster than the speed of lightening to get my son. I’m still not over that, but man does it feel good to have a working and able body.” -K. Alexander

I feel so empowered! I was so nervous about doing a workout because my hernia has been super sensitive today . But I had planned to do Fuschia Fascia, so I just promised myself I would stop if it was bothering me – it felt so amazing that I did the contralaterals too. 🙌 For the first time in years (decades?) I’m starting to get that exercise endorphin rush.”

 —S. Santos

“For me it’s the encouragement. You can get videos anywhere but a course that heals your core and your heart is amazing!” -Kim L.

“I watched/listened to the replay of the menopause webinar today and it was excellent. Videoed a clip of Beth talking through heart attack symptoms in women [see video here in forum]. I continue to be so #thankful for Beth’s ♥️ for women and all she puts out into the world 🌎 I’m someone who has personally benefitted healthwise from her posts and knowledge. We women get so focused on caring for everyone around us that we put ourselves on the back burner and it’s. not. okay! We need a kick in the arse sometimes! Ask me how I know?! 🤣🤣

-Leslie G.

“Just have to give a shoutout for the wood floor workout – I’m not sure if I have ever seen it mentioned, which made finding it a hidden gem! There was so much more variety than I expected and it was a lot of work and so much fun! Definitely would recommend if you have wood floors!” -Melissa B.

I knew nothing about core health until after the birth of my first child when I realized something wasn’t right with my stomach. After lots of online research, I found and joined Fit2B. Your workouts helped me understand and strengthen my body. I had an AMAZING postpartum experience with my second child, and I attribute so much of that to what I’ve learned from you.

-Erin M.


“Today was my first midwife app and since we moved to a new state it is a brand new practice. She wanted to do a pap but politely declined and she asked if she could do a quick pelvic. I said yes to that. She was VERY impressed with my vaginal muscles (especially after 5 children) and asked if I ever leak. I very proudly said no and told her that I am constantly working on my core and pelvic floor. One point for Fit2b!!!”
-A. Phillips
I love that I can just decide I want to try something different everyday! Today was lower body strength. Put that in the Ol grid on The site and bam…stair intervals! Lower body w a touch of cardio❤️ really wish I could have run my stairs but I live in upstairs apartment so gotta go light for the neighbors. Lol. Also one of Kelly’s lower body workouts to finish off because I felt like more. Love it here in the Fit2B ‘studio’!”
“Yesterday I did Defining Deltoids. It was perfect and had lots of the very things I was given by my PT and orthopedic surgeon to do for my frozen shoulder and rotator cuff strengthening. I’ll be adding this to the routine to do more often.”
-Brooke H.

“Thank you for “Lower Back Love!” My chiro says that I have “pre-sciatica” but that it can be reversed or at least kept at bay. This morning I got out of bed feeling a little sore, and this routine felt really good.”

— Annette C.


“Lately hard workouts have been too much for me, so I’m incredibly thankful for Beth’s gentler workouts. The harder ones will be there when my body has recovered.”

J. Vaughn

“This morning, I didn’t feel like working out, but I knew I would feel better if I did. So when I went to get dressed, I put on my workout clothes. When my boys saw me getting ready to workout, my eldest (age 9) said he wanted to do it with me, and the other 2 (age 7 and almost 3) agreed they did too. We got out cans and made space on the floor and all did Purple Pump together. At the end, we all cheered and clapped for each other. Another reason I adore Beth and Fit2B.”

-S. Newman