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About Fit2B Memberships

Fitness does not have to be painful or expensive. Subscribe to Fit2B and get instant access to our diverse library of nearly 200 TummySafe™ alignment-based routines that prevent damage to the core while rebuilding your whole body’s strength and tone.

Wherever you have internet access on your laptop or smartphone, you can get in shape.
Our ever-expanding selection of family-friendly workout videos is perfect for every budget and fitness level. Membership gives you unlimited access to every workout and pathway in our site!


Monthly Membership
  • Access to over 100 workouts
    Supportive Facebook Community
    Discounts on eCourses
    Fit2B Mobile APP
    Your family is FREE!
    One-time initiation fee of $19
    One-time initiation fee of $19
Yearly Membership
  • Access to over 100 workouts
    Supportive Facebook Community
    Discounts on eCourses
    Fit2B Mobile APP
    Your family is FREE!
    No initiation fee
    A total savings of over $60!

Both types of memberships include unlimited workouts, access to Fit2B Mobile and our ROKU Channel, discounts on products in our store PLUS our private community on Facebook.

How does the joining process work?

Step 1: Decide whether you want a monthly or yearly subscription. Both will give you instant access to all our workouts! All payments are automated and you can cancel anytime.

Step 2: After you complete registration, you will be redirected to a confirmation page and sent emails with your username, password, links to member support, and clear instructions for using Fit2B Mobile.

Step 3: Choose your first workout path from the members area or begin at the Start Here page. Login with your username and password, select your first fitness routine, and click play.

Step 4: Connect with other members in our private forum!

Step 5: If you have a Roku, connect to our “Fit2B Studio” channel. Just search for it in the Roku Channel Store, enter your username/password, and then input the code you are given on this page.

What are members saying?

“As nice as it is to find a real person instructing yoga and pilates, it is even better that Bethany really invests in her members. From the first warm welcome to her site to personally answering your fitness questions, she is dedicated to your fitness path.” –Traci H.

“I’ve been doing the workouts for a couple weeks now and really have enjoyed them! The yoga and pilates moves that the instructor Bethany demonstrates are easy to follow and understand. She also gives lots of options to modify the poses/moves to your own specifications.” –Stephanie B.

“What I love about your videos is the way that you talk to us like we are really there, one on one … It’s REALLY like you welcome us into your home, and you’re nice!” –Stacy O.

“I don’t have to drag my kids to and from a daycare facility at a gym and it’s less than 1/4 of the price I would pay for a CHEAP membership!” –Sarah W.

“I signed up recently, and, seriously, your workouts are changing my life. I tell everyone about your site… I’ve never felt “the burn” in my stomach doing your tummy workouts, but including them in my exercise routine and avoiding crunch-like movements has made my middle look and feel its best since I had my first child 6 years ago. And it keeps getting better! Thank you for swimming against the flow!” –Kelly


Did we mention that family is free?

“Over the weekend I got my husband to do a few workouts with me! …We did Warrior Workout 1, Align it Flat and Insane Upper Body. It was fun having someone to back up what I have been trying to teach him about his posture, and how to properly use dumbells! Now he keeps asking when he can do them again.” –Katie M.K, Fit2B Australia

“Just did Baby Lift with my four year old. She had a blast! I am so thankful I can easily pause the workouts, too. My 2 year old has an earache and needed some attention twice while doing this [workout].” –Brooke C, Fit2B Wisconsin

“Thanks, Beth, for the kids videos! My kids love it and my 4 year old keeps asking, ‘After you do your 2 workouts can I do mine? :)” –Brandi, Fit2B Minnesota

What if I need to cancel?

Some members have been with us since we launched in 2010 while others are only with us for a season. You can manage your membership very easily by going to “My Account” when you are logged in. If you have any questions, simply reach our through out Contact page. 


Want to get started? Awesome!

If your body is a temple, then your core is the foundation. As soon as you join, you will begin learning how to strengthen your base and quickly move on to our other more challenging workouts!
We have so much for you to explore… Let’s do this!

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