Proactive Perimenopause

Welcome to Proactive Perimenopause! We are so grateful that you’ve honored us by trusting us to help you take charge of this season in your life that has so much possibility and potential. We are delighted by you choosing us to help guide you during this change in your body, and we hope you’ll reach […]

Bits Bones & Booties

Beth Learn /// Founder of Fit2B As the founder, CEO, and main instructor of Fit2B Studio, Beth has worked tirelessly since 2010 to integrate diastasis recti awareness into mainstream fitness styles. She has traveled the world as a speaker and educator, and she has fostered world-wide collaborations for her Fit2b Radio podcast and online fitness [...]

Comforting The Core

Comfort Course Overview Playground - - Comforting The Core: Moving Through Miscarriage & Infant Loss

As you choose where to begin… Take a moment to breathe deeply into your lower ribs and belly. Roll your shoulders back and relax them away from your ears. Rise up tall, shifting your sitting bones closer to the edge of your seat. Draw some imaginary circles on the ceiling with your head. Reach your […]

Exercise Around The World

Welcome to Exercise Around The World on Fit2B (Please note: this course is in “beta launch” phase thru March 19th. If you see any needed corrections, please contact us here.) What an adventure this will be through 7 interesting countries. We bet you can’t guess which one’s national animal is actually a unicorn! You’ll find many […]

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The StartUp7

Welcome to the Startup7 Fitness Course! I’m super excited to have you here to build on your core’s foundation. These workouts and this content will help get you to the next level in your fitness. Here’s an overview and some tips on how to get started and utilize this course for your ultimate success! How […]

Workout Program: Postnatal Fitness

Welcome to the Postnatal Fitness Program! Here’s how it works: Each week, you’ll be sent a reminder + link to come to this course for your next set of workouts. Always log in prior to trying to access the lessons, or you won’t be able to see the content you have paid for. If you […]

7-Day Sugar-Free Challenge

Thank you for joining this 7-Day Sugar Free Challenge with Fit2B Studio! I’m so glad you’re giving this a go, and I’m honored to be part of another piece of your wellness journey. I believe you’ll love all the help and inspiration. A Personal Note from Me, Beth… It was so hard for me to […]

Get Your Glutes In Gear

Welcome to MEA 3: Get Your Glutes In Gear! Before we get “all about that bass” in here, what do the gluteal muscles have to do with bellies? Aren’t our abs the main focus here at Fit2B? And didn’t we chose “mea” as the name of these courses because it’s an ancient word for the […]

Walking as a workout

Welcome to "Walking as a Workout" I had the most fun ever putting together this walking course for you, probably because I had to write during race-walking season, so it was neat to be thinking of what I'd say to you as I was training on all those trails. I'd get back from walking, spend [...]

Fit2B Girls

Welcome to the Fit2B Girls eCourse! I’m beyond excited to have you here, and I can’t wait for you to begin! Before you get started though, I’d like to tell you a few quick things: Knowledge Is Power For Your Body! Wait, are you wondering how reading and watching all this stuff in this course […]

14-Day Neck Challenge

14-Day Neck Challenge As your core starts healing, you may notice other sore spots that start yelling for your attention. You may even connect the dots as to how those sore spots played a role in your core’s dysfunction. Putting your core back together is just a starting point, the central place where the journey [...]

5X5 Challenge

Welcome and thank you for purchasing the 5x5 challenge here at Fit2B Studio. Please watch this video to get started!     Below (or to the side on desktop) you will see that you may click on Lesson One to begin. Each lesson contains a video demonstrating the 5 moves, images showing the moves, and [...]

Experts on Diastasis Recti

Welcome! Are you ready to learn about diastasis rectus abdominus from expert professionals around the world? Earning credit for continuing education for this course is optional. To obtain full credit, you'll need to email [email protected] to book a 1 hour consult (fee is $99 via paypal) and print the course objectives here  to attach to your certificate [...]