The StartUp7

Welcome to the Startup7 Fitness Course!

The StartUp 7 - - Fit2B knows women are asking, “What exercise program is going to help me with my fitness motivation?” Beth Learn, core fitness specialist and founder of Fit2B, teaches with humor and grace. The StartUp 7 mini-course entices women to make a strategic return to fitness with lessons and workouts full of fitness inspiration. As always, each home workout has TummySafe cues for those looking for diastasis recti exercises as they recover from core trauma. #fit2b #fitnessmotivation #diastasisrecti

I’m super excited to have you here to build on your core’s foundation. These workouts and this content will help get you to the next level in your fitness.

Here’s an overview and some tips on how to get started and utilize this course for your ultimate success!

How does this “S7” course work?

Unlike some of our courses that are super structured because they speak to certain recovery seasons in life, this course is open access. It doesn’t include email reminders or set spacing.

If you’ve purchased this course, it’s yours forever! If you’re a premium member, then it’s yours for as long as you maintain your membership!

Each lesson has 1 exercise video, some supportive writing to encourage and motivate you, and a quick quiz to cement what you’re learning.

I recommend a different workout lesson each day or every 2-3 days depending on your needs.

As long as you have this course, you can go through it as often as you like, and you can do the workouts in any order that suits your needs on any given day.

Startup7 is only the beginning…

If you’re don’t have a monthly or yearly membership yet, and you decide you want access to all our workouts when this Startup7 is over, you should consider joining Fit2B Studio for even more content, support, videos, and community.

Have a question?

If you need customer service support for any reason as you go through this S7 course, well, you should know I have an awesome team! Just go to our main site at and visit our contact page and someone will respond within 1 business day!

I hope you enjoy this sample of our workouts and how they build on your inner core strength in fun, creative ways!

See you in Lesson One!

Beth & The Fit2B Team