Workout Program: Prenatal Fitness

Welcome to the Prenatal Fitness Program.

Here’s how it works:

Each week, you’ll be sent a reminder + link to come to this course for your next set of workouts.

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Here’s The Plan

Your goal is to do the routines provided each week at least once apiece.

As gentle as they are, I do not recommend that you do all of them in one day. Each week you will receive progressively longer, more challenging {but still safe} routines.

Doubling up the workouts is your personal choice. Please be wise for both your sakes. Your body is going through beautiful and necessary changes, and our goal is to honor the shifting landscape, stay strong, and ready you for the marathon workout of labor and delivery in a way that prepares you for a faster recovery.

One last thing before we begin:

Please oh please start asking around for a good direct entry women’s health pelvic PT who can do some core prehab with your prior to birth. 

Yes, the exercises in this course will take you a long way toward a strong birth and faster recovery, but I can’t reach through this screen. Most physical therapists are direct entry now, meaning you don’t need a doctor’s permission or prescription to see one, and they know how to bill insurance directly.

Let’s say you have a hypertonic (too tight) pelvic floor, and you’re doing the Fit2B exercises to relax it. However, you find yourself cramping instead! That will not bode well for birth, because you have to be able to yield and release. A pelvic floor PT will be able to assess, treat and train you in just a couple appointments, improving your chances of having an easier birth and recovery.

I firmly believe every woman needs to see a pelvic PT at least once in her life, and if I could pick the perfect time, it would be during pregnancy and right after birth. I’d love for you to be seen within that first week after baby comes, even if you have a c-section because surgical births usually result in just as much – if not more – need for rehab. If you can find one who does in-hospital work to see you before you even go home, that would be stellar! 

Takeaway: Even if you don’t set up a PT appointment now, get your eyeballs on a good one, so that if your body lets you know you need hands-on guidance, you’ve got one in your sights. 

Okay, are you ready?

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