Comforting The Core

Comfort Course Overview Playground - - Comforting The Core: Moving Through Miscarriage & Infant Loss

As you choose where to begin…

Take a moment to breathe deeply into your lower ribs and belly. Roll your shoulders back and relax them away from your ears. Rise up tall, shifting your sitting bones closer to the edge of your seat. Draw some imaginary circles on the ceiling with your head. Reach your arms wide to open your chest and breathe deeply again there.

Comfort Course Overview Playground - - Comforting the Core: Moving Through Miscarriage & Infant Loss

This course is meant to move you.

Because we believe motion is lotion, and therapeutic movement heals, we are holding space here for the role that gentle exercise can play in your grieving process.

It’s important that you honor your body – no matter how long it’s been – and that you go at your own pace. You might do all the lessons in one day or one week. You might take a month or a year to explore them and revisit them. You might do them once or many times.

How you utilize the resources in this course is up to you.

I want you to know…

That this course came from someone who was going through what you’re going through right now. When a grieving member of Fit2B whose belly had been through a great many hard things mentioned that she wished we had a series of gentle moves and words to help her with grief recovery, process her past, and do some deliberate releasing of the tension stored in her core, her request was instantly echoed by others in our private member forum.

Having had a miscarriage myself, I know how my own body shut down for 6 months after that awful loss. I’ve also heard over and over how other kinds of loss, abuse and trauma have impacted women’s core rehabilitation. So if you’re wondering if there is a connection to how your body is feeling after all you’ve been through, yes, there is.

So I also want you to know that the contributors and myself, we are all here for you. As with all Fit2B courses, I carefully selected professionals who I know will respond to you if you write to them. I know they will bless you without forcing you; they will move you without hurting you.

What can you expect from each lesson?

Each lesson contains one gentle exercise video from Fit2B. Each lesson contains a video from the contributor of that lesson. Each contributor offers their insights from their field of expertise as well as their own experiences with loss. Each of us is here to compassionately hold space for you and assist you during this time.

There is no pressure to do a lesson once a week or “finish” the course. There are no silly quizzes. You can skip around the course layout in whatever fashion suits your needs right now.

If this course blesses you, we invite you to please consider supporting Still Birthday in more ways + share this course with other grieving mothers. We also hope you will explore the other workouts, courses, and resources that we provide here on Fti2B.

Sincere thanks,

Beth Learn & The Fit2B Team