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A note from us: You’re about to pay us for that awesomesauce you have in your cart, but we’d like you to know that you can always manage your account or contact us easily with questions. Of course, we can’t step through the screen and tidy up your living room or select your hand-weights for you – such a bummer, right? So you obviously agree that you’re responsible for your own workout gear and exercise choices, and Fit2B isn’t liable if you trip on a toy in your living room or drop dumbbells on your head, and we definitely cannot reimburse you if you burst a hole in your britches while busting out squats. It’s up to us to provide awesome fitness workouts and support, and it’s up to you to exercise safely and discuss any concerns with your doctor. We work really hard to make all of our services wonderful and fun, and we hope you love them and use them for a long time!