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Squatting Partner Exercises - - Partner up and leverage each other to improve your squatting technique!

F I T 2    K I D S !


This special page is just for kids! Our smallest members love this page best, as do the homeschooling families who utilize this section to supplement their home-based physical education! Preview all the titles below!

Of course, parents are welcome to join in these kids workouts if they promise to be silly with us. But be warned: young bones can handle things things that old bones can’t. Our kids come up with some interesting moves and – while it’s tempting to try to keep up with their antics – adults need to careful while being silly with their kids.

Grownups should note Beth’s more modified moves, and follow her lead for your own participation 😉

We try to film at least one workout for children each time we film, but – as you can imagine – the young stars aren’t always predictable and sometimes we are more successful at being silly than producing a workout with our wiggly warriors. These workouts are only scripted in Bethany’s head, and she rolls with the kids and how they respond.

Children will burn endless energy once they are given permission to have FUN with exercise. 


Fun Home Fitness for Kids -

ABC Exercises - 10:49

Animal acrobats - 07:45

Baby Balance - 09:15

Baby Lift - 19:39

Basic Kicks & Punches with Owen - 11:28

Bedtime Stretches - 9:35

Bedtime Routine - 7:53 min

Bitty Bellies - 05:07

Brace Yourself - 6:54

Floor Yoga for Teens & Tweens - 11:00

Funny Face Fitness - 05:42

Hokey Pokey Anatomy - 04:33

Kids & Crackups - 09:44

Kids Cross Over - 8:53

Mommy & Me - 12:11

Mommy & Me II - Refilming

Mommy & Me III - 17:52

Ninja Moves - 8:10

Orange Opposites

Princess Moves - 10:47

Robot Yoga - 07:06

Sail Away - 11:28

Small Vs. Big - 8:16

Squat With A Partner - 9:43

Stretching with Kids - 09:30

Teen Yoga - 06:03

Teen Yoga II - 10:33

Kids Weights

Wiggly Warriors - 06:10

Bitty Bellies -
A snapshot of our Bitty Bellies exercise video that teaches kids of all ages how to find their transverse abdominus!

Time out!

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Fit2B Kids Workouts - - Fit2B knows busy moms want a healthy lifestyle with health workouts that accomadate the WHOLE FAMILY! Why not click through to find short, fun workouts for your kids’ fitness and then they will let you have your own fitness fun? These workouts to do with kids are fun and a good warm-up for your day if you want to join in--and it all counts in your exercise plan! As always, these are safe for those recovering from diastasis recti! #fit2b #diastasis_ recti #busy_moms #heatlthy_lifestyle #fitness

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