Workout Program: Postnatal Fitness

Welcome to the Postnatal Fitness Program!

Here’s how it works:

Each week, you’ll be sent a reminder + link to come to this course for your next set of workouts.

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Here’s The Plan:

1. Find A Physical Therapist – Please ask around your town for a women’s health pelvic physical therapist. Even women who had c-sections can have pelvic floor and core dysfunction that is only treatable in a hands-on setting.

2. Do the routines provided each week at least once apiece – As gentle as they are, I do not recommend that you do all of them in one day. Each week you will receive progressively longer, slightly more challenging {but still gentle} routines. You are welcome to repeat routines and repeat weeks.

3. Go at your pace – You may have the energy to do more on certain days, and you may then choose to do more than one of the routines. That is your personal option, but when you have energy to do more, I’d recommend slow walking as your bonus activity – especially if you’re still early postpartum. Instead of doing more – instead of doing another routine to go along with these routines – do something different. More isn’t better. Better is better.

4. Honor your body’s healing pace – This course is designed to work with your body’s natural recovery process, supporting you in a thorough way that doesn’t rush the process but still returns you to fitness. In a 2008 study by Coldron et al, repeated measurements of Diastasis Recti (DR) in postpartum women showed that the shape and thickness of the rectus abs – six pack – continued to improve in the 12 months after birth.

We can’t rush the process, but we can work with it.

There is no “fast forward” button. There is no “skip ahead to the next chapter” button. No matter how old you are, or how long it’s been, you’re here ready to invest in yourself. So you’re going to give yourself the luxurious gift of going slow and steady and feeling and connecting. And it will be beautiful.

These first few routines in these first few weeks are so gentle, you may not feel like you’re doing much of anything. That’s how we operate around here, sneaking you gradually into more motion so subtly that it feels easy, doable, sustainable, leaves you wanting more, but you don’t need more.

You are enough for this, and this is enough for you right now.

Okay, are you ready to begin?

Click lesson one to get started.

If you notice any adverse reactions to the workouts such as a big increase in discharge (a slight increase in light spotting is okay, but filling a pad every few hours is not) or a decrease in your energy or milk supply, or if you begin to feel especially moody or manic, please stop and call your care provider immediately! Those aren’t typical reactions to our workouts, so it means something is really off, and your body is waving red flags at you when that happens.