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"You will LOVE taking the F5 course because it is a realistic commitment (not too long, not too short) with RESULTS! Who wants to spend a ton of time and energy, and still feel like you’re at square one? You WILL feel the F5 from DAY 1 — and that spurs you on to finish the course strong and move on to continue to challenge yourself.”

-Laura D.

"I’m so thankful for what I’ve learned from Fit2B that I was able to put my body back together and got rid of the low back pain, weakness in my core and tinkling when I sneeze."

-Nicole C.

"I'm so thankful to have found tummy safe fitness! I love the encouragement in all of the videos. I've been a member for about 4 years and it has been such a blessing! I love the educational component, too. I've learned new things about myself and my body along the way."

-Brenda L.

"I feel so empowered! I was so nervous about doing a workout because my hernia has been super sensitive today . But I had planned to do Fuschia Fascia, so I just promised myself I would stop if it was bothering me - it felt so amazing that I did the contralaterals too. 🙌 For the first time in years (decades?) I'm starting to get that exercise endorphin rush."

 —S. Santos

"Just have to give a shoutout for the wood floor workout - I'm not sure if I have ever seen it mentioned, which made finding it a hidden gem! There was so much more variety than I expected and it was a lot of work and so much fun! Definitely would recommend if you have wood floors!"

-Melissa B.

"Yesterday I did Defining Deltoids. It was perfect and had lots of the very things I was given by my PT and orthopedic surgeon to do for my frozen shoulder and rotator cuff strengthening. I’ll be adding this to the routine to do more often."
-Brooke H.
"Today was my first midwife app and since we moved to a new state it is a brand new practice. She wanted to do a pap but politely declined and she asked if she could do a quick pelvic. I said yes to that. She was VERY impressed with my vaginal muscles (especially after 5 children) and asked if I ever leak. I very proudly said no and told her that I am constantly working on my core and pelvic floor. One point for Fit2b!!!"
-A. Phillips

I knew nothing about core health until after the birth of my first child when I realized something wasn't right with my stomach. After lots of online research, I found and joined Fit2B. Your workouts helped me understand and strengthen my body. I had an AMAZING postpartum experience with my second child, and I attribute so much of that to what I've learned from you.

-Erin M.
"I have tried so many different programs and workout routines for the last 35 years or so and never have I ever felt so confident that I have the choice to do the right thing to care for my honestly can bring me to tears. Thank you, Beth! I'm starting with 'Orange Openers' this morning!"
-Tricia M.

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$19.00 / month
$109.00 / year and a $180.00 sign-up fee
$175.00 for 1 year
$4.96 / month with a 7-day free trial
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