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I love that I can squeeze in a short workout or quickly find a video that focuses on a certain area of the body while knowing I'm mending my DR. There is so much variety for all of my needs and for my kids. I look forward to the routines and can easily fit them into my day.

-Noel B.

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"I love working out in my own home and skipping the dressing, driving, and moving of kids required to work out at a gym! I love the wide variety in types of movement, length, and also difficulty. Most of all, I love Beth's encouragement to honor our bodies without the pressure to look a certain way!"

-Angela L. 

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"I love that Fit2b has a variety of workouts, and Beth is always showing modifications for different exercises to make them tummy safe. I recently joined a local gym, and her modifications have helped me be confident to join in in a way that's safe for me."

-Samantha N.

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