Cyber Monday and a Big Sale

We’re spending the Thanksgiving weekend with our families and praying you have a fabulous weekend too, because bright and early Monday morning in your jammies with a hot drink we hope you’ll join us for our HUGE Cyber Monday Sale! Here are 4 Ways to Save! 1.  Premium Membership:  $119 (normally $159) This is the […]

different types of diastasis rectus abdominus -
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So you have diastasis recti … Now what?

When you first find out you have abdominal separation, and you start learning about how that “diastasis recti” will impact your exercise choices and basic activities of daily living, the awareness can be overwhelming especially because the internets will typically try to convince you to have surgery  or just accept it as normal. But watch […]

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FREE Interval Training download with Coach Chris

Guest Post by Fit2B Co-Founder, Chris Behnke. Not only has Chris worked tirelessly behind the scenes to keep our website running smoothly, he’s also a runner. And we have a LOT of clients who rave about Fit2B and how it’s helped them make a safe return to running. So when Chris told me he was […]

How to massage your abdominal scar --
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If your abdominal scar bothers you, watch this!

When an incision is made in your belly for any type of surgery – cesarean, appendectomy, hernia mesh installment, hysterectomy, etc. – the nerves in that area are left somewhat exposed by the remaining scar, and the area can hurt for years to come. However, it’s never too late to do something about it! In […]