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Standing Arm + Ab Workout with Battle Ropes - fit2b.com

How to workout with Battle Ropes at home: Video Tutorial

I had never planned to learn how to workout with battle ropes at home until the day a friend offered ...
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Welcome to The Weekly News & Free Moves where you’ll find one of our unique Diastasis Recti-aware ‘shortie’ workout videos each week + links to new content, exercise Q&A with me, a spotlight on one of our contributors, this month’s featured workout pathway, and more!

Weekly News & Free Moves

A fresh Fit2B workout sample, exercise tip, contributor spotlight, and links to any new content we've made each week! ...
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The Original "F5" Workouts for Diastasis Recti

The Original “F5” Workouts for Diastasis Recti

As the premier provider of workouts for Diastasis Recti since 2010, here at Fit2B we work hard to stay at ...
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Watch the founder of Fit2b.com smash the last speculum used in her cryotherapy treatment to fight cervical cancer

That Time I Beat Cervical Cancer & Smashed My Speculum

After missing my regular Pap smear due to lockdowns in 2020, having a close family member deal with colon issues, ...
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Learn how to make your own firm bolster pillow for restorative yoga poses and propping other exercises with Beth on fit2b.com

DIY Bolster for Restorative Poses at Home

Got a pillowcase, some pins, a big blanket, and need to make your own DIY bolster for supporting yourself during ...
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Instagram Story Shareable: Fitness Circuit

Shareable Story Images for Your Social Media

Use these editable graphics year round. Each one is different and fun! Don't forget to share the blank one with ...
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Silver Bells: Weight workout with a bag of items used in place of a kettlebell if you don't have one. -fit2b.com

How To Make Your Own Kettlebell Out Of A Bag

The simply DIY tips in this free video will teach you how to quickly create a kettlebell weight to use ...
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Complete 150 workouts this year with the #Fit2B150 Free Fitness Challenge Printable Download

Join the Fit2B150 Challenge

No matter where you are in your year (or life) this straightforward challenge will help you achieve 150 workouts. We ...
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What does 5 lbs of fat look like?

Fun Fit Healthy Ideas + Christmas = Merry FITmas!

I'll never forget this hands-on model of what five pounds of body fat looks like. It was on display at the ...
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My Top 5 Festive & Fit Resources {a.k.a. Christmas Goodies} - Fit2B Studio

My Top 5 Festive & Fit Resources {a.k.a. Christmas Goodies}

At this time of year, it can feel like the whole world is shouting for my attention. However, all I ...
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Five "B-Word" Body Parts that need your ATTENTION right now! -fit2b.com

Five B-Word Body Parts That Need Your Attention

There are five words that pertain to female health that all start with the letter 'B' which all need extra ...
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How To Set Up Your Indoor Spinning Bike at Home

How To Set Up Your Indoor Spinning Bike at Home

If you don't want to waddle around, looking  like you just got off a horse after you finish an indoor cycling ...
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