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Sample 5 home fitness workouts through Fit2B Mobile

With our prices going up on February 12th, we have sent out an amazing offer to allow non-members to sample 5 home fitness routines through a special campaign. Everyone who has ever given us their email while purchasing a product, signing up for our newsletter, or sampling us through a bundle, or being a prior […]

Are you able to be thankful for your body when you're naked, or do you just tear yourself down?

Bare Naked Gratitude

Naked is not a bad word. It’s not the “N” word, and it’s not vulgar. It’s how we were born, totally bare, but I’ve talked with far too many women who can’t stand the sight of themselves. They hide from mirrors and mock their own worth by reducing themselves to self-imposed labels like “Fat” and […]

Alignment plays a big role in your belly's ability to flex and stay flat for you! Find out how at
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Build a Better Belly: 10 Times to Align And Use Your Core

As long as you’re moving and exercising that’s all you need for a healthy body right? Nope. You are more than your muscles, and since your posture affects not just the shape of your belly, but also your digestion, pelvic floor function, emotions, chemistry, and also how you present yourself to others, we need to […]

Wait, there's such a thing as a perfect body?
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Why fixing your core won’t save you

“Thinking that because you are good person, hard times won’t come is like thinking that because you are a vegetarian, the bull won’t charge at you.” After reading this pivotal article on GNOWFGLINS many moons ago about how eating real food didn’t stop severe illness in two families, I began pondering the same truth about fitness […]