John R. Wooden's Pyramid of Success -

John R. Wooden’s Pyramid of Success

What factors feed into a successful, consistent exercise plan? I’ve had a print copy of John R. Wooden’s Pyramid of ...
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Sail Away Kids Workout

Sail Away Kids Workout

So many exercises and poses have names that come from sailing, water, fish, and boats! Join us for this fun ...
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Giving Gifts Based on the 6 Dimensions of Wellness -

Giving Gifts Based on The 6 Dimensions of Wellness

As we head into the year's biggest giving season, I've been pondering wellness and fitness gifts again. I want to ...
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Basic Aerobics 1 & 2 -

Basic Aerobics 1 & 2

If you’ve never done aerobics before, have no fear. Bethany keeps the queues simple during these two short cardio workouts ...
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Made On skincare products are bonuses in the 2018 Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle -

Fit2B Girls is in the 2018 Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle!

Since 2012, Ultimate Bundles has been creating the annual Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle. Fit2B was a part of that very first one ...
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Does exercising impact your fertility? How should you workout to improve your period and cycle?

Fit2B Contributing to Natural Fertility Course

Science has repeatedly proven that exercise improves bone density and heart health. It lowers risk of breast cancer and depression, ...
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All The Little Things About Squatting - Fit2b

All the Little Things About Squats: An Introduction to Squatting

Squatting is thought by some to be one of the simplest way to work your abdominal muscles, lower body, whole ...
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Your CYCLE of Workouts -

Your CYCLE of Workouts

Do you notice your workouts suffering every month around your period? Do you feel frustrated when PMS seems to derail ...
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Can Online Focus Groups Help Your Fitness? -

Can Online Focus Groups Help Your Fitness?

Research studies have proven over and over how being part of a group can bolster your fitness success. For example, ...
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To the Mama Who's Falling Apart With No Energy to Exercise ...

To the Mama Who’s Falling Apart With No Energy to Exercise …

Hey Mama, If you are falling apart then it's time for a hard reset. You know, like when you hold ...
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A Naturopathic Doctor's Anti-Inflammatory Diet Guide -

My Naturopathic Doctor’s Anti-Inflammatory Diet Guide

 When my husband was hospitalized overnight for severe abdominal pain and given all the tests: MRI, CAT, X-ray … but ...
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How Your Positioning Affects Your Poochy Tummy -

How Your Positioning Affects Your Poochy Tummy

As I wrap up this 5-blog series on dealing with plateaus in fixing diastasis rectus abdominus (DRA), two things have been a ...
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