Pathway to Great Glutes & Lean Legs

Bravo for Buttocks! Three cheers for Thighs!

Lots of toning workouts for your buns and thighs from for you to preview titles now!These body parts are often the “butt” of much lewd laughter, but the gluteal muscles in your toosh and the thigh muscles in your upper leg are CENTRAL to your health! After all, these muscles play a key role in one very crucial daily activity: using the Loo! Sitting, squatting, standing, kneeling, or just shoving a drawer shut with your foot… those motions require that your glutes, calves, abductors, and adductors be VERY strong! These muscles play a massive part in a woman’s childbearing year, too! A loose caboose leads to pelvic floor weakness, hip instability, lower back pain, and eventual loss of personal independence.

The following workouts will help improve the strength and tone of your lower body. Leg activity recruits the core, so please do NOT make this your first workout path if you are a new member and/or still fixing your traumatized abs. Start HERE if you are a newer member.

Challenge: Do 1-2 of the routines below each day for 4-5 days each week. Visit our cardio routines or do some biking, walking or jogging on 2-3 other days per week for best results!

5 Minutes With Fit2B - Thighs & Booty

TS Ankles & Upper Body - 10 min

TS Warrior Workout - 12 min

Warrior Workout II - 17 min

Thigh Workout - 14:26

M/TS - 21 Tone Up - 23:05

Wood Floor Workout - 21:46 min

TS Jump Change - 21 min

M/TS - Basic Aerobics IV - 20:57 min

M/TS - Basic Step Aerobics - 18:03

M/TS - Basic Step Aerobics 2 - 31:07

Backside Burner - 17 min

M/TS - Great Glutes - 35:07 min

Thigh Workout - 23 min

M/TS - Thigh Workout II - 25 min

C/TS - Hold it! - 22 min

C/TS - Insane 2 - 21 min

C/TS - Tabata Ball Workout - 28 min

C - Backside Burner II - 31 min

C/TS - Peaceful Blend - 41 min

C/TS - Functional Workout I - 31 min

C/TS - Bag A Better Booty - 16:18 min

Find more in our Office Workout Pathway!

Here are just a few of our routines with AWESOME leg stretches!

Yoga 4 Runners -10 min

E/TS - Blissful Block Moves - 31:13

E/TS/R - Restorative Poses - 14:35 min

If you do each workout twice, and you workout twice with us per week, you should complete this path in 8 weeks. Now here’s something to take to the gym when you’re ready or do it at home.

TummySafe Lower Body Workout by
TummySafe Lower Body Workout – This routine is safe for those with diastasis recti. Change the reps and sets and weights to meet your body’s needs. Always exhale on the exhertion “hard” part of the move to engage your transverse abdominus. Keep your knees over the shoe-lace part of your foot, and maintain a neutral spine with hips and ribs aligned.