M/TS – The Get Up {And Down} Routine

M/TS - The Get Up {and down} Routine - fit2b.com

Being able to get up and down off the floor is important. It helps if you can do it without hurting yourself because no one wants to say they injured themselves while getting up off the ground. Yet people do that every day because they don’t use the proper mechanics and muscles to get up and down safely.

That’s where this routine comes to the rescue, teaching you several really cool {and graceful} ways to get up and down off the floor without hurting your core or body, and making it into a fun little workout by sequencing those moves. After all, fitness is about life application and bringing more movement into your daily life so that you’re “overall strong” not just “gym strong.” You’re going to enjoy practicing these moves and incorporating them into your everyday life for more strength and tone.

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4 thoughts on “M/TS – The Get Up {And Down} Routine

  1. Leah says:

    Wow, the one legged squat is challenging for me! It is super encouraging that there IS a way to do that move that is tummy safe 🙂 Also, my knees didn’t scream at me over it which makes me happy!

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