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Free Interval Training Download with Coach Chris - - running with Alice

Guest Post by Fit2B Co-Founder, Chris Behnke. Not only has Chris worked tirelessly behind the scenes to keep our website running smoothly, he’s also a runner. And we have a LOT of clients who rave about Fit2B and how it’s helped them make a safe return to running. So when Chris told me he was working on this audio track people can download to listen to while they walk, run or do any sort of cardio training, I couldn’t wait to offer it to you!  – Beth

So, I’ve been working on something cool.

At least I think it’s pretty cool. Okay, I’m a bit biased since it’s my project, but I am excited to share the first one with our Fit2B fans!

Free Audio Interval Workout Below!

Most of you probably don’t know that I’ve had a passion for long distance running since meeting my wife Alice in high school cross country in 1993. (wow, that was a while ago).

I love it, I love the feeling I get from it, I love the time alone in the wilderness with just me, some fast paced music, and the steady rhythm of my feet hitting the trail. For me running feels like progress, it feels like I’m accomplishing something, I get energy from it!

Running with some of my employees in Bend!
Running with some of my employees in Bend!

About 8 years ago, I was a “run 2 times a week for 2 miles” kinda guy. Which is not too shabby for a crazy busy husband with 4 kids and a half-dozen businesses.

I wanted to improve though, yep I wanted to go out there and try for that seemingly impossible 26 miler, the dreaded MARATHON! 26 miles was a long ways away from the 2 – 3 miles I was doing at the time.

So rather than hit the trail, I first hit the books, read the research, dug into training schedules and learned some pretty important things about training, running long distance, and the injuries so many often face when trying to do something long and hard like a marathon or half marathon.

What I found was pretty shocking… and pretty awesome.

The traditional 15 – 20 mile a day workouts I thought would be necessary are no longer the tools used by the professional athletes today. Those long body crushing workouts have been replaced to a large degree with short, purposefully designed interval based workouts.

Newport Marathon - 3 hours 52 min!
Newport Marathon – 3 hours 52 min!

I was pumped, so I spent a 9 months training and developing a plan that I used to go from  2 – 3 ’10 min miles’ to running my first sub 4-hour marathon. I was pretty aggressive (sorry can’t help it, it’s the way God made me) but I was able to accomplish the goal with zero injuries, and minimal training time (at least considering a marathon is 26 miles) in 9 months and finished my first Marathon in 3:52.

I did this through a series of interval workouts I designed based on the research of professionals to “condition and tune” my body without the pounding work of running 20 miles a day. (ok there were a few long ones near the end of the training for final conditioning)

It was freaking awesome!

My son Owen and I running the Shamrock in Portland
My son Owen and I running the Shamrock in Portland

Over the years I have had the opportunity to help many friends, and employees reach their running goals, it’s been pretty sweet actually, and I think people have shocked themselves at what they can accomplish. With that in mind, I decided to create a course on how to do just that, WITHOUT injury, OR being a miserable mess either! I’ll be launching that course in January, and am very excited about it.

With that in mind, I decided to create an eCourse on how to accomplish this WITHOUT injury, OR being a miserable mess either!

Here’s the best part…

I have decided to give one of the workouts of this course to you all for free.

This is a 30-minute interval coaching workout. Which is basically a 30-minute soundtrack with coaching all along the way to tell you exactly what to do, for how long, and when.

A great half marathon in Vernonia Oregon
A great half marathon in Vernonia Oregon

Ok, I didn’t give you the whole truth, here’s the even better “best part”

This coaching workout is not just for running. “It’s a cardio based approach”, this means it can be used for walking, running, cycling, spinning, on a stair stepper, or even a rowing machine.

The concepts are all the same. So if you’re into running have at it, if you want to improve your walking performance, perfecto, or if you are trying to get your cycling workout up to speed, this is just for you! So please, have fun and give this workout a try! You can download it by clicking the button below.

NOTE: If you click on the button and it just starts to play instead of download, you may need to “right-click” on the button.

Quick Steps to get the coaching on your phone:

  • Right-click on the button below.
  • Click “download file” or something similar (depending on browser).
  • Save the file to your music folder (or wherever you like).
  • Open the file with iTunes or your music player of choice.
  • Sync to your phone! (If you have windows or android the process should be similar)

Download the Workout Track

Also, if you want to be notified when the course is done and ready to go please take a few seconds and fill out the form below, and I’ll let you know and shoot you a discount code too! 😉

I hope you guys like this, it’s been pretty fun making it, good luck, and have fun out there!

~ Chris

Free 30 minute audio interval training.

7 thoughts on “FREE Interval Training Download with Coach Chris

  1. Katie O'Connor says:

    This was awesome Chris, thanks! I have been using this track for walking. Any idea when you will be finished with the others? I filled out the form. Looking forward to it!

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  4. Stacey Williams says:

    Loved this! Used this track while on my unplugged elliptical (so I was manually in charge of speed) and used my heart rate as my guide for “zones.” Perfect for a day when I needed to keep an eye on a kiddo inside while I got my cardio workout in! Thanks!

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