Our Daughters and Chairs

Our Daughters and Chairs - How we held them and want them to hold themselves - fit2b.com

That green chair in the short video clip you’re about to watch? Yeah, that’s where I spent a lot of time holding my babies who are now getting so big and learning about their own alignment and core health as it relates to furniture and fitness. But the thing I want my daughter to know has NOTHING to do what the world says about girls’ bodies….


The mainstream industry says that our daughters will need to be perfectly toned and ripped, restrict their calories and religiously avoid certain foods while exercising strenuously for at least an hour every day to be beautiful and acceptable. I say that’s wrong and maybe even unhealthy. I don’t know, but we were filming, and as I plopped down in that chair, I just had so many ideas about how I’d held my babies, and how I want my children to carry themselves as they move through this world.

What are your thoughts?

What do you want your daughter to know about her body? Does it even have much to do with how her clothes fit, or is it more about her inner strength? Her function, alignment and integrity of her core and personhood?

Here at Fit2B Studio, I’m offering mothers and daughters something very different. It’s not harsh; it’s uplifting. It’s vigorous, but you won’t strain yourself. It’s advanced yet very basic. It’s wholesome but edgy. And if you want to raise a powerful girl who is confident in her value no matter her size because she knows she’s strong where it counts, you should join us and try our workouts today!

Our Daughters and Chairs--Fit2B.com

One thought on “Our Daughters and Chairs

  1. April says:

    This is a fantastic blog and message. I am passionate for my daughter not to have the same struggles as I have had, um, have still from time to time.

    Thank you!!

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