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What could be easier than sitting in a chair while connecting to your core? How about getting into a position where gravity helps you do some of the work? When we are upright, even in a chair, gravity is pulling our weak tissues down and out. If we lay down, lift our hips and support them there in what’s called a “supported shoulder bridge,” we can both relax and flex and a little better because we aren’t going against gravity anymore. This can be a wonderful place to explore how the breathing diaphraghm, transverse abdominus and pelvic diaphragm work together. And once you’ve got that down, it’s easier to move forward and bring gravity back into the equation. Note for pregnancy: Elevating the hips makes this position safer than being flat on your back, and it also can help reposition a breech baby. However, closer to birth, it may not serve you as it can disengage the baby from your pelvis.

Equipment Needed: Bolster or foam block or stack of books

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Ideal routines to do next and keep building strength in this area:

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13 thoughts on “E/TS – Basic Breath Work

  1. Richard Cunningham says:

    Hi. My name is actually Maya (Richard is my husband). I had a question about this routine. It’s brilliant, and relaxing EXCEPT my hips have so much pain! I don’t know if it’s sciatica? Or what? but where they hit the books/bolster/towel (I tried all of them) it just hurts. Ideas?

    • Beth Learn says:

      Is it the front of your hips or along the back where your sacrum is? Above your tailbone? Deep inside? Sciatica would send shooting pains down one leg (sometimes both) along with numbness and tingling. Let’s see if we can sort this out and send you in the right direction.

      • Richard Cunningham says:

        Yes, it’s in the back where the sacrum is. I mentioned it to my doctor and she gave me some exercises to do on a yoga ball. Hopefully they help. If there are any workouts on your site that you think will specifically help, I’ll do those too! (I’m 33 weeks pregnant at the moment.)

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