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Fit2B Radio - Fit2B.com - Working fitness into our lives can make a huge difference as we strive towards our healthy lifestyle goals. Fit2B radio is here to help you reach and maintain healing whether your pre or postnatal or healing diastasis. - #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #bodypositive #strongnotskinny #homefitness #homeworkouts_4u #healthylifestyle #coreworkouts #abworkout #fitmom #healthylife #healthylifestyle #cardio #armworkout #legworkout #rehab #diastasis #diastasisrecti #diastasisrecovery #fit2bFit2B is an international fitness website streaming workout videos and eCourses to over 45 countries worldwide. We specialize in exercises that are safe for those minding their abdominal gaps, hernias, prolapses, and other issues related to core dysfunction and weakness. We cater to women of all ages who are preparing for and recovering from birth no matter how long its been. We are your catalyst to a stronger core and your family-friendly go-to for exercising at home.

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How good are you at doing Kegels? Do you know how often pelvic floor exercises should be done? How to do a proper Kegel? If you need some motivation to strengthen your pelvic floor muscle group, this podcast is full of it.

S2:17 The One About Kegels With Myra Robson

How good are you at doing Kegels? Do you know how often pelvic floor exercises should be done? How to ...
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S2:16 The One About Relaxation With Shelly Prosko

What if relaxation is less than relaxing? What if you hate the word "relax" and what works for others doesn't ...
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When dealing with a Diastasis Recti, making progress can be challenging. How do we know when to move forward in our workouts or perhaps step back and return to the basics? If someone is stuck in fear of making a progression forward, what signs can they watch for in their bodies to know how to proceed? What about people who are way ahead, doing challenging things that may not be wise for their abdominals? We discuss the principles of progression with Diastasis in depth in this episode with physical therapist Munira Hudani who obtained her Masters of Science in Physical Rehabilitation from the University of Toronto in 2009.

S2:15 The One About Progression With Munira Hudani

When dealing with a Diastasis Recti, making progress can be challenging. How do we know when to move forward in ...
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S2:14 The One About Pessaries With Gaynor Morgan

S2:14 The One About Pessaries With Gaynor Morgan

If you don't know what a pessary is, let's start by saying it's a quality-of-life-saving device, and in this episode ...
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S2:13 The One About COVID-19 - Fit2B.com - Fit2B knows that many people have decided to self quarantine. With gyms having to close their doors women are asking, “How do I workout from home?” Listen in as Beth and Chris discuss what's going on and how we can keep our immune systems healthy with the right kind of exercise during this unprecedented time. #fit2b #workoutfromhome #podcast #fitness #podcastsforwomen

S2:13 The One About COVID-19

How should you exercise when you're stuck at home trying to avoid a pandemic? What should you be aware of ...
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The One About Twin Pregnancy Recovery - Fit2B.com - Fit2B knows women ask, “What exercise can I do to have a strong pregnancy and birth?” and “What can I do to recover from my pregnancy?” We think the answer lies in a combination of physical therapy and fitness motivation. Listen in as Fit2B interviews a physical therapist and cross-fit athlete who gave birth to twins. We discuss diastasis recti exercises, c section, nursing, lower back pain, and postpartum issues. #fit2b #fitnessmotivation #podcast #pregnancy #diastasisrectiexercises

S2:12 The One About Twin Pregnancy With Missy Gallow

Twin pregnancy and recovery is NOT the same as carrying and recovering from just one baby, and we found a ...
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S2:11 The One About Surgery with Lisa Ryan - Fit2B.com - Fit2B knows women sometimes need to opt for surgery. When you have done all the right things to heal and you’re still wondering, “Why aren’t my diastasis recti exercises working? I’ve done safe postpartum workouts, why do I still look pregnant?” it may be time. In this world of body shaming vs. body positivity, women need to look at their bodies and decide what is best for them. Click through and listen in as we discuss the reality of diastasis recti surgery. #fit2b #diastasisrecti #podcast

S2:11 The One About Surgery With Lisa Ryan

People with Diastasis Recti have more non-surgical treatment options now than ever before. However, surgery is still needed and wanted ...
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S2:10 The One About HARD TIMES - Fit2B.com - Fit2B knows busy moms wonder, “Are there diastasis recti exercises available that will help me even if I have adrenal fatigue? Is there an exercise program that will actually help me with my fitness motivation?” Listen in as we discuss on this candid podcast how Fit2B and Trim Healthy Mama helped our guest strategically return to fitness and walk through a hard time she might not have been healthy enough to get through otherwise. #fit2b #diastasis #diastasisrectiexercises #homefitness #healthy

S2:10 The One About Hard Times with Erin Odom

Life isn't easy, and it's okay to talk about the hard times. As fitness professionals whose lives have "built in" ...
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S2: 9 The One About HRT With Katie Taylor - Fit2B.com - Fit2B knows busy moms are asking, "Why do I keep forgetting things? Why are my hair and skin changing? Why am I sad all the time?" Listen as we explore what peri- menopause symptoms increase a need for hormone balancing. Up-to-date research shows that hormone replacement therapy can increase a woman's quality of life postpartum and beyond. So click through if you're in your late 30's to mid-50's and asking, "Why do I feel awful?" #fit2b #diastasisrecti #homefitness #healthylife #podcast #women

S2:9 The One About HRT With Katie Taylor

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is a hotly debated topic. It has benefits and  risks, and we found a very interesting ...
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S2: 8 The One About Hernias - Fit2B.com - Fit2B knows living with diastasis recti and a hernia comes with challenges, but when Beth interviewed Inemesit Graham we learned about a strong, beautiful woman who took these challenges (including 3 pregnancies with a hernia and diastasis recti!) and built a fitness professional life. Listen in and discover fitness motivation for women that goes beyond what you’ve heard before. #fit2b #diastasis #diastasisrecti #hernia #herniapregnancy #fitness #homefitness #podcast #podcastsforwomen #strength #strong

S2:8 The One About Hernias With Inemesit Graham

If a hernia is a hole in the muscles while Diastasis Recti is a thinning and stretching of the fascia, ...
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S2: 7 The One About Low Pressure Fitness With Dr. Tamara Rial - Fit2B.com - Fit2B knows hypopressives, low pressure fitness that employs breathing exercises, could be the key to helping with core weakness like diastasis recti, prolapsed uterus or prolapsed bladder. Once we learn how to exercise with this mind/body technique, could this health workout give us the fit lifestyle we want? Listen into our podcast! #fit2b #diastasisrecti #coreweakness #breathingexercises #lowpressurefitness #hypopressives #posturecorrection #pelvicfloorhealth #exercisesfitness #howtoexercise

S2:7 The One About Low Pressure Fitness With Dr. Tamara Rial

Have you heard about low pressure fitness? We recorded a podcast about hypopressives in season 1 of Fit2B Radio, and ...
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S2: 6 The One About Premature Birth Recovery with Kara Coffin- Fit2B.com - - Fit2B knows that premature child birth leaves a new mom with pospartum needs she may not recognize as she cares for her new baby. Listen as we discuss in our podcast how pregnant women and their families can be prepared to not only care for the little one, but also the new mommy whose biopsychosocial needs are essential for her postpartum body to recover. #fit2b #podcast #diastasis_recti #biopsychosocial #premature_birth #child_birth #birth_tips #birth_preparation #post_birth #postpartum_needs

S2:6 The One About Premature Birth Recovery with Kara Coffin

I have always thought that mothers who give birth prematurely are given just as good care as their babies while ...
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