Member Spotlight: LaToya Edwards on Adrenal Fatigue

Fit2B Radio: LaToya Edwards on Adrenal Fatigue

“Little by little. A little becomes a lot.” That’s the African proverb that LaToya Edwards quoted as her inspiration during our member spotlight with her. LaToya is an author and single mother to 4 boys. When her life took a traumatic turn a few years ago, she found herself dealing with adrenal fatigue. Although she’s been a member of Fit2b for quite some time, she began to lean heavily on our slower, more gentle workouts just in this past year. LaToya offers so much in this podcast in the way of encouragement for your home fitness goals if you’re struggling. She has a way with words, and it was such a blessing to talk with her. She contributed the lesson on Spiritual Health in our “Proactive Perimenopause” course, and I hope you get the chance to watch this interview (not just listen) because she simply glows, and also visit her website!

Visit LaToya’s Website: Women Finding God

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Fit2B Radio: LaToya Edwards on Adrenal Fatigue

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