What Professionals Have To Say

Shalene Massie
I was excited to find Fit2B when recovering and healing my core postpartum. I love having her program as a resource to share with my clients!

Shalene Massie Doula & Childbirth Educator
Beth Jones
The layout of the various pathways and the progressive nature of the classes allow women to enjoy exercise again, while simultaneously allowing the body to heal.

Beth Jones Certified Athletic Trainer
Kelly Dean
Fit2B is our fitness partner and colleague in the restore your core battle!

Kelly Dean Licensed Physical Therapist


We specialize in strengthening cores
that have been through a lot…

Here at Fit2B Studio we know how abdominal trauma can have a domino-effect on your whole body. You can trust that all of our workouts – and we have a LOT of them – will restore, rebuild and reshape you without wrecking your progress.

Beth constantly collaborates with core rehab experts around the globe as she designs the routines to safely and progressively challenge those struggling with diastasis recti, hernia, pubic symphysis dysfunction, sciatica, scoliosis, chronic back pain, and history of abdominal surgery.
We also have routines for kids!


A quick thank you to Beth Learn at Fit2b and Kelly Dean at The Tummy Team. I thank God everyday I found you two ladies. The work you do is amazing! I remember feeling lost and broken after I had my second little love. I never thought I’d be competitive in anything again. Yet, this past weekend I was able to compete in my second triathlon since rehabbing my core! I’m healthier and stronger than I ever was before babies and it’s because of all I’ve learned from you two. I even won my age group and placed second overall for women! Thank you for giving me my strength back!
Emily Lund, Fit2B - Washington
Two years ago, when I joined Fit2b, I couldn’t even stand up straight. My body was so weak and broken I couldn’t do the simplest of things, like carry my newborn son across the room to change his diaper. Today I was able to run around with my 6 year old daughter, and then swing to our hearts content, all while engaging my core and keeping proper alignment
Holly Jacquez, Fit2B - New York, NY
I’ve worked out hard with Fit2B and loved it. Now after my Chronic Fatigue diagnosis, I know I can stay fit by incorporating moves I learned from Fit2B into my daily life without sacrificing extra energy.
Chris Church, Fit2B - Portland, OR


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