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This quick crunch-free, plank-free mini-workout you’re about to do will connect your breath and alignment to your core throughout several simple motions. The second video summarizes the first video in a short recap. You’ll find two videos below – the long and short version – but Fit2B has more (and less) when you’re decide to shift gears.

You don’t need to lie down to do “Totally Transverse,” and you can do the exercises while sitting or standing. It’s a kid-friendly, mom-friendly, dad-friendly, grandma and grandpa-friendly, pregnant-friendly workout that will truly start to tone your tummy from the inside out! It’s not about the 6-pack. It’s about a bigger, deeper abdominal muscle called your transverse abdominus (TA) and how it co-activates with the other muscles in your core canister.

Just like you might have good internet but still be offline, you can have strong belly muscles but still, be disconnected from your core. A muddled middle is related to leaking, lower back pain, bowel irregularities, and sexual dysfunction. This routine and the others in the “Foundational Five Plus Course” are designed to start bringing your core strength back online. Plus this a great mini-workout for those dealing with diastasis recti who wish to start learning how to manage their abdominal pressure during motion. Enjoy the exercise and education!

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Once you understand the cueing and info in that first longer video, below you’ll find a recap routine that summarizes it and makes it shorter with less teaching. My challenge to you is to practice it every day for two weeks or at least 3-5 times per week BUT take notes on where you are right now first! Measure your middle, check your diastasis recti here, jot down what your alignment looks like, take a picture of how your core and pelvic floor feel… and then peek at those notes and pictures again in two weeks and record any changes.

Three little notes about these videos…

First: They aren’t meant to make you sore, but you might feel your midsection talking to you as your muscles wake up. That said, remember that soreness isn’t the goal; health and strength are the goals. Besides, soreness is more related to nutrition and initial weakness, and pursuing pain can create more compensation patterns as you over-flex to feel a certain way. 

If you just can’t feel the connection at all after doing this routine, please try our more basic “Transverse Training” ab exercise routine here and consider full abdominal rehab via our partners at The Tummy Team.

Second: This is ONE routine out of over 275 TummySafe workout videos that Fit2B provides. If this video was too much for your core at this time, we have more basic ones such as Basic Transverse & Mula Bandha.” We also have much more advanced, longer ones ranging from Pilates, kettle bells, foam rolling, kickboxing, Tabata, Yoga, simple stretching, and more.  Every routine we offer is different and approaches body work in a new way, and you can preview all of them here where you’ll also find yet another sample routine marked in red. Yay!

Third: Why am I in jeans? Well, because this routine is totally doable in pretty much whatever you’re wearing. I wanted to make these movements as approachable and accessible as possible. So whether you’re in a dress, yoga pants, jeans, or jammies, you can come as you are and move with me. Of course, as you progress to our more intense routines, you might need to change clothes…


That simple workout you just did? It’s one of many starting places on Fit2B. It’s a baby step, an awakening. When you’re ready for more, we have more for you. More moves. More routines. More Tummy Safe™ Fitness.



Here is what Fit2B Members are saying…

This quick crunch-free, plank-free mini-workout you’re about to do will connect your breath and alignment to your core throughout several simple motions. The second video summarizes the first video in a short recap. You’ll find two videos below, the long and short version, but Fit2B has more when you’re ready! #freeworkout #diastasisrecti #diastasisrectirepair #tummypooch #quickabworkout“I’m feeling super tired today & really wanted to skip it but it was short enough that I decided to just do it (HA, I’m a Nike slogan!). And bonus, when I was brushing my hair today I noticed some muscle looking things on my arms, that’s a definite incentive to keep going!– Samantha

“I did Mula Bandha after breakfast and just finished Kelly’s Floor Core Workout! I liked it! I should add that I do Kelly’s full body stretching almost every day now, without watching the video. I think it has helped with healing and it feels so good!– Katie

“I have lost some [weight], but this really does seem to tighten my waist up and folks keep complimenting. I was suffering some incontinence issues, and since I started really focusing on this the past few months, I no longer have any issues with it. Kegels did not help at all. AT ALL. But this did. So thank you! I can sneeze now without worrying and haven’t peed my pants in a long time!” – Melinda

“I’ve been working out with your Totally Transverse exercises for 2 weeks now and I have to say WOW!! At first I couldn’t really feel my muscle working, but as of today I can control and feel it from my pubic bone all the way up to my ribs and it actually started moving around from my spine as well. I’ve also shaved 2 whole inches off my belly as well. Thank you! I cannot wait to start moving into other workouts while keeping these as a daily staple.” – Christine J.

“My physiotherapist said she’s never seen anyone in her practice make such a big difference to their diastasis as I have. Thank you, Fit2B and Beth Learn! I sent her your totally transverse video and she loves it.”  – Heather

“Just found out that we are expecting baby #2! Super excited & also thankful that it has motivated me to really focus on a stretching routine and getting as healthy as possible. Did Fit2B maternity last night & slept GREAT!!!” – C.D.

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