We have some amazing things coming up, and I just want to take a moment to inform our blog followers about all of it.

1. We are partnering with Nisha Riggs of Healthy Moms Kitchen to create an amazing new product that will bring fitness and meal planning right to your email inbox every week. All for one low price! We will start promoting it on December 1st, and the first free event will take place right after Christmas!

2. We are participating in THREE giveaways! One is through Birth Without Fear who will be offering her followers a free 6 month membership and a free DVD. That will take place next week, and I will hyperlink that giveaway here when it happens. Then we are doing the Boost Your Buzz with Simply Stacie and Toast to 2012 with Makobi Scribe.

3. We are  now offering some great products and packages that you can find by clicking on products and services. We have a natural body butter called “Yo Coco Mint Creme” that smells like a chocolate mint treat that you can rub all over your dry spots! It is fit to be on your skin! We also have a “make your own” DVD option now, too, where you choose which workouts you want us to put on it, and we burn it and mail it to you.

4. We have moved our videos into Vimeo, but our members should still all be able to watch them here on the site once they log in. It’s only $9.95 a month for unlimited downloads, so what are you waiting for. Those holiday treats don’t just melt away off your hips by themselves!


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