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Amazing Arms

Pathway of Workouts to Amazing Arms for home fitness from Fit2B Studio

Workout Pathway to Amazing Arms

Pathway of Workouts to Amazing Arms for home fitness from Fit2B StudioTake your upper body on a journey of movement that will reshape and redefine your arm muscles. Do one of these workouts at least twice per week for 6 to 8 weeks to start feeling beautiful results.

These healthy motions can be part of your goal of doing at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise every week. Fit2B is loaded with more workouts than these that get your arms moving, but these focus on your arms more specifically.

The following routines are in order of progression and difficulty with the easiest {not necessarily shortest} ones first. 

E/TS/R - FOAMunROLLING - 9:31 min

E/TS/P - Shoulder Stretches - 13:52 min

E/TS Biceps Desk Workout - 4 min

  E/TS - Tricep Training Office Workout - 9 min

5 Minute Arms

E/TS - Kelly Dean's Wall Workout - 7 min

E/TS/P - Defining Deltoids - 29:45 min

M/TS - Ankles & Upper Body - 10 min

Mellow Slow Flow - 19:15

M/TS - The Big {little} Band Workout - 10:56 min

M/TS - Ultimate Upper Body - 18 min

M/TS - Basic Aerobics IV - 20:57 min

M/TS Bag A Better Back - 20:47

M/TS - Kelly Dean's Total Body Toning - 27 min

C/TS Insane Upper Body - 15 min

C/TS - Tabata Ball Workout - 28 min

C/TS - Kettle Bell II - 30 min

C/TS - Wall Workout with Beth - 11 min

C/TS - Balanced Inversions - 22 min

TummySafe routine for the Upper Body from
TummySafe routine for the Upper Body – The incline bench at a gym is a wonderful tool for supporting the damaged core and also neutral spine positioning. Modified pull-ups build strength in the upper back, neck and shoulders while progressing you toward full chin-ups. Pair the top two exercises together, going back and forth with those sets. Then do the second row’s sets together, so the back rests while the chest works. Then do the 3rd row. Take water breaks as needed and don’t forget to stretch!

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