Only 150 Minutes Per Week?!?

When I first watched this video about why exercise does NOT need to be hard or hurtful to work, I felt like standing up and cheering! As a mom who understands the quest to get your abs back, I nearly destroyed my post-birth body doing too many crunches and crazy workouts. My diastasis was still 3.5 fingers wide two and a half years after having my son! This video shows that all we need for health benefits is about 150 minutes of moderate activity each week. It’s as simple as walking, paying attention to good alignment, playing with our kids, doing a little stretching and strengthening, mopping the floor, and lending a helping hand. Why must we complicate things? Please watch!

This is why I keep a lot of the workouts short on this site. I don’t want my members to feel like they NEED to be exercising for an hour every day to be healthy! The goal is healthy movement that builds strength. We don’t live to exercise; we exercise to live. 
Before my own personal journey led me to realize that I needed to shift my focus to one of healing muscles, not hurting them, I had a terrible diastasis that NONE of my education and certifications trained me to handle correctly. I am now on a mission to prove to the world that fitness can be simple and natural, fun and family-friendly! Join me today!

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