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EP 31 – The One About Lies With Nora Matthew

She told herself she’d never open a private studio. Now she runs a hugely successful female-focused gym in New York. She was told she couldn’t grow her business if she had another baby. She was told many things about female fitness that she no longer believes, and she continues to fight those lies every day. […]

EP 14 – The One With Rapid Fire At Beth

We’re taking a break from all the seriousness to chuck a bunch of questions at Beth, the founder and face of Fit2B, forcing her to answer them really fast. You’ll learn everything about her including her choice in pickles, diapers, personal workout style, but no politics. We didn’t go there! Okay, maybe just a little… […]

EP 10 – The One With The Vagina Coach, Kim Vopni

Every woman needs a vagina coach. That got your attention didn’t it? While taboos inhibit talk around this private area, Kim joined us to talk openly about her work to raise awareness of all the ways women can find help, hope and healing for their pelvic-related problems. It’s more than kegels. It’s more than estrogen […]

EP 9 – The One About Bendy Gymnasts with Lorraine Scapens

Does an athletic childhood spent doing hundreds of backbends predispose a kid to having diastasis later in life? Join us with our special guest from New Zealand, Lorraine Scapens, founder of Pregnancy Exercise and Turning Baby as we discuss how she handles being mum to THREE bendy gymnasts while also being a diastasis recti expert. […]

EP 8 – The One About Busy Moms With Beth Jones

(a.k.a. The Double-Beth Show) Is your life so crazy-busy that your workouts are always cast aside or delayed? Hey, as the 3 business-owning parents on today’s show will demonstrate, we get it. How do we juggle all of our hats and stay sane AND also fit? Well, we and our special guest from Colorado each […]

EP 6 – The One About Friendships with Alice Behnke

Have you ever considered how your friendships affect your fitness? What about all those times you were told to “find a buddy” as a kid? How many times have you skipped a workout because you just didn’t want to do it alone? Maybe fitness is your alone-time, and you don’t need accountability to exercise BUT […]

EP 5 – The One About Race Walking

Walking naturally flexes and stretches ALL the muscles in the core. Power walking and race walking are two “faster” kinds of walking. Beth, the founder of Fit2B, is a competitive race walker. Her team “Toe Jammin” has placed numerous times in the Portland To Coast Relay, and she talks about the method, the trials, the […]

EP 4 – The One About Hormones With Dr Michelle

Hormones are … wow, where do we start? These chemical messengers affect us on EVERY level of our bodily functions. We brought in a special guest for this podcast, Dr. Michelle of Females in Fine Fettle, to chat with us about the cray-cray that hormones can cause. She’s awesome in how she points out how […]

EP 3 – The One About Running

Chris is a runner. I am not a runner. We have clients who want to run, but they have been told they can’t due to diastasis recti. We have clients who run regardless of their diastasis. So what’s best? Is running the greatest thing ever, so we should all be doing it? Is there a […]

EP 2 – The One About Diastasis

Diastasis recti – also known as abdominal separation, mummy tummy, the ab gap, and many other misnomers – is pretty much our main thang here, so we wanted to get right down to it in this second episode of Fit2B Radio. What is it? What does it mean for your fitness? Does it require surgery? […]

EP 1 – The One About Us

What is Fit2B Studio about? How did we get started? Why do we do what we do? Get the inside scoop on all things Fit2B in this first episode that has the co-founders bantering and jamming. Scroll down for the video version! Fit2B Radio Cam We always “video” the podcast being produced! Here’s your chance […]