EP 34 – The One About Birth Control With Nicole Buratti

EP 34 – The One About Birth Control With Nicole Buratti - Fit2B.com

It can be a divisive touchy subject, but “the pill” does have side effects that impact female fitness, energy levels, connective tissue integrity, and gut health. So we found someone who can talk objectively about the evidence for and against chemical birth control options while offering hope and practical advice. Nicole Buratti is a Lifestyle Fertility and Hormonal Health Coach as well as a Doula and Yoga Teacher with a focus on balancing the menstrual cycle, getting pregnant, pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum experience. Her calm way of discussing the questions women need to be asking and alternative forms of contraception is so helpful and eye-opening!

Nicole’s Hormone, Period, and Pregnancy Coaching Services

Bend & Blossom Yoga For Women’s Health

Nicole is also offering our listeners 50% off her women’s health coaching programs!

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3 thoughts on “EP 34 – The One About Birth Control With Nicole Buratti

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  2. Naomi Downard says:

    But then what is the alternative option? I have a fairly severe prolapse and I need to space out pregnancies while I focus on physical therapy and pelvic floor rehab.

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