EP 33 – The One About Hysterectomy With Jennifer Burrell

The One About Hysterectomies with Jenny Burrell

Hysterectomies… the word alone is enough to make some shudder while others get excited at the thought of no more periods. How simple are they? What’s the recovery like? Are there alternative treatments when endometriosis or leaky bladder is the reason for considering one? And what happens to the cervix? Women need to ask more questions if they’re being told a hysterectomy might be in their futures, so we talked Jenny Burrell, a women’s fitness expert who has actually had one and written two online courses that cover this subject.

Click here for Jenny’s Optimal Health After Hysterectomy

Click here for 3rd Age Women Global Online Certification (which is what Beth is finishing)

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One thought on “EP 33 – The One About Hysterectomy With Jennifer Burrell

  1. JacQueline Roe says:

    I really “enjoyed” this one (are we supposed to enjoy talking about hysterectomies? lol), thinking through lots of things as my own complete hysterectomy was in 2012. Y’all covered a difficult topic with grace and wisdom and the right amount of humor. Thank you for all you do!

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